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Season 2009 / 2010


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BARDOLINO VERONA WINS IN ROME AND 'A STEP BY CHAMPIONS QUALIFICATION. Bardolino Verona very close to the Champions qualification! Imposing for five goals to one on the field of Rome, and taking advantage of the draw between the new Italian champions of Torres and Tavagnacco, the girls of Bardolino Verona remain alone in second place in the standings, a position for qualifying for the next Champions League League. By losing the absences of the injured, Mister Longega in Rome deploys the same training that was imposed sull'Atanta seven days before. The gialloblu start immediately strong forward despite the playing field is particularly weighed down by the rain. Vantaggio Verona in the fourth minute: the ball crossed the area for the perfect framed by Melania Gabbiadini. Memories of the precedents in the league and Cup the ghialloblu want to close the match immediately and at the twenty-sixth come to a double thanks to the conclusion of Melania Gabbiadini who pretends to cross the right hand and instead brushes a conclusion that takes the far post and bag.

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TAVAGNACCO BRAVO MA UNLUCKY. WITH TORRES ENDS 1-1 Under a goal, equalize with Brumana and touch the victory. Europe further away Tavagnacco comes out of the soil of the Italian champions of Torres at the end of a well-played but unlucky race given the many scoring opportunities had and not materialized for a few centimeters. The Tavagnacco must now look for the three points with Atalanta and hope for a half, or complete, misstep of the Veronese (engaged with Chiasiellis) to grab the playoff that is worth the Champions or, at best, uncork the sparkling wine for an extraordinary qualification in Europe. Torres in full force for the first to be scudetted before their audience. Graphistudio with the tandem Brumana-Mauro in attack supported by the Camporese team on the left-hand side of the disqualification and Bissoli in the middle of the defense after t. A good start for the host formation with Camporese who at the 4 'serves a bell'assist in the center area for the upcoming Brumana that, just a few steps from Cupido, lacks the winning touch. At the 6 'answers Torres with Manieri whose cross-throw laps the upper part of the crossbar. After a good opportunity for the Friulians, thwarted by careful Cupid, the landlords pass: punishment quickly beaten by the sardines and cross in the middle for Panico that kicks power and pierces the innocent Marchitell. The Sassarese goal breaks the balance and the game becomes nervous and broken.



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Venice, although defeated by Reggiana, manages to save itself, remains in A for the second consecutive year. The game was played by the Venetians in the first half a little contracted, with the most concrete Reggiana Venice shows up at 15 'with a shot of Galvan just outside but the biggest glaring opportunity at 45' counterattack Bittante-Capovilla quest 'last kick but Tasselli rejects. Al2 'of the second half Galvan puts in the middle for Capovilla who stumps the chest and kick weakly Tasselli rejects, at 5' Parejo recovers the ball from a free kick by the Venice launches Costi who enters the area and pierces Penzo, at the 15 'Chinello from the left just outside, at the 23 'again Chinello from a left-wing escape proves the shot this time the goalkeeper rejects, at the 25' Bittante is anticipated at the time of the shot, 42 'Penzo rejects foot on Parejo, 45' after kicking corner ball to Bittante from the edge pulls for Tasselli, at the 47 'Sabatino tries a shot without conviction Penzo slips and the ball goes in the door. Last engagement next Saturday in Monza with the already relegated Fiammamonza, in addition to the latter relegates A2 also Atalanta beat 2 to 1 at home from Lazio.



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THE BRESCIA WINS THE GAME AT TAVOLINO. THE SPORTS JUDGE PUNISHES THE ATALANTA WITH THE 0 - 3 A BAD NEWS FOR BERGAMASCHE FOOTBALLERS. BUT LEG HAD NOT DISCOUNTED THE DISQUALIFICATION AGAINST THE CHIASIELLIS ??? ATALANTA DOES NOT HAVE ANY AND PREJOICE THE COMPLAINT AGAINST THE SPORTS JUDGE REJECTS THE ATHLANTY'S COMPLAINT WITHOUT MOTIVATIONS The Sporting Judge; - examined the appeal of the company Fem. Brescia about the epigraph contest concerning the irregular position of the GAMBA MONICA (Atalanta) player; - considering that the official report of the referee shows that the aforementioned MONICA LEG has regularly disputed the competition in question, even though it is subject to the sanction of the disqualification of a competition imposed following the publication of the 59 CU of 22.4.2010 by the Division; - therefore the irregular position of the GAMBA MONICA dell'Atalanta player has been established. - decides the sports penalty of the loss of the race with the score of 0-3; - the penalization of a point in the standings; - as well as a further disqualification day for the GAMBA MONICA player.

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Irresistible grenade After having swept the group and having skilfully passed the Zensky Padova in the second round of matches, the girls of the TCF have the best even on the Reggiana with a peremptory 5-0. In the quarter-final first leg the Torinese people imposed on the Emilia region with an important result. The home victory allows the grenade to think positively ahead of the second leg, next Sunday in Reggio Emilia. The game was unlocked at the 34 'of the first half thanks to the Ponzio network, then after just 5' Moretti doubled the penalty. In the second half they thought Spanu and Ambrosi to round off the result. Lettieri, instead, at the 90 'put the game in the ice and most likely also the qualification for the Final Four of San Pellegrino.

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The grenades yield only to the last. The Torino fails in the enterprise to stop the second force of the championship for the second time this season. After the victory of the first leg, the Piedmontese have held up against a Tavagnacco fighting for the Champions League. In fact, the guests surrendered only to 5 'from the end, when Di Filippo has pierced Russo, who had previously neutralized a penalty in Brumana. It stops so in three consecutive wins the positive streak of the grenade, but today they lost a point compared to Rome (which drew 2-2 with the Venice) next goal of the girls of Amendola. Next week the Turinese will return to play within the walls of friends. In fact, Torino will host the Fiammamonza, now mathematically relegated, for the last round of the championship in front of the friendly public. Objective, to win, to try to chase that fifth place only three points away.


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