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2007 / 2008 Playoffs

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CHIASIELLIS vs TRENTO 4 - 2 THE GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT DOES THE GREETINGS IN PREVIEW TO THE TRENTO The best-selling Italian sports newspaper in an article, released today, dedicated to the sport of the Trentine companies, a mistake that is backward with two days in advance of the Trento female team in A2. The clash instead of salvation will be played Sunday 11 May at 15.00 at the Municipal Stadium of Longarone. The least we can ask the prestigious newspaper "Gazzetta dello Sport" is to send an envoy to watch the playoff match ... Playoff also in A2 between Ludos Palermo and Villaputzu The first leg saw the Palermo team win 3 for 2. Sunday 15.00 hours at the Fincantieri sports field in Palermo the return.

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THE GOING OF THE SALVATION SPARKLING TO REMAIN IN A / 2 SORRIDE AT THE PALERMOANTS FOR ASD LUDOS PALERMO VERY IMPORTANT VICTORY FOR 3-2 ON THE VILLAPUTZU FIELD THE RETURN IS DISPUTED TO THE FINCANTIERI SUNDAY 11 MAY AT THE 15 A great test of ASD character Ludos Palermo allows Sicilians to overturn a heavy 2-0 initial and win for 3-2 the go ahead of the play-off to remain in Serie A / 2 on the field of Sardinian Villaputzu. Finished under two goals as a result of the goals of Enache at 28 'and Mattana at 49, the Palermo coached by Antonella Licciardi shorten distances with Orlando at 59' on penalty and tie at 63 'with Varia. The winning goal scored him to 93 'after failing at least three other clear scoring goals. A match with two faces that played by Asd Ludos Palermo on the field of Quartu S. Elena. The Sicilian team is initially surprised by the game system adopted by sardines who can find the advantage at half an hour thanks to the Romanian Enache jumping Di Fiore and puts behind Tusa. The ball of the game in the first part of the game remains in the hands of home players, but apart from the goal they can no longer make themselves dangerous.



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