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Season 2009 / 2010


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The strong scirocco wind blocks the motorboat of Tirrenia at the port of Palermo, and the Women's Soccer Marsala, already ready for boarding, can not reach Naples. After having communicated the unexpected to the President of the Padovan Women's Division by telephone - really timely his interest - and after the ritual declarations of Tirrenia, aimed at confirming the right "cause of force majeure",


Historical promotion of the CF SÜDTIROL in Serie A!

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MISTER GENTA TAKES SOUTH TIROL AND DOES IT IN SERIE A by Walter Pettinati Now you can define the man of great promotions. We talk about "Il Roberto" (as he is called by those who know him well). Mister Genta after taking Trento to the limelight (Serie A) and the media was repeated with another team of SudTirol, the Vintl - From Serie B to Serie A. After the promotion in series A2 has taken a period of rest while remaining in the technical department of the team. The unthinkable results have meant that the president Luca Dalla Torre was playing, at the right time, the winning card: Roberto Genta. After 13 consecutive positive results and a defeat (it was disqualified) "Roberto" goes to win in the home of the adversary of all time and brings the SudTirol in the Olympus of women's football. Roberto Genta is known for his passion, expertise and also for his battle to protect the movement and all those players who want to practice the "football" women. I personally congratulate Genta and the whole of the company for the promotion obtained and I wish Roberto a rosy future full of football satisfaction, inciting him not to neglect his ideologies for a better future for women's football. GREAT ROBERTO

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Mozzanica - Dinamo Ravvenna 2 - 0

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MOZZANICA CELEBRATES THE PROMOTION IN SERIE A Five hundred sandwiches plus a rich buffet, three hundred celebratory t-shirts, three hundred unfortunate trumpets, the machine launches giant confetti, the flags cover the tribune, the balloons, the mayor, the band in a blaze of biancoazzurro. The promotion is also this: a celebrated party with great participation as protagonists. But how much effort to get to this moment. "For two championships we saw the promotion escape when we thought it was within our reach," says president Luigi Sarsilli - and this year we tried to do better, we started with the handbrake and the defeat with Milan and the draw with the Entella were hard back-fights, then we realized we were stronger than everyone, we took off and won big, but we do not tell the numbers, but now the nice thing comes in. Let's enjoy it in peace This party and then it's time to think about the future We know how hard the top flight is, but we will not be caught unprepared Geographically Mozzanica is a small reality but with a great passion The next one will be a seasoning championship and then sivedra. "Word of president."

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Let's fix the final - San Pellegrino Spring Championship

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AQUILINI2Let's fix the final - San Pellegrino Spring Championship Remarks by President Aquilini (FCF Como 2000 ASD) First honor to the girls of Rome ... For the rest ... Mah !! Two different routes by choice and by diversity of regional competitions. Reality between North and Center-South. Como 2000: championship at 12 teams, then 22 matches and what matches! (Brescia, Atalanta, Mozzanica, Milan, Inter, Fiammamonza, Tradate, etc ...). Then eighths and fourth with Entella Chiavari and Tavagnacco, then 26 matches before the finals. Not a parish championship. Age. My athletes really "spring": Brumana class '90, the other classes' 93, '94,' 95. This is the future of women's football: having youth sectors. I thank my girls for the great vintage made. Speaking of regulation this is not good! It takes precise stakes on the age and on the participation of the athletes in the championship matches, in order to subsequently play the finals. This would avoid the usual cunning of an unjust and obsolete regulation.

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The Venice is in the final draw against Fiammamonza after having had many chances to bring home the match with the three points that could guarantee the fourth last place. For 75 minutes the Venetian team feels off on a holiday without too much effort and gets a lot of hits but only in the final quarter of an hour he wakes up and recovers the result. The Venetians start immediately in attack to the 3 'Bortot tries the lob just above the crossbar, 10' again Bortot launched by Tombola enters area kick but the ball ends up on the pole, advantage for the Fiammamonza with Donghi with a lob over Penzo, 18 'Bingo launches Chinello that kick to the pole, 25' exchange Ranzolin-Chinello pulling para Ferraro, 29 'corner of Chinello Lotto's header just outside. The second time the Fiammamonza doubles with Velati who finds a slight deviation from Laterza, at the 5 'Ranzolin launches Bortot who enters the area and kicks out from here the Venice tries to recover the race but the Fiamma marks the third network with Greek at 29' reaction of the Venetian blinds after 2 minutes shortens with Mason, the assault of the lagunari in the final minutes brings Tombola to score at 40 'and in the recovery at 49' with Capovilla equalized, the result could be to the advantage of Venice after the final quarter of hour the siege with errors under the network of Mason, Bortot, Ranzolin, Lotto, Capovilla.



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The Veronese sink the Chiasiellis 9-0 and close the championship in second place. Triplet for Gabbiadini, double for Rocha. In goal also Tuttino, Parisi and Villar Termina with a goleada, 9 to 0 to the unfortunate Chiasiellis, the Serie A championship for the girls of Bardolino Verona who conquer the second place solitary qualifying for the next Champions League. Mister Longega must also renounce the young Filippozzi in defense and opts for a defensive three-way line. Forward the Brazilian from Rocha supported by the trio Gabbiadini, Girelli Boni. Race immediately downhill for the Veronese who pass the first thrust: Girelli crosses into the area for the winning tap-in is Melania Gabbiadini placed on the far post. Ball in the middle and the Chiasiellis incredibly suffered the doubling network: cross of Da Rocha and the national Sara Gama head in an attempt to anticipate Gabbiadini pierces his goalkeeper. At the ninth minute, the Veronese put the result in the safe: the Brazilian Da Rocha melee meshed the goal of the three to zero that guarantees victory and European qualification. The Veronese do not stop and after a spectacular reversal of the Brazilian Da Rocha with a ball to the side, reach the network of four to zero with the former on duty Alessia Tuttino who uses a rebound to show up in front of Caravilla. Sphere that passes between the legs of the number one Friulian. The Gialloblu monologue continues in the opening of the second half when, following the refusal of Boni and Gabbiadini Da Rocha, he raises the ball catching the unprepared Caravilla. Sixth goal for the sixth of the second half of the second half: Caravilla rejects the dry conclusion of Valentina Boni, who resumes Melania Gabbiadini.



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TAVAGNACCO FINISHES IN BEAUTY. 7-0 AND BRUMANA REGINA DEL GOL Even without the preliminaries of the Champions, the season to scream for the Friulians The race with the Atalanta has had no history: the Friulians have lorded them going to target with Camporese and Brumana (triplets) and Tatiana Zorri. A calm afternoon for the Gialloblu goalkeeper Marchitelli, while on the opposite side Gamba had a hard life to face the continuous advance of the landlords. Europe has not arrived, but there was everything else in this fantastic season of Graphistudio. Nice game and bursting goals have thrilled the Friulian audience that has paid a dutiful applause to the team and the bomber prince of the Serie A, Paola Brumana. Tavagnacco took the lead after nine minutes with Camporese, who took advantage of Zorri's assist and overtaken Gamba out. Bearzi preaches concentration and the team follows perfectly the dictates of its technician still going to target with Brumana at 24 '. Camporese dominates the band and realizes his shotgun with a blow from the left that slips into the seven to the right of Gamba: on the occasion, decisive the deviation of Caio. In the end of time comes the poker of Tavagnacco: long launch of Rodella for Brumana that dribbles the goalkeeper and puts inside the goal number 23 in season. The first time closes on the 4-0 for the Graphistudio in complete control of the race and several times near the marking. In the second half the rhythm, if possible, drops further and the Friulians continue to grind the game without pushing.


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