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THEREFORE THE FINAL QUARTERS by Mario Villa The march of the Primavera National Championship continues with the disputation of the first leg races of the quarter finals. In the games played on this first Sunday of May, the eight remaining teams competed in the first round with more or less comforting results. Happy with the result obtained can certainly be Torino and Roma who have won with a margin more than reassuring the first 'battle' and see the final four much closer. In the Lombard derby between Mozzanica and Brescia, are the swallows to overcome the Bergamo for three goals to zero, a result that obtained away it seems to be able to make it a little 'easier task to Brescia for the return race. The challenge between Como 2000 and Tavagnacco with the Larians who have won the measure between friendly walls remains open to any result. These are the results of the quarterfinal races of the quarterfinals: 1) TORINO - REGGIANA 5 PM - 0 PM 2) COMO 2000 - GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO 1 PM - 0 PM 3) MOZZANICA - BRESCIA 0 PM - 3 PM 4) FLORENCE - ROME 2 PM - 8 PM The return matches will be played in the next weekend (9 Maggio), where the four teams that will participate in the final phase of S. Pellegrino Terme (BG) will be discovered.
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