Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Manerbio Virtus - Cuneo San Rocco 0 - 0

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In the splendid Flero plant dedicated to the Milan midfielder and the Italian national Andrea Pirlo, Cuneo conquers a precious point that allows him to keep the fourth place in the stand alone. The first spring sun helped to considerably raise the temperature on the pitch and this has taken away a bit 'of lucidity in the door to the points Cuneo, even if the athletic seal was excellent. After a quarter of an hour in which the two formations have been studied, the biancorosse have opened the dances with two dangerous conclusions: the first of the Allena well blocked by Barbariga and then with Testa who, after the deflection of the extreme defender, hits the crossing of the poles. The formation of Brescia has tried to contain the offensive opponents and, in the ninety minutes, has managed to build two occasions, both well neutralized by Asteggiano. The best opportunities have built the Cuneo, but a super Barbariga and too many inaccuracies, have not allowed guests to bring home full loot. In the standings the Multedo, after having won the derby against Bogliasco Pieve, keeps 3 ahead of Juventus, today victorious against Inter. The Verona defends Sardinia and keeps the third place in the standings, while in the queue the Scalese with today's defeat mathematically recedes. After the initial study at 16 'from a side throw by Goletto, the Allena unloads the right on the first post but the goalkeeper closes the mirror of the door and locks to the ground; the Cuneo increases the pace and shortly after Testa tries from outside and with a missile that Barbariga touches with the tips of his fingers and deviates the trajectory on the crossroads. At the 20 'new goal ball with Head launching Allena whose shot of power is rejected by the goalkeeper with Marchisio who misses the tapin slightly. Shortly after launching deep into Marchisio for Allena that burns the defender on the shot and wins the contrast on the exit of the goalkeeper, but the reiterate of the outside Cuneo ends on the outside of the network. At the 32 'the Manerbio builds the ball goal with Berardi that slips into the central corridor, but finds Asteggiano with a brave exit saves the result. At the end of the time double chance of the Cuneo, the first with Allena who finds the opposition of the goalkeeper and then with Sechi that, on a free kick by Curioso, sends high over the crossbar. In the second half Allena flies into the right wing but the shot touches the crossbar; at 12 'on corner of the Curioso, Barbariga smanaccia and hits the crossbar. At 21 'an unleashed Allena jumps opposing defense and makes a cross on the opposite side for Sechi that dish is missing an easy opportunity. Shortly before the half hour Armitano launches Sechi through the central streets, but the goalkeeper with a reckless exit manages to foil the danger. Shortly after the Manerbio wastes an opportunity with the Cremaschini from a good position weakly kicking and Asteggiano easily. At the 36 'Giraudo recently entered, with a nice diagonal touches the far post, but at the end of the Cremaschini shivering to Asteggiano chunks on a close conclusion, which almost no bags. The comment of the president Giorgio Calvetti: "Today we brought home an important point for the ranking that, with the fourth place, allows us to confirm, up to this point, the excellent championship played so far. As a freshman we were the surprise of the group, we are already working for the next season so that these girls bring with honor the name of the city of Cuneo nationwide. We count on a territorial aid in order to set up an even more competitive squad that will allow us to continue to dream. "Next Sunday at F.lli Paschiero at 15 the Cuneo will host the Scalese, the rear end of the championship. Manerbio Virtus: Barbariga, Ferrandi, Cosio (10 'St Ungari), Frusca, Cò, Lucini, Treccani (1' st Cremaschini), Cappelloni, Cornoldi, Berardi (25'st Bertoletti). Available: Sinacra, Valdolini, Barbieri, Dolfini All. Filippini Cuneo San Rocco: Asteggiano, Goletto, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Armitano, Allena, Testa, Marchisio, Curious, Sechi (29 'st Giraudo). Available: Saccomanno, Pittavino, Peak All. Bertoloni Referee: Casamassima Sergio di Lodi Ammonites: 34'st Naso (CN) Flero (BS) Diego Naso
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