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Young 2009-2010

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THE VENETO WINS THE UNDER 15 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT The 4 Women's 15 Tournament was concluded at Chianciano Terme in July organized by the FIGC Youth and Scholastic Sector . The Veneto won for 1 - 0 against Lombardy in a fought final and saw all the girls of the Representatives in the stands of the Stadio Comunale. In a festive atmosphere, the awards ceremony was held with an exceptional guest, Gianni Rivera which, accompanied by Secretary of the Youth and Scholastic Sector, Barbara Benedetti and from Mayor of Chianciano, Gabriella Ferranti, gave the players the prizes fair play. The 'green cards' went to Martina Ceccarelli (Umbria), Roberta Iarriccio (Campania), Ilaria Ferroni (Lazio) ed Elisabetta Milone (Piedmont). This is the final ranking: Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Friuli VG, Lazio, Puglia, Campania, Umbria. The rose of the Veneto representative: Aliquò Marina, Boatti Lisa, Battocchio Martina, Bruzzo Sofia, Bomaiz Laila, D'Antonio Rossella, Facchinelli Sara, Gelmetti Marina, Sabbadin Marianna, Ferrato Claudia, Merotto Anna, Rasetti Francesca, Moro Stefania, Sonda Veronica , Sabbadin Marianna, Spanish Laura, Vittadello Beatrice to see the photogallery of the event click on the following link GO TO THE PHOTOGALLERY

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UNDER 15, IN NATIONAL TITLE The final round of the 15 Representative tournament is entering the highlights. Wednesday 30 June 2010 in Chianciano Terme (SI), there were the quarter-final return matches that saw Veneto prevail over Campania, Lombardy over Umbria, Friulia VG over Puglia and Piedmont over Valle D'Aosta . The semi-finals, which will be played on Friday 2 July, will see the Friuli VG vs Lombardia and Piemonte vs Veneto as opposites. The fight for the 5 ° place remains open, which will involve the Campania to Lazio and Puglia challenge Umbria.

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DOUBLE SUCCESS OF THE FEMALE TAVAGNACCO ON THE DETROIT COLLEGE - The Giovanissime and Under 19 formations of the Graphistudio Tavagnacco women have won two clear victories against the peers formed by a US selection of Detroit College. The Giovanissime of Mister Cossaro have imposed themselves with the result of 1 to 0 thanks to a goal arrived in the final stages of the match that has rewarded the supremacy shown in the field by the Friulians. The Under 19 by Mister Tarzariol has had a hard life as it has found itself in front of a strong, grim and inclined team to the "male" game. The Gialloblu Spring girls have adapted to the high rhythms imposed by the opponent and have shown a greater tactical organization that determined the success for 2-1. Good frame of public and excellent organization of the event by the Gialloblù society that has received the applause of the guests and of the sports authorities present at the Comunale di Tavagnacco.

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SMALL ZEBROTTE GROW I have been 2 days of sport and fun, this is the comment of Roberto Panigari, head of the football school and future coach of the Juventus Women's first team. In 10 and 11 June, at the Faccioli facility in Turin, the sport festival was organized with the participation of 113 children from the Preschool of Vinovo, divided into 2 groups, during the day the children were able to play and have fun in a healthy and welcoming environment, we tried to make them understand that sport and in this case football is not only healthy but also a nice way to socialize, play and be together ... "I'm happy to have reached this goal, now for the new season we are planning a project with the Elementary Schools that will let us know about the school.Our youth sector now has 5 teams divided into the category 2000-2001 Chicks, 1998 Beginners- 1999, 1996-1997 debutants, the youngest B-band 1995 plus the National Spring, in addition to the first team there will be the news of football at 5.Our company this year received from the SGS the recognition as "Base Tenico Center" the only one in Piedmont for what concerns the women's football, an important result considering our growth in the territory, we went from 50 athletes of June 2009 to the current 120.

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CARPISA YAMAMAY NAPOLI IN COVERCIANO FOR THE THIRD YEAR The Neapolitan society has represented the women's movement of southern Italy to the national finals chicks and babies For the third consecutive year it was the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli to represent the women's football of southern Italy in Coverciano, on the occasion of the national finals of the chicks and babies categories. Sixteen young players of the '95 -' 96 - '97 class, led by the new and patented Russian coach, Giulia Bosciova, have faced Juventus, Aosta and Sud Tirolen Representative for two days in performances, guests of the Italian Football Federation. The quadrangular star featured the young Neapolitans, who highlighted the progress made in recent years by the entire Neapolitan women's football movement. "We have joined with great pride - said the general director Italo Palmieri - to the invitation of the Italian Federation.Today in Naples over one hundred girls can finally play football and improve thanks to Carpisa Yamamay.When we compare these numbers with those of male football, we can compare ourselves to a men's soccer school with over a thousand members, thanks to the commitment of Presidents Carlino and Cimmino, Naples can live a new reality.The next year, with the opening of the necklace stage to the first team, the interest and the enthusiasm will only increase, we are already at work and in the next few days we will announce the news of next season ".

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THE LUPETTE OF ROME CAMPIONESSE GIOVANISSIMI REGIONALI After a very special year for the whole of the Giallorossi youth sector, at the end of the football school season, the girls of the "95" have filled the only lack in the trophy bulletin board, graduating for the first time in the company's history Regional Youth Champion. In this season the championship, unlike other years, took place with an Italian tournament made up of 5 teams with round-trip matches. The companies registered in addition to the ROME were: the Eurnova, the Axa, the Fiano Romano and the Lodigiani, aggressive teams and ready once again to assert an unfavorable tradition for the Giallorossi. In fact in the last 7 years Rome has conquered 5 finals, all fatally lost, sometimes on penalties. This is the incredible journey that led them to the final victory:

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GRAPHISTUDIO AT THE FINAL SIX OF COPPA ITALIA Turin defeated 2-0. A sign Camporese and Brumana Tavagnacco unstoppable even in the Italian Cup. The 2-0 on Torino, with a goal in time for Camporese and Brumana, marks the passage of the turn for the formation of Friuli that arrives at the Final Six Cup. The start of the race is all of the Friulian brand with Brumana at the end after only 4 minutes: the attack is all alone from the parts of Scaramuzzi but the ball goes out on the bottom of a nothing. Toro's reply is all in the central punishment of Sodini that does not worry Marchitelli. At the 18 'Martinelli wins a contrast on the right and sets in motion Moscato whose cross is perfect for Camporese perfection on the far post: the header from the home midfielder leaves no way to Scaramuzzi for the 1-0. The team Gialloblu administers the meeting is more times close to doubling with Bonetti and Brumana who find on their way a careful Scaramuzzi. The first half ends with Tavagnacco ahead 1-0. The recovery sees Maviglia in the field instead of Valotto among the grenade, but the music does not change. Graphistudio, always aggressive and absolute mistress of the midfield, proves superior with an excellent Sara Di Filippo to sort balloons for her companions. The 2-0 is the result of yet another choral action that brings Brumana to the one against one with the opposing goalkeeper: the number seven eludes the intervention of the extreme Piedmont defender and puts the ball at the bottom of the bag.



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