Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Let's fix the final - San Pellegrino Spring Championship

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AQUILINI2Let's fix the final - San Pellegrino Spring Championship Remarks by President Aquilini (FCF Como 2000 ASD) In the first place, honor the girls of Rome ... For the rest ... Mah! Two different routes by choice and by diversity of regional competitions. Reality between North and Center-South. Como 2000: championship at 12 teams, then 22 matches and what matches! (Brescia, Atalanta, Mozzanica, Milan, Inter, Fiammamonza, Tradate, etc ...). Then eighths and quarters with Entella Chiavari and Tavagnacco, then 26 starts before the finals. Not a parish championship. Age. My athletes really "spring": Brumana class '90, the other classes' 93, '94,' 95. This is the future of women's football: having youth sectors. I thank my girls for their great year. Speaking of regulation this is no good! It takes some very precise age and participation indicators for the athletes in the championship races, to be able to play the finals later. This would avoid the usual cunning made by an unjust and obsolete regulation. As for the tight times of the finals, there was little respect for the Companies: it is really questionable to organize the finals in the middle of the week, having also the possibility of using weekends given the end of the championships (4,5 rating). The time has come for the national women's football movement to make a change and above all the experience acquired by the presidents in these years must be enhanced. The National Amateur League and the Female Division, if they want to have a future, will have to take this into account.
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