Tuesday, January 28 2020
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NO PATTEGGIAMENT BUT ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY by Roberto Salerno, president of Torino How much attention for me, Mr. Pettinati, I can only thank you. I thank his "duty" in the news (as you say objective) that, on his website, makes the epilogue of my referral and condemnation for the well-known statements I made against "President Padovan" appear as great news. A so "beautiful show" that I had the doubt wanted to represent, let me, what happened (and it could happen) to those who allow themselves to criticize the "Presidentissmo". I am wrong ? mah ... meanwhile I would like to clarify that, if I go back, I would release the same statements, exactly such and such. Also I would like to be clear to everyone that the reduction of the sentence imposed (for these statements "damaging" of good repute and probity etc etc of President Padovan) does not happen for a sort of "plea bargain" (term borrowed from criminal justice that thus used confuses) but for an act of assumption of responsibility that I made during the Judgment, renouncing useless and painful defenses of another kind: I said them and I knew what I was saying, period. Clarifying these aspects and trusting in his "objective duty" of news, I take this opportunity to invite you to work for a new course in the chronicle of our football: news and information that maybe do not like the "palace" but that really represent our dying women's soccer. When the Titanic sank, the orchestra was ordered to continue playing to distract attention from the tragedy that was going on. Without wanting to change even inadequate terms dear Pettinati, we do not "play music" but we give the real and raw numbers of our football and we launch real sos as I am going to do all the Presidents at the beginning of the new sporting season: it does not work and if we do not take action, women's football will sink. The sacrifices with which we have registered the companies at the championships and those we will do to face a season that is dramatic for its costs would impose a self-serving that is no longer any longer to discuss the future of our sport. There are no resources, the crisis also fell on our football with the flight of the sponsors, the Serie A passes to 14 teams in one of the most dramatic moments in Italy and with a female football left "nano" that barely counts 7 / 8 thousand practitioners at "11". I do not think I have heard of any intervention on these issues from our President or the Women's Football Division. Speak on this Mr. Pettinati, let's talk about these problems. I remain available and offer all the best regards ".
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