On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Historical promotion of the CF SÜDTIROL in Serie A!

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MISTER GENTA TAKES SOUTH TIROL AND DOES IT IN SERIE A by Walter Pettinati Now you can define the man of great promotions. We talk about "Il Roberto" (as he is called by those who know him well). Mister Genta after taking Trento to the limelight (Serie A) and the media was repeated with another team of SudTirol, the Vintl - From Serie B to Serie A. After the promotion in series A2 has taken a period of rest while remaining in the technical department of the team. The unthinkable results have meant that the president Luca Dalla Torre was playing, at the right time, the winning card: Roberto Genta. After 13 consecutive positive results and a defeat (it was disqualified) "Roberto" goes to win in the home of the adversary of all time and brings the SudTirol in the Olympus of women's football. Roberto Genta is known for his passion, expertise and also for his battle to protect the movement and all those players who want to practice the "football" women. I personally congratulate Genta and the whole of the company for the promotion obtained and I wish Roberto a rosy future full of football satisfaction, inciting him not to neglect his ideologies for a better future for women's football. GREAT ROBERTO The Genta girls make a double jump from the Serie B to the A2 Series last year and as a freshman in the A2 Series perform the miracle by climbing into the season just ended in the Olympus of national women's football, in Serie A. The next opponents will be called Bardolino, Torres, Turin, Lazio, Rome and so on. Not even the great Lazio of Carolina Morace in the `80 years had achieved a similar result. A bus packed to the last place with fans following the team in Pordenone started from South Tyrol, who were able to celebrate with the team. The honorary president Martha Stocker is an exceptional supporter. He tried in every way to counteract the strength of his opponents but, at the end of the race, the Graphistudio Campagna lost the challenge against the CF SÜDTIROL, which established itself for 2 at 0. With this result, the South Tyrolean maintain second place and gain access to the top flight together with the Mozzanica. For those who, this afternoon, were present at the Bottecchia stadium in Pordenone, seeing the Friulian team renounce playing and siding with ten pawns in defense, will surely have been a disappointment. In fact the first half was on the verge of sporting fairness, the one the Friulian team showed in the beautiful Pordenone stadium. The renouncing game worked for the first fraction, where CF Südtirol appeared impotent against the defensive wall erected by housewives and, in the final, it was even shown to be renouncing. The game has changed radically at the 10 'of the second half, when Rigatti, with an empty net, catches the suggestion of his partner Oberlechner and puts the ball in the net. At this point, the initial plans of Mr. Cesarano change radically and the team is forced to look for the goal to win at least a draw. At the 29 ', however, it is always the girls of Genta who touch the net with Giuana Prugger who, with her head, hits the outside post. Although attempts to approach the door protected by Schnoffenegger are different, the only noteworthy occasion of the Campaign is recorded at 33 'when, with a free-kick from the edge, Angioletti goes very close to 1 at 1, missing the target of a breath . The match between the two teams essentially ends at the 39 'when the CF SÜDTIROL signs a double with the legendary Roswitha Oberlechner. At the end of this last championship day, then, the South Tyrolean winners deserve the match and write an important page in the history of South Tyrolean football together with their male colleagues who just a week ago had done the same, earning a historic promotion in 1 ° Division. And now off to the holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Graphistudio Campaign - Sudtirol Vintl Damen = 0-2 Networks: 55 '(2t) RIGATTI S. ; 84 '(2t) OBERLECHNER R. ; Graphistudio Campaign: Belgrade L. (85 'Bello S.), Schiavo G., Piccinin S., Cavasin F., Pividori F., Vettoretti J., Blazina G., Orlando C., Paoletti A. (90' Sutto G .), Polzot L. (56 'Toppan M.), Angioletti F., AVAILABLE: Bello S., Cella .. M., Toppan M., Panzera E., Sutto G., COACH: CESARANO GIOVANNI Sudtirol Vintl Damen: Schroffenegger K., Mittermair, Prugger, Steinhauser, Righi D., Mumelter, Warger,, Oberlechner R, Tonelli A., Rigatti S., Marcolin S. (91 'Menegoni M.), AVAILABLE: Marchi F., Unteregelsbacker S., Ferrari I., Barbacovi A., Menegoni M., Haberer V., COACH: GENTA ROBERTO ARBITRO: Zanolla Enrico Ammoniti : [Graphistudio Campaign]: Blazina
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Journalist registered with the Court of Florence, n. 6032 of 15 September 2016, with director Giancarlo Padovan owned by Pettinati Editore.


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