Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Mozzanica - Dinamo Ravvenna 2 - 0

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MOZZANICA CELEBRATES THE PROMOTION IN SERIE A Five hundred sandwiches plus a rich buffet, three hundred celebratory t-shirts, three hundred unfortunate trumpets, the machine launches giant confetti, the flags cover the tribune, the balloons, the mayor, the band in a blaze of biancoazzurro. The promotion is also this: a celebrated party with great participation as protagonists. But how much effort to get to this moment. "For two championships we saw the promotion escape when we thought it was within our reach. - says the president Luigi Sarsilli - and this year we tried to do better. We started with the handbrake and the defeat against Milan and the draw with the Entella were hard backlashes. Then we realized that we were stronger than everyone. We took off and won big. We do not say this but the numbers'. Now the beauty arrives. 'Let's enjoy this party in peace and then it's time to think about the future. We know how hard the top flight is, but we will not be caught unprepared. Geographically Mozzanica is a small reality but with a great passion. The next one will be a seasoning championship and then sivedra '. Word of president. " [img] http://www.calciodonne.it/public/upload/1458244682/DSC_7867.jpg [/ img] THE PAGELLONE Gritti 8.5 if the defense is the strongest of the A2 the merit is also his. When she was busy, she answered with class as well. He is among the three strongest goalkeepers in Italy and therefore from the National Mistrini 8.5 half championship from full-back the other from midfielder, however always in a race always to cross, breath to sell, never tired. As a midfielder, he has relieved Locatelli's work. Three networks active. Tonani 8.5 mistress of the left wing specialized in sudden changes of field with his perfect left. Great goal in Ravenna on punishment: the race of the turning Rota 8 braked in the last two months by physical problems has still expressed its capabilities: precise in the head shots, relentless in sending the opponents off side. A certainty for the next championship. Panzini 7 is the most experienced of the company, ready to respond to the calls of the coach who has always made his contribution. His availability is an example for everyone. As an expert, 7.5 has played alternating periods for personal commitments. Play in all the defensive roles, relentless in marking. The company is waiting for the first adventure in A Bernardi 9 now is the "teacher" as all the defense follows his advice. Often leaves the area head-on with the ball: a show. The maximum championship if he can play with his eyes closed Catania sv engaged very little even for physical problems Lazzari 7 starts from the owner then pays the inexperience compared to the companions of the department. Play less than expected, however, with increasingly decent performance Locatelli 9 authentic midfield engine retrieves balloon cars. Not just quantity but often it is also elegant. Deadly shooting. Breathe a little 'when the side Mistrini Fumagalli 8 as the Locatelli mills kilometers on the right wing. It covers in defense and is projected to the attack from where its always precise crosses start. Heading the balls are all his, in attack, in defense, in midfield Mauri 9 more than a promise with a great future ahead. Full midfielder both in defense and in setting. He injured himself with the National team compromising the season finale. In Mozzanica they wait for her with open arms after the meniscus surgery. Good luck Perini 9 indefinite role but can do everything in the offensive phase. Second tip, trequartista, band. Score spectacular goals. It misses the header but how much class Trezzi 9 starts on the sly because it has to adapt to new patterns compared to its previous team. In the second round the explosion as a striker of the band: it is devastating with perfect goals and crosses Piccinno 8.5 class to sell, never seen so in Mozzanica, with the left does what he wants, especially makes the team come up. The after-effects of an injury of the previous season are dragged along, but it recovers at its best in the return. Mark and score. Tarenzi 8 arrives mid-season from the D series but does not accuse the jump of three categories. Awesome will: running, fighting, scoring, scoring. Big surprise, great future Rottoli 7.5 is second to one of the strongest goalkeepers in the national team and knows it. But he has stuff and is always ready to call without regret the owner Pignedoli 7 at the beginning of the season is back from two serious interventions that forced her to stop for a year. He still suffers but has a great desire to recover Rizzo 7 is the other "small" of the company. It almost always leaves the bench but often finds space. Midfielder, great game vision, excellent run. A p 'force in the contrasts and the future is his Lanzani (coach) 10 bet won the big, great professionalism, knows how to make group, makes the team play with different modules sometimes even ruthless (three and a half peaks). He risked but he was right. The team has never been put under. With his collaborators a guarantee for the next championship Sarsilli (president) 10 and honors. Surely he is the first author of the ride on the outcome of which he never had doubts. Skilled in solving all situations quickly. With his calm and his unmistakable aplomb, he was appreciated by everyone. Complimeti president, he deserved it ... but the good starts now. PRESS OFFICE MOZZANICA ff [Img] http://www.calciodonne.it/public/upload/1458244682/DSC_7947.jpg [/ img]
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