Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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SALERNO IS CONTRADED BY ONLY! The Turin president has a short memory and does not remember that this site has published all his letters, and not only his, directed to President Padovan. Dear Mr. Salerno, I would like to point out to you that in your statement shines misinformation about my work and above all towards the history of women's football in Italy. I am pleased, however, that you are documenting the numbers that distinguish the movement of women's football from other national sports, numbers already known to insiders and institutions. Before going into the specifics, I want to clarify once again what my thoughts on Mr. Padovan are: the estimate I place in the current president dates back to the admiration of the sports character I was following in the television programs and in your work as a newspaper director , so much so that I dared to propose him the presidential candidacy of the DCF and to do with him his electoral campaign. Despite this, I did not hesitate to strongly criticize his choices as I never believed that he "could multiply the fish". Together we formed "we change women's football", confident of bringing new stimuli to the movement. The program is known to everyone and after a year of presidency, the DCF has achieved some milestones while others are developing. In this regard I am preparing a summary of his programs in view of the famous expiration of the 2 years that the president set himself at the time of his election. Having made this brief introduction, which everyone already knew, return to the content of your valuable to specify that my work is not so dictated by the duty of news as by MY personal way of seeing and managing the site, CONSTRUCTED only by my principles and my mentality, uncompromising, incorruptible and always above all personal interests. Features that have led me to undertake great battles in favor of ALL and against ALL, only to my detriment, without looking in the face of people but analyzing concepts and content. This independence of mine allows ... I PUBLISHED THE COMMENTS OF THIS ARTICLE THE REPLY OF THE PRESIDENT SALERNO . same companies, athletes, executives, DCF, AIC, including new initiatives, dulcis in fundus the birth of AIP - of which I created the logo, created by a graphic of my trust - to find on this site a place available for undertake and discuss the various aspects and problems that accompany the movement in its growth with the future hope that this site will turn into a place for constructive debate and promoter of ideas and suggestions for the well-being and healthy growth of the whole movement, united. I owe nothing to anyone and I do what I think is right to do. Among the few people who have tried, in vain, to influence my ideas, I want to exclude Mr. Padovan, who never allowed himself to influence my strategies even at the time of your electoral campaign, despite the fact that many wanted him to believe in order to defend his interests. As I consider serious and professional the comparison I have with you and with many other presidents with whom I do not share some ideas but respect for the seriousness and frankness with which we compare. Some presidents have embargoed the happy island of (We would also talk about this situation) Therefore, publish the sentence that the Federal Court has issued against him or against anyone is a fact due to me (we want to hide the reality ???) as it closes a controversy brought go ahead IN THIS SITE and it is not a favor that I do, as you refer mischievously or perhaps provocatively to the "presidentissimo" that you have voted (to make also known the reasons for your denial?). Looking further and not dwelling only on what displeases: still shows in plain sight your fight against WORK CAUSE and the space dedicated to the legal battle undertaken by AIC to remove the chains to the players, or your battles towards the president. It seems to me that your statement contradicts itself and for this, I find it really ridiculous and groundless your hesitations and insinuations but I want to reassure her that my work is not conditional. I am also aware that my work is subject to leaps of criticism and in many cases becomes uncomfortable and unpopular but I believe that we must avoid "favors" to act in the good of an entire community and to ensure this impartiality it becomes necessary to publish any news (which I consider correct to publish as I am the ONLY responsible) and not only those that please the interested parties. I will give an example: we take the judgment of the FEDERAL COURT on appeals rejected to 4 companies exposed on the home page: LAZIO, MILAN, MARSALA and CUNEO. Do we take the Marsala? This is a company that I have known for a long time (like almost all) and that I consider one of the most serious and organized Italian companies in the A2-B series category. They work on youth sectors, on communication and visibility, have a constantly updated website. the videos of the games, they have an effecient and organized press office - so much so that a few days ago I proposed to Mr. Chirco - knowledgeable mister and attentive to new methods of training and tactics - two talented young footballers still unexploded but which I consider serious and professional. (Let me be clear, I do not do the kicker's attorney and when I move I do it for free by observing the "RULES"). The esteem and confidence that I have for the island's society and its leaders would not have justified the non-observance of the FEDERAL ruling while knowing and understanding the completely involuntary vicissitudes that have led the company to incur this provision. Therefore, I publish the sentence despite my strong sympathy towards the Marsalesi. Another company in which I have sympathy and respect is the PInk Sport Bari, of which I have posted on this website their complaint against the repeated violent acts of the company Pro Reggina, of which I have published their dissent against the decision taken by the DCF to move the match Vesevus - Marsala and the denunciation of President Padovan to the CF Given the regulation in force, I did not agree with the statements of the Apulian society but I published their article and now we are awaiting the decision of the federal court: then the sentence is published. I could continue indefinitely but we can browse the archives of this site to read every document. President Salerno, I would like to advise unnecessary polemics and in case to demand greater results or to follow the rules imposed by sporting Justice to report facts and misdeeds. For my part, I renew my commitment to guarantee, as always, sports information and space for discussions in the interests of all. My activities are in the light of the sun and I believe they have experience and knowledge of the whole movement, on this basis, I presented to DCF concrete and innovative projects to be realized in this new season with the collaboration of competent and qualified staff but exclude the philosophy of this portal. These are the principles that carry out my work by 15 years and these principles will remain so until I decide to keep this site alive. With observance, Walter Pettinati
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Journalistic newspaper registered with the Court of Florence, n. 6032 of the 15 Settembre 2016, with director Giancarlo Padovan.


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