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Season 2009 / 2010


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Great party in Florence for the return to Serie A. Purple party in San Marcellino. The Primadonna greets the public friend with the victory for two to zero in the derby against Siena. Beyond the race, yesterday was the day of the party, for the return in the top flight after two years of A2 series. Many spectators have packed the terraces of San Marcellino, to participate in the Florentine women's football festival and to pay homage to the purple team protagonist of an exciting year. "We are back at the top and now we want to stay there, commented the Viola Ciolli coach, I can only be satisfied with what the team has done and we are proud to bring Florence back to the top of the national women's football". Already in the last season Florence for few points had touched the promotion and finally after a long and intense year, but of great growth on the sporting level, Primadonna has reached the goal and can rejoice at full strength.


Spring Championship - National Stage - Quarter of Finale_ritorno

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..ED NOW FLIES TO SAN PELLEGRINO! by Mario Villa Saranno Turin, Como 2000, Brescia and Rome to play the national title in the splendid setting of San Pellegrino Terme (BG). The four formations have all won the respective return race going to repeat the already positive outward races. Now for the finalists comes the moment of truth and from the 11 to the 13 May the 'final four' will decide what will be the team to dress the tricolor next season.

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Achieved by the Primavera team that beating yesterday afternoon at the Cinecittà Bettini field, Florence for 4 at 1 arrives at the final stages of the Italian category championship. The formation of Marsili and Found also won the return race with the Tuscan team and entered the first 4 Italian teams, Tuesday the Giallorossi will play the semi-final by facing one of Brescia, Como and Turin with the aim of reaching the final scheduled Thursday at San Pellegrino Terme (BG).



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Grenades drop poker The girls of Turin close the championship in beauty in front of the home crowd. The Piedmontese beat the Fiammamonza, now relegated, and conquered the fifth position. In fact, the grenade with the victory reggiungono the Rome and in the last day they will try to distance it. Despite the important absences of Sodini, Carissimi, Parodi and Spanu the landlords, took to the field with a training even younger than usual, they managed to impose their game. The first danger was created by the visiting team, when at the 3 'the very young King stopped and kicked on the fly. Ball that has been printed on the cross. But that was the only opportunity created by the Lombards throughout the meeting. Then the Turin took the game in hand and was the owner of the field for all the remaining 90 'of the match. Game changes, the speed of the points and the verticalization of the game were the themes that characterized the game. There was a lack of conviction under the door. In fact, too many opportunities were wasted before the ball ended on the net. Bonansea and Moretti have tried in every way and from every position, but Brilli has never been surprised. Until 28 'when, after rejecting yet another shot of Bonansea, could not anything on the conclusion from outside Moretti. Other 2 'pass and the same Moretti, launched by Bonansea, beats the opposing goalkeeper crossing right on the long pole.


Chiasiellis - Brescia = 1-0

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The last ninety minutes at home gave Chiasiellis three beautiful points those that were used to overcome the 20 quota and to greet in the best way the numerous - and warm - public Mortegliano. The winning goal comes in the fifth minute of the second half. And the forum jumps. It was Elena Cester who stabbed Cavagna's net, pushing a perfect cross from the right by Cristina Miani. And every time the little Pordenone striker has stamped his card, the joy of the biancocelesti fans has always been uncontrollable, because Elena has always taken the field fighting with her heart to defend the shirt of Chiasiellis. The tribute for her also came from Mr. Talotti, who replacing it during the shooting, gave her the standing ovation from the public. At the triple whistle the applause of the forum has become stronger for all the players, who have won a beautiful salvation, until a few weeks ago almost unexpected. The match was not among the most beautiful, but it immediately started strong for the Friulians, who at the 5 'were seen to cancel a goal of the usual Bortolus, judged offside by the assistant referee. Brescia has not been watching, and on more than one occasion he missed goals from close range. Caravilla, however, has put his own, emphasizing once again its agility and quickness of reflexes between the posts. The first half ends in a draw, with several possibilities to unlock the result on one side and the other and especially with the fans engaged in a good race of incitement from the stand.

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VICTORY GRANADE IN LAGOON Victory in the lagoon for the Reggiana that, despite the owner of the field, has struggled not a little to get to the goal of the advantage: Cost is good to exploit a mistake of Turra and put the innocent Penzo. Training with some surprises. Mister Bertolini leaves the bomber Sabatino and Veronica Brutti on the bench, in their place from the beginning an evanescent Vicchiarello (later replaced) and an increasingly decisive Fabiana Costi at the second scoring in two races. In the chair captain Nasuti who today led the game from start to finish with grit and precision. Good debut on goal from the first minute of Sabrina Tasselli (photo) that has substituted worthly Vicenzi firm for physical problems. Parejo's test was subdued and he wasted everything, missing three easy chances from the net face to face with the Venetian defender. Good approach Sabatino came in for Vicchiarello, a goal for her time expired on a misdemeand Penada's parade. Next Saturday at the last championship Mirabello against Roma, a race in which the grenades will have to redeem the defeat of the first leg.

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Serie A - The point

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SERIE A: THE BARDOLINO SEE THE NEAREST EUROPE Tavagnacco blocked on a par by Torres; in the queue Atalanta greets A. by Mario Villa In the punitive day of Serie A, surprises and bitterness. The Torres, already a champion of Italy, stops the draw with Tavagancco losing important points and the second position that could guarantee Europe. The Bardolino wins and brings two points above the Friulians, putting a serious mortgage on the next Champions League. After the Fiammamonza, Atalanta is the second team to abandon Serie A, with the Bergamo team that surrender to Lazio, thus dragging two Lombard formations into A2.

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Atalanta - Lazio Women 1-2

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Mathematics condemns Female Atalanta in the A2 Series. At the end of a year to forget, the match against Lazio smelled of the last beach and the training of Mr. Michele Zonca has given way to the Roman who, despite having nothing more to ask this championship, have torn the three points in that of Almenno, proving to be cynical in the implementation phase and solid in coverage. Who causes his illness to cry: in the light of the good start by the Nerazzurri and the many occasions sent to the nettles, it was once again the law of football to be right. Those who make mistakes pay and greetings dear to the highest category. As it was said, in fact, after a good turn of Captain Lanzieri to capitulate well beyond the second pole, it is the deployment of home to bestow the best opportunities for the public, but in vain. At the 17 ', on the developments of a Lazio penalty, the Atalanta counterattack starts: excellent disengagement from Mangili and the ball to Picchi, who face-to-face with his extreme defender in the lap. Five minutes later the scene repeats itself: but this time it is the same Turbo Mangili who is facing a large Fazio in the bold exit. Cheta water breaks the bridges and here is the advantage white and blue when the half hour shell: starting point on the right wing of D'Ancona to serve De Luca on the bottom, which with skillful move makes Filippi dry.

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