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ROBERTO SALERNO DEFERRED BY THE FEDERAL PROCURATOR THE SUSPENSION INSTITUTION REDUCES INHIBITION TO 3 MONTHS AND 500,00 € OF MULTA. Mr. Roberto Salerno, President and Legal Representative of the Torino Calcio Femminile ASD Company, for the violation of art. 1, comma 1 and 5, comma 1, CGS, to have expressed, through the statements contained in the press release of the Torino Calcio Female ASD of 15 March 2010, judgments damaging the reputation of people and bodies operating in the federal field and in particular of Giancarlo Padovan, President of the Football Division of the National Amateur League, suitable to directly or indirectly damage the prestige and credibility of the federal institutions, is referred by the Federal Prosecutor to 6 Months and 2.000,00 € fine, reduced by the application plea bargain. application of sanction pursuant to the provisions of Articles 23 and 24 CGS ["basis penalty for Mr. Roberto Salerno, sanction of the inhibition of months 6 (six), decreased pursuant to articles. 23 and 24 CGS to 3 months (three); penalty for the Torino Calcio Femminile Company, fine of € 2.000,00 (Euro two thousand / 00), decreased pursuant to art. 23 and 24 CGS to € 500,00 (Eurocinquecento / 00) "]; considering that the Federal Prosecutor has given his consent on this request; 4 seen the art. 23, paragraph 1, CGS, according to which the subjects referred to in art. 1, paragraph 1, can agree with the Federal Public Prosecutor before the end of the first degree proceedings, to ask the judging body to apply a reduced sanction, indicating the species and the measure; seen the art. 23, paragraph 2, CGS according to which the judging body, if it considers correct the qualification of the facts as formulated by the parties and congruous the indicated sanction, nedispone the application by order not appealable, which closes the proceedings against the applicant; seen the art. 24, paragraph 1, CGS according to which, in case of admission of responsibility and effective collaboration by the subjects subjected to the disciplinary procedure for the discovery or verification of regulatory violations, the judicial bodies may reduce, upon proposal of the Federal Public Prosecutor , the penalties provided for by the federal legislation or switch them into alternative provisions or determine them in an equitable manner; noted that, in this case, the qualification of the facts as formulated by the parties is correct and the penalties indicated are adequate, PQM the National Disciplinary Commission provides for the application of the following sanctions: ▪ inhibition for months 3 (three) to Mr. Roberto Salerno; ▪ € 500,00 fine (Euro five hundred / 00) to the Torino Calcio Female ASD Company; Declares the closure of the proceeding against the aforesaid ". The President of the CDN Avv. Gianfranco Tobia "" Published in Rome on 19 July 2010
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