Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Montaquila - Gragnano 3 - 1

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Falcone Pass of Gragnano in Montaquila In a hot day in May, the Femminile Gragnano loses three precious points in that of Montaquila for 3 to 1. For the first half hour of play is Gragnano to lord it and there are a succession of shots in the door that, however, can not unlock the partial. At 23 'is even canceled a goal for alleged offside in Ferrara who had managed to overcome the goalkeeper with a delicious lob. The few attempts of Montaquila to move forward are neutralized by a defense, and above all by a Gaeta, to say the least masterly. The backlog, in fact, has never allowed the opponents to overcome the trocar. Home training, unable to realize dangerous actions, embarks on a real "psychological offensive" made up of insults, provocations and continuous protests. After yet another foul immediately, Ferrara falls into the enemy trap and is admonished. Somehow Montaquila takes the game in hand but the first half ends with nothing done on either side. In the second half Gragnano seems to take the field with the right grit and goes very close to the goal at the 10'st with Festa that, however, just sends out. Montaquila is instead to find the goal at the 13'st when, with a free kick from the left, a red-gold player finds time to put behind and serve Cerrone who, flat, puts inside. A minute later Gragnano finds the courage to react and grazes the goal with Olivieri who, launched in depth from Ferrara and after passing the opposing defense, sends a little to the side. New reversal in front: after starting offside in a clear offense not recognized by the referee, Cerrone kick, blatantly, out. De Risi then decides to change the face of the team and risks everything for everything by proposing an extremely offensive formation and defended only by a rear three. The goal is touched on more than one occasion but heavy as a boulder comes the doubling of landlords. Del Pizzo does not hold a shot from the left and Cerbaso realizes the 2 to 0. At the 37'st Olivieri shortens the distances for Gragnano and pierces the Molise gate with a spectacular pitched pitch from outside the area. The already intense match comes on even more. At the 46'st, with the Gragnano completely unbalanced forward, it even reaches the third goal of the Montaquila for the definitive 3 to 1. Thus ended a game undeservedly lost by the blues that can only be blamed for having wasted too much in front of the opponent's door but who, in any case, played an excellent race. The regret in the words of Aprea: "We faced this race with the right attitude in the first fraction of the game, giving very few spaces to the opponents and creating numerous scoring opportunities. The greatest regret is that of not being able to concretize them. In the second half the game became more nervous, the opponents took courage and managed to exploit the opportunities available to them. Finally, the provocative attitude and the continuous fouls of the landlords have made the comeback more difficult ". Montaquila - Gragnano: 3-1 Markers: Cerrone (13'st and 46'st); Olivieri (37'st) Montaquila: Zullo, Biallo, Gallone, Cerrone, Cerbaso, Savelli, Pastò, Marino, Cerrone, Capalbo, Moro. Available: Russian. Female Gragnano: Del Pizzo, Ruggiero M. (47'st Buonocore), Gaeta, De Risi, Aprea (25'st Sicignano), Festa, De Martino (1'st Palescandolo), Ruggiero A., Reale, Olivieri, Ferrara. Available: Del Gaudio, Di Maio, Sicignano, Notes: Ammoniti: Ferrara (Gragnano); Marino, Moro (Montaquila) Margherita Sicig
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