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THE BARDOLINO VERONA CONQUERS THE 2008 SUPERCOPT! Bardolino Verona scored in the first half with Gabbiadini, wasted several chances in the second half but in the end he won with his Super Cup 4 number! In the stands at least 1000 people to attend the matchThe 2008 / 2009 season for Bardolino Verona opens with a triumph. In front of the thousand fans of the Belvedere di Calmasino the Gialloblù girls, for the occasion with the sky blue courtesy shirt, conquer their fourth Super Cup defeating the Eurospin Torres for 1-0. The challenge between the Italian champions and the winners of the Italian Cup is played in direct RAI on a very hot afternoon. Boni and friends immediately grind game, the new arrivals seem to always in the team Garda, while Mr. Renato Longega disqualified follows his girls from the stands replaced by Deputy Massimo Albrigo. At the 18 'Melania Gabbiadini, well imbeccata by Paliotti, gives the public the illusion of the goal but its gored by close range caresses only the outside of the network. Libori photo At the half hour of play we still try the player from Bergamo who this time fails to engage the cross of Patrizia Panico. At the third attempt Mely-bomber does not fail the appointment with the goal: Paliotti, launched on the right by Panico, tries a cross-shot, the Sardinian defense tries to save but irrupts Gabbiadini that bag. The Eurospin Torres tries to raise his head but the only danger comes from the former round Raffaella Manieri who comes close to head enviable by sending the ball to the side. You go to rest with the slightest advantage of Gialloblù. In the second half Bardolino Verona gives the feeling of being able to close the game from one moment to the next, but the attacking scaligere fail a considerable number of occasions: Valentina Boni (pictured on the left while receiving the cup from the hands of President Levati) version assist-women offering delicious passages to Paliotti and Gabbiadini inaccurate in the conclusions. The Bardolino Verona is then covered by substituting Gabbiadini and Boni with Toselli and Stefanelli. The Eurospin Torres wobbles but does not fall, apprehensively watching the Gialloblù athletes when in the final race Fuselli reaches a breath from the conclusion. At the final whistle the Veronese victory is still overwhelming, Gabbiadini's goal gives the club Gialloblù yet another national success and launches the Veronese team to the league, the Italian Cup and Uefa Women's Cup. The President of the Women's Football Division Natalina Ceraso Levati, rewarding the winner, wanted to show all the satisfaction for the happy success of the event: "This final played in front of a lot of public was a real sports party demonstrating that the movement female football has now become fully aware of its capabilities and potential. We look at the technical and competitive level achieved by these girls, is the result of a painstaking work done by the companies that have had the merit of growing these players. Only with a full and proactive collaboration between the clubs, the Division, the National Amateur League and the Federation is it possible to exploit the enormous potential of women's football ". President Levati closes with a wish: "A lot has been done so far but there is still a lot to do, only giving continuity to the work carried out so far we can all grow together to better enhance the women's football" RAISPORT PIU 'that transmitted the live match will re-propose the race on the night between Saturday and Sunday at 3,20. Delayed commentary on TELEARENA on Sunday at 21,05. Coming soon: The chronicle and interviews on our web-TV The race table: BARDOLINO VERONA - EUROSPIN TORRES 1-0 Network: 35 'pt. Gabbiadini Bardolino Verona: Coach Massimo Albrigo 1 Brunozzi 3 D'Adda 5 Sorvillo 8 Gabbiadini (80 'Toselli) 9 Panico 10 Boni (cap.) (86' Stefanelli) 11 Parisi (58 'Girelli) 15 Slaves 16 Paliotti 19 Tuttino 21 Motta Available: 2 Sometti, 4 Toselli, 6 Ledri, 14 Lonardi, 18 Picarelli, 20 Stefanelli, 23 Girelli Not available: Barbierato (injury recovery). Renato Longega will not sit on the bench as he is disqualified. Eurospin Torres: Manager Salvatore Arca 1 Cupido 2 Manor (52 'Fadda) 3 Valenti 4 Strings 5 Tona 6 Soro 7 Sundays 8 Cortesi 9 Fuselli 10 Pintus (63' Sardu) 11 Iannella Available: 13 Carboni, 15 Fadda, 16 Coluccini, 17 Mattu, 18 Sardu Not available: - Referee: Mr. Mauri (TN) Sunny day, temperature over 30 °, terrain in perfect condition. Spectators present: 1000 about in the stands the president of the Women's Football Division prof.ssa Natalina Ceraso Levati, the former footballer Pierino Fanna, the councilor for sport of the City of Verona Federico Sboarina, the councilor for sport of the town of Bardolino Francesco Marchiori, the CT of the female national team Pietro Ghedin. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- CHRONICLE 1 ° TIME: Beginning of the game hours 17: 08 3 '- Boni's raid that from center area ends high above the crossbar. 5 '- game still without important points, with a game that takes place mainly in the center of the field. It's hot and this could affect the athletes' hold. 10 '- Situation always blocked in the central areas of the field with few emotions. The teams are studying. 14 '- Double attempt of the Eurospin Torres that ends towards the door defended by Brunozzi without creating problems to the extreme defender Gialloblù. On the first conclusion of Domenichetti Brunozzi deflects in the corner. 16 '- Eurospin Torres that controls the forward yellow-blue well. 18 '- Nice exchange in speed ttra Motta and Paliotti with the latter that puts in the middle an inviting ball that Gabbiadini crushes head. Out of little. 21 '- Bardolino Verona conquering meters; beautiful action by Gabbiadini, a Boni ball that fights Panico free in the area. But it is offside. 28 '- After some blaze yellow-blue the game returns to be fragmented and confused. It is not a spectacular match but very hard-fought 29 '- From a long revival of Parisi, Panico flies on the wing and puts in the middle a nice ball for Gabbiadini who comes in late by a breath. 29 '- Eurospin Torres counter-attack with a shot by Fuseli who is countered by D'Adda. 35 '- GOOOL of Bardolino Verona. Gabbiadini! Panic launches Pailiotti face to face with Cupiido leaves a weak shot that is dampened by the defense of the Eurospin Torres right on the feet of Gabbiadini that from a few steps, in the slip, puts on the network. 39 '- Eurospin Torres that tries to react but the diffused Gialloblù check it out well. 42 '- Confusing phases of play. The heat certainly affects the athletes. 44 '- Former Manieri fails to effectively manage a beautiful cross coming in from the right, led by Domenichetti. 45 '- You continue to play. 46'- After a minute of recovery teams in the locker room with gialloblù - today in blue shirt - leading to a zero net thanks to the goal of Melania Gabbiadini. CHRONICLE 2 ° TIME: Beginning of the second half 18 hours: 07 1 '- Panico header, just above the crossbar. 5 '- Boni for Paliotti that alone in front of Cupido shoots side by side. 7 '- Change for the Eurospin Torres: out of the former Manieri, inside Faddda 8' - Still captain Boni that with a touch filtering puts Gabbiadini alone in front of the goalkeeper. Defense anticipates a breath. 13 '- Change for Bardolino Verona: Parisi comes out. Girelli in his place. 16 '- Gabbiadini from outside the area starts a torpedo that Cupido does not hold. Boni arrives and bags, but the referee, signaled by the linesman, cancels for offside. 16 '- Paliotti alone in front of the goalkeeper is retaken the shot from the extreme defender of the Eurospin Torres. 18 '- Change for Eurospin Torres: off Pintus inside Sardu. 23 '- Beautiful raid on the D'Adda range that puts in the middle for Panico who does not control well and is anticipated by Cupid. 23 '- Gabbiadini from the left starts a cross shot that comes out just above the crossroads. 25 '- Still Gabbiadini from the left puts in the middle an inviting ball that Stracchi does not turn into an own goal. 32 '- Gabbiaddini served by a long throw towards Cupid's door, but unbalanced, unable to address the best. 33 '- Ammonita Girelli for a failed intervention. On the subsequent punishment of Tona, Brunozzi blocks without problems the strong but central shot. 35'- Panico 35 'high shot - Change for Bardolino Verona: outside Gabbiadini inside Toselli. 40 '- Bardolino Verona fails to realize the numerous offensive actions created. 41 '- Change in Bardolino Verona: outside Boni inside Stefanelli 43' - Girelli in contrast recovers ball and with a delicious filtering served Paliotti. Ball slightly too long. Cupido in output recovers. 44 '- Cupid in the glide anticipates Panico at the time of shooting. 45 '- You continue to play. Bardolino Verona in ten for Schiavi's injury. Albrigo has sold out. 49 '- IT IS FINISHED !!!! BARDOLINO VNCE THE 2008 SUPERCOPTA ITALIA THANKS TO THE GOAL OF MELANIA GABBIADINI AT THE 35 'OF THE FIRST TIME !!! The published images, unless otherwise indicated, belong to ASD CF Bardolino Verona. It is therefore forbidden to publish or reproduce the photographs without the consent of the company to be requested EXCLUSIVELY by email at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The contents are reproducible, except for the obligation to cite the source The photos are made, unless otherwise indicated, by FotoLiborio Verona.
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