Quarter-finals for Roma Primavera

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Target achieved by the spring training that winning the return race for 7 at 1 at the Villacidro's home, however, gains momentum in the quarter finals where he will face Florence, which in the double comparison has easily got rid of Jesina. Great enthusiasm from all the company staff and all the girls who have so far brought the Giallorossi colors up. The return match in the Sardinian land saw the Giallorossi beat 7 to 1 the home team after winning the first round with the 11 score at 0. The nets were scored by Condello, five for her, and by Giulia Contu who signed a double. Match played under a scorching sun with the Roma owner of the field with a Villacidro who pays dearly for his inexperience dictated by the young age of the Sardinian team. Now the formation of Marsili and Trovato will face the greatest candidate to win the tricolor: the Florence. The Tuscan training vice Italian champion in the 2008 / 2009 season also obtained a very good third place in the prestigious Arco di Trento trophy. Challenge then very difficult where the Giallorossi will have to play a difficult game, will have to give everything to keep up with the very strong Florentine players. To continue to dream it will take a great Rome, the potential is there, but now it is up to the field to give the response. The first leg will be played in Florence on Sunday 2 May, while the return match will be played in Rome on Sunday 9 May.
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