Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Pasiano: sin is over. Pasiano Vicenza 2 - 1 Pasiano: Fagotto, Vazzoler, Marcuzzi, Perissinotto (Delle Vedove), Santonocito, Giust, Bredariol, Piccolo, De Val (Scudeler), Armellin, Sogaro. Vicenza Buset: Reginato, Carboni, Mattarollo G., Dall'Olmo, Casarotto, Peretto, Lisi, Franceschetti (Carli), Zardo, Pizzolato, Rigon (Scorzato). All. Veronese Markers: pt. 5 'Armellin. St. 11 'De Val, 43' Lisi Referee: Giordano Ud Bella game of the Pasiano, pity that the championship is over: when the math has ratified the relegation, the bianconere have played serene, without the worry of the points to recover and two consecutive useful results have arrived. The last against Vicenza is also prestigious. The team played a good game, immediately took the lead, tried to double containing the reaction of Vicenza well that strongly wanted the victory to grab third place. At the 5 'descent to the left of De Val that is focused and pulls, Reginato rejects on the feet of Armellin that bag. A minute later Fagotto overtakes a header in the area. one more minute and De Val gathers a defensive error from Vicenza, saves Reginato. At the 20 'Bredariol tries, great fighter in the opposing area. At 25 'De Val is to put the helmet on the head, uprooting the ball, resist the return of the defender and puts the center: Armellin on the fly puts out a little. The Vicenza is not watching and the 38 'close to the draw, double knock and hit in the area that Fagotto foils. Shooting similar to the first half. At 11 'De Val over two defenders and bag after also missed the goalkeeper. The Pasiano is the master of the race for a few minutes, then salt the pace of Vicenza that fonferma excellent training. However, the Juventus defense (today in blue uniform) keeps watch and only at 88 'Lisi manages to lengthen the foot and shorten the distances. A good season finale of the team that bodes well and increases, however, the regret for what it could be and it was not. The president Enrico Minusso has confirmed that he will not ask any repechage: "The Pasiano has always won the merits and demerits on the pitch and will do it next year, aiming for an immediate ascent".
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