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PRESTIGIOUS RECOGNITION OF TRAPANI'S PANATHLON AT THE MARSAL FEMALE FOOTBALL Prestigious recognition of the Panathlon Club of Trapani to the Women's Football Marsala awarded, during a convivial held in recent days at the "Garden Eden" of Trapani, in the presence of the entire Board of Directors of the prestigious body, the Questore of Trapani, dott. Giuseppe Gualtieri, of the CONI President of Trapani, Salvatore Castelli, and of the dott. Sandro Morgana, President of the Sicilian Regional Committee of the FIGC, who among other things entertained the qualified audience with a report on the theme: "Transparency, Legality and Ethics - The new frontier of Italian football". The Vice President Peppe Accardi will collect the Marsala Women's Football Award. Also individually awarded by Mr. Peppe Chirco and Captain Maria Errera. During the evening, in addition to the Women's Soccer Marsala, was also awarded the Valderice football patron Fontana and Mr. Mustazza, present in the room together with the vice-captain of the team Alessandro Agate. "The recognition of the Panathlon International of Trapani honors us and flatters us - said Peppe Accardi, Vice President of the Women's Football Marsala -. We thank the President Nino Fodale and the whole Presidency Council for recognizing the merits of a truly exciting season and for having granted us the honors of such an important and prestigious audience. During our ten-year activity, we have won several successes and received several awards, but this is certainly the most important and prestigious. We will keep the symbol received jealously on the bulletin board ".
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