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Season 2007 / 2008


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In the last round of the championship the red and white girls want to forget the last bad trip and close a good championship in which they started only for salvation and ended with a nice sixth place. Opponent now relegated but eager to appear well but the EDP in a few minutes despite the absence of important or holders on the bench imposes their game and secures the result. At the first minute immediately in the network Tagliabracci launched by Rosciani, enters the area and exceeds the goalkeeper with a nice lob. Two minutes after Mastrovincenzo's great shot was saved in the corner by the extreme Lecce, the protagonist of the match with continuous miracles but who is again beaten tenth by Tagliabracci who slips on Zambonelli's punishment in the guest area and head bag. At the twentieth Zambonelli alone in front of the goalkeeper who exits the rebound as a few minutes later on shooting the tip jesina saves in the corner. Netta is the superiority of Jesina and the opportunities flake until the end when Mainardi enters the area but is landed resulting in a penalty kick made by Zambonelli.

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Dear ACFD Venezia 1984 Egr. President Franco Saramin epc To all group companies A I would like to congratulate you and all your technical staff and especially with your players for the victory of the A2 Series Championship and therefore your promotion in the top flight for next season. . I am honored to have participated with my team in this group, which has seen the participation of many excellent teams, so much so that the Championship has decided only the last day at the photo finish, this confirming the balance of values ​​demonstrated on the field from many companies, unlike the other round of the Championship itself A2 Series, where already at 5 days from the end a team had mathematically won the respective round with consequent promotion in Serie A. A group of ours, which saw honor on the field those values ​​of loyalty and sportiness that should always distinguish our sport, and that some gossips had questioned. A compliment therefore to your Company for the achievement achieved, and to all the other teams that participated, for their commitment and their fairness demonstrated both on and off the pitch. A wish for the next season. The President Giuseppe Cesari


Brescia - Como 3-2

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On the last day of the A2 series Brescia between the walls of the city deservedly exceeds for 3-2 the Como classifying at the end in third place with 34 points behind the Venice that surprisingly won the championship by imposing against the Graphistudio Campagna and taking advantage of the slide former leader Mozzanica, so according to two lengths, in Sampierdarena. For the record well part of the Brescia appears pimpante unlike the opponents who seem to doze off. In the first minutes before Manzoni then Gritti shudder in Ranzani. At the 17 'Manzoni touches the post. The Brescia is the race but it is the Como to take the lead at 25 'thanks to a cross-shot by De Carli who mocks Carminati and is 1-0 for the Como. From here it eventually climbs into the Miranda chair but his assistants are not brought to a successful end by Vezzoli then from Gritti and so we go to rest with the 1-0 very generous guest. In the second half the script does not change with the Brescia master of the game that at 7 'wastes a wonderful opportunity with Gritti that served by Miranda and bypassed the goalkeeper kicks incredibly to the side with the empty front door. Enter Rajka Previtali and the defense of Brescia passes to three with the game that is affected even more positively. The scoring action flakes for the landlords who at 18 'with Gritti skilled to take advantage of an action to reach the well-deserved 1-1.

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Serie B Gir. IS

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The curtain fell on the cadet of the gentleness of football. With the twenty-second day also group E closes the doors by assigning the last verdicts. The already well-deserved promoted in A-2 Calciosmania Napoli ended the season with the final home catwalk by beating Campobasso by measure while Atletic Montaquila was second-placed thanks to 1 at home 1 against Acese. The third step of the podium, however, goes to the veteran Salernitana who passes for 1 to 0 away just the Udv Argentanese. Esaresi who have not succeeded in the task of ending the season with a flourish. For the 1 1, however, the Cascina Cus Cosenza, Conte goal, on the field of the already relegated Real Marsico and celebrates the salvation by placing in fourth position. In fact, the cussine, hand in hand, were already saved even in the case of a standoff prevented by virtue of the success of the Center East Naples that on the friendly ground in the direct match, version playoff, has beaten 1 0 Pink Sport Time Bari that it is the third relegated in C like the regressed R. Marsico and Cavaliere Matera.

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THE JEWEL FLORENCE SAYS GOODBYE TO SERIE A Defeated by a strong Turin, they leave the maximum series after two years of stay. After two years of stay in the top flight, Gioiello Firenze finally says goodbye to the Serie A. The purple lineup was defeated by 2-0 away from Turin, which proved to be stronger as the championship wished and did not make any discounts. The advantage in the first half at 9 'with a penalty, perhaps generous, granted for a crushing of Benucci to Zorri the grenade doubled to the 18' of the shot with Sodini author of a prowess from distance. Also a victory of the rest to the purple formation would not be enough by virtue of the draw for 2-2 of Chiasiellis on the ground of Reggiana and the victory of Trento for 2-0 matured already in the first 45 minutes of play in Friuli with Tavagnacco. The viola championship ends with the balance of 4 victories, 3 draws and 15 defeats with the gilted team that closes as the rear end of the standings, with two coaches who led the team that went to sign with only 6 athletes on 22 who have set foot at least once in the field.

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Turin - The jewel of Florence 2 - 0

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The Turin closes this troubled season with a convincing victory and that bodes well in view of the return of the second round of the Italian Cup against Fiammamonza. The first half beyond the goal there is little else to recount, except when at the 6 'min.Maura Bruno alone in front of the door blatantly missed the shot by sending out the ball. So here we are at 8 'min. when Tatiana Zorri received a ball in the area, she broke away from the purple defender, but was mowed off. It is impeccable rigor! and Zorri herself takes care to beat it. The whistle blows and the grenade from the eleven meters to the right of the goalkeeper who senses the shot, but does not get there. It is 1-0. From that moment begins on the part of our girls a clear dominance over the opponents, but failing to ever be dangerous at the door. The second half of the grenade is quite different: already at the 3 'Sodini touches the goal with a strong low shot that ends just outside and after two dangers run within two minutes we arrive at the 2-0: we are at 18 ', Simona Sodini receives the ball in the area, the firm turns and pulls in the door a fireball as strong as precise that becomes learnable for Frediani.

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FOR THE ASD LUDOS PALERMO SALVATION PASSES FOR THE DOUBLE CHALLENGE OF THE SALVATION OFFICIAL DOES NOT HIT 2 GOLDI BUTTACCIO, PALERMITAN DEFEATED AT HOME FROM THE SPA CERVIA FOR 4-2 TO CONTINUE THE PERMANENCE IN A / 2 TO THE SICILIANS WILL BE THE SARDINAS OF VILLAPUTZU the ASD Ludos Palermo to avoid the playoff salvation on the last day of Serie A / 2 (Group B). The Palermo were defeated at home for 4-2 from Terme Cervia. The networks that decide the match bring the signatures of Anselmi al26 ', Buttaccio at 45', Di Marco at 73 ', Magnanti at 85', Pasquinelli at 92 'and still Buttaccio at 93'. The simultaneous defeat of the Imola Packcenter at home against Roma allowed the Sicilians to keep the third-last place and earn the chance to play for the salvation in the match, with a round trip, against the Sardinian Villaputzu. The first goal ball happens on the feet of Asd Ludos Palermo after about ten minutes. Buttaccio collects a long throw from his half of the field, enters the area from the right, but his shot is deflected for a corner. At the 23 'Cervia's replica with Di Marco that diagonally enters the area, but his conclusion is parried by Tusa.


Atalanta - Fiammamonza 2 - 2

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A penalty wounds offside perishes In the last race of the season the Nerazzuras overturn the temporary advantage targati Daniela Stracchi elegantly turning two penalty granted. The Fiammamonza reaches the final draw when Stracchi from twenty meters explodes an unsuccessful conclusion considering also the fact that the Bergamo defender Filippi has seen himself covered by players from Brianza in an obvious irregular position. The race director Lorenzo of the section of Lodi, in the company of the first line assistant Andresi, do not repent the sensational position by granting an 2-2 that at the same time appears fair. The Atalanta closes the season centering his second draw of the championship (the other obtained in Friuli on the field of Chiasellis now forced to the playoff salvation with Trento), a division of the post that at least allows the atalantine to close the season with a positive result. One thing is certain: when Atalanta wants to play it is able to do it regardless of the value of the various antagonists. The Fiammamonza fact is one of the most highly rated teams in the top flight, but none of those present at the municipal of Almenno San Salvatore saw a real difference in values.

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