Friday, January 24 2020
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BARDOLINO-TORRES: THE CHALLENGE CONTINUES Closes the market, the last preparation and officially opens the 2008-2009 season with the "infinite challenge" between Bardolino and Torres. After the long fight in the league and the intense challenges in the final of the Italian Cup, the two top-teams of last season are found to play for the first seasonal trophy: the Super Cup. Bardolino returns to the field with a potential (on paper) greater than last year and with clear ideas for the year that is about to start: Scudetto, Italian Cup and emulate or even improve the past season in the UEFA Women's Cup. supplies (Magrini, Vicchiarello, Manieri) replaced by excellent purchases (D'Adda, Schiavi, Paliotti, Parisi) to go to create an even stronger team, able to win in Italy and with the aim of making Europe understand that counts, that even the Italians can say their own and that the wonderful adventure of last year was not a coincidence. The Torres who after the second place in the league and the victory in the Italian Cup, was just one of the teams that have benefited from the sale of Garda, going to engage the Marches Manieri who will meet his former companions and certainly will try to show off everything its value that has not always been able to prove in that of Verona. Together with Manieri arrived on the island Stracchi from Fiammamonza and other valid grafts that have given back to Torres an even more Sardinian soul. Even the islands have had their losses: Conti, passed to the Levant; Penzo, who married in Venice; Crespi, sold to Florence. These are the most important sales that have certainly changed the face of this team that after the victory in Italy Women's Cup (last round last year), will try to reopen its season with another success. Bardolino and Torres who put 5 Supercoppe on the court: 3 for the Verona (2001-2005-2007) and 2 for the sardines (2000-2004), so more reason for the sardines go to balance the accounts, as well as redeem the hoax suffered in the league. It will therefore be a game not to be missed, but all those who will not be able to reach the Calmasino stadium on Saturday 6 September must not despair; in fact, the game will be broadcast live by RaiSatpiù, a demonstration that maybe even the women's football is slowly getting the space it deserves, even if it is still too little. Final Italian Super Cup - Saturday 6 September BARDOLINO VERONA - EUROSPIN TORRES Municipal Stadium Belvedere - Bardolino Calmasino h.17.00 Mario Villa
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