Monday, September 16 2019
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Serie B Group D

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Last day, in group D, of series B of the fair sex football that will necessarily have a tail. The general number eighteen round, in fact, is not enough to assign the category jump. If Vesevus Trecase and Mater Domini Catanzaro are already relegated to C for the promotion of series A-2, considering the success of Pst Bari on friendly soil against Gragnano for 4 to 1, it will be necessary to wait for the recovery between Vesevus Trecase and Marsala. Because of the bad weather of these days, in fact, the Sicilians could not reach the campania and for a race that should be recovered next Sunday. Meanwhile for the Calabrian, in the last championship, Mater Domini Catanzaro touches the internal draw against Campobasso but lost to 3 2. Both networks of the Catanzaro sign Bagnato for a freshman team to be applauded for having honored the cadet tournament despite the poor performance. Good luck to the Mater and the best wishes for a speedy ascent to the B where they remain with full marks and deserve both the bricks and the bricks. In the last act, however, Atletic Montaquila surpasses soundly the Pro Reggina 97 that took the lead with Romeo suffered a comeback too heavy with the final 7 1 for the Molise where in the goal went also the Coreglian Capalbo. Closes with a nice victory, however, the Real Cosenza that among the city walls beats Salento for 3 to 1 with Scaglione, Conte and Salerno goals. In the next year both will meet in B where they will try to improve their performance thanks to new grafts and enhancement of the nursery to perhaps aspire to some more prestigious destination. 43 points Marsala and Pst Bari, 38 Campobasso, Gragnano to 30, 28 A. Montaquila, P. Reggina 97 to 27, 24 R. Cosenza, Salento to 16, 3 V. Trecase and Mater Domini Catanzaro at 2 but with the Marsala that will have to recover the race against Vesevus Trecase most likely next Sunday.
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