June 11, 2015
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Promotions - 2009-2010 relegation

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MARSAL FEMALE FOOTBALL: THE GREAT DAY OF THE "A" SERIES The Women's Football Marsala records, as expected, beats the Vesevus Trecase Napoli, and arrives in A2. Without any problem the blue finish the season inflicting the team bell a heavy result of 12-0, which bears the signatures of Giusy Filingeri, which thanks to the six goals scored leads to share 33, graduating top scorer of the whole series "B" ; Carla Russo, who with a hat-trick reaches the goal of 102 nets with the shirt of Marsala, and Montalbano, Giuliano and Sclafani who complete the work by writing their name on the notebook of this historic match of the blue association. Obviously the victory and the satisfaction is of all the athletes who were the authentic authors of this thrilling ride, as well as those who worked behind and behind the scenes to support the whole team. Now for all there will be a short period of rest, after which it will recover, both in the field and at the headquarters, to start planning the next season in Serie A. In the end many thanks to the company, by the collaborators to the media, to the sponsors, but above all to the supporters who are more and more a real concreteness in support of this small / big reality that is the Women's Football Marsala.

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IMUESE IN PARTY FOR A2, PROMOTION? SCHEDULE! PRESIDENT GANDOLFI TELLS 4 YEARS IN GROWTH We started 4 years ago from the D series. I had promised the girls the B series in 3 years. The goal has been achieved and this year we put the icing on the cake conquering the A2 series. The team entrusted to Mister Ademaro Mosconi triumphed three points ahead of the Imola Packcenter rivals. The nursery is our strong point and we can understand it from the fact that the "oldest" is from 1986. We are focusing a lot on the youth sector and we are looking for new girls to replenish the spring rose that last year 4 ° came to the national level. We also have the Under 14 team and we will start with the 2003 / 2004 girls' football school. I thank the sponsors who have allowed us to obtain these results, all the athletes and those who followed us.

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MISTER GENTA TAKES SOUTH TIROL AND DOES IT IN SERIE A by Walter Pettinati Now you can define the man of great promotions. We talk about "Il Roberto" (as he is called by those who know him well). Mister Genta after taking Trento to the limelight (Serie A) and the media was repeated with another team of SudTirol, the Vintl - From Serie B to Serie A. After the promotion in series A2 has taken a period of rest while remaining in the technical department of the team. The unthinkable results have meant that the president Luca Dalla Torre was playing, at the right time, the winning card: Roberto Genta. After 13 consecutive positive results and a defeat (it was disqualified) "Roberto" goes to win in the home of the adversary of all time and brings the SudTirol in the Olympus of women's football. Roberto Genta is known for his passion, expertise and also for his battle to protect the movement and all those players who want to practice the "football" women. I personally congratulate Genta and the whole of the company for the promotion obtained and I wish Roberto a rosy future full of football satisfaction, inciting him not to neglect his ideologies for a better future for women's football. GREAT ROBERTO

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MOZZANICA CELEBRATES THE PROMOTION IN SERIE A Five hundred sandwiches plus a rich buffet, three hundred celebratory t-shirts, three hundred unfortunate trumpets, the machine launches giant confetti, the flags cover the tribune, the balloons, the mayor, the band in a blaze of biancoazzurro. The promotion is also this: a celebrated party with great participation as protagonists. But how much effort to get to this moment. "For two championships we saw the promotion escape when we thought it was within our reach," says president Luigi Sarsilli - and this year we tried to do better, we started with the handbrake and the defeat with Milan and the draw with the Entella were hard back-fights, then we realized we were stronger than everyone, we took off and won big, but we do not tell the numbers, but now the nice thing comes in. Let's enjoy it in peace This party and then it's time to think about the future We know how hard the top flight is, but we will not be caught unprepared Geographically Mozzanica is a small reality but with a great passion The next one will be a seasoning championship and then sivedra. "Word of president."

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Great party in Florence for the return to Serie A. Purple party in San Marcellino. The Primadonna greets the public friend with the victory for two to zero in the derby against Siena. Beyond the race, yesterday was the day of the party, for the return in the top flight after two years of A2 series. Many spectators have packed the terraces of San Marcellino, to participate in the Florentine women's football festival and to pay homage to the purple team protagonist of an exciting year. "We are back at the top and now we want to stay there, commented the Viola Ciolli coach, I can only be satisfied with what the team has done and we are proud to bring Florence back to the top of the national women's football". Already in the last season Florence for few points had touched the promotion and finally after a long and intense year, but of great growth on the sporting level, Primadonna has reached the goal and can rejoice at full strength.



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