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Season 2007 / 2008

Riozzese - Sezze 4-1

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Cyclone Bonetti crashes on Sezze and brings the Riozzese one step away from his first historic Italian Cup semi-final. The gap between the two teams was too wide (two categories of difference, the Lazio militates in Serie B) in order not to expect a different outcome. The formation of Lanzani has however had the merit of forcing from the outset immediately putting under the opponents that for the first 45 minutes could not help but try to contain, however with poor results, the fury rosanero.Che the day was not of the most favorable for the Lazio team it is understood already after 3 'when Bonetti is prompted by Piccinno and with an authentic stone call to the fists with the fists kicked the host. A minute passes and the Riozzese takes the lead thanks to Bonetti who ..

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Mozzecane - Trento 5 - 1

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UNDER 19 DEFEATED !!! The Primavera training of Trento Dolomiti, does not access the National final phase due to two defeats in the last two meetings with Mozzecane and Vicenza. Defeat for 5 - 1 from Mozzecane, which to overtake the Trentine in the standings, fielding half the first team; in addition to this also problems in the Trento home with training reduced to minimum terms due to various injuries. Defeat also with Vicenza for 2 - 0 where by now the girls of Gadda were no longer with the head and the concentration has failed. It therefore remains the satisfaction of an excellent third place won, and the confirmation of a training that in the future will take away many satisfactions !!

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Trento, Under 14

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UNDER 14 LIES UNBEATABLE !! 3 points in the last two games, and defeat of measure for 1 - 0 with the Laives, this is the report for the formation of Manuela Dorigoni who loses the unbeaten in the championship but always maintains the first position in the standings. On the last day tennis score for the Trentino against the Aldein girls; 6 - 0 signified with a hat trick of Pignatelli, and a network each of Tonelli, Aiello and Giuliano.Netta the supremacy of Trentino.Next meeting at home against Gargazon.

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The Bardolino mortgage the semifinals. Last fatal minutes for Tavagnacco The Friuli team plays on a par, but is punished by the episodes Bardolino Verona is confirmed as the best training of the lot inflicting a peremptory 6-1 to Tavagnacco which is well over half a semifinal of the Italian Cup. For the Friulians a result to say the least penalizing the excellent first time played and the opportunities created by the team of Mr. Bearzi. The Gialloblu played like the Italian champions for long stretches of the race and came close to draw with Mauro who hit the goalie goalkeeper. On the reversal in front of the Veronese have found the 3-1 with Gabbiadini and, in a final-nightmare where the Tavagnacco has sinned personality failing to manage the result, the Venetians have been targeted three times in ten minutes. Speech closed qualification and great regret among the yellow and blue for a race that had to be managed from the perspective of the double comparison and that instead proved decisive. The return to Friuli becomes, at this point, a mere formality.


Torres - Rome 0 - 1

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Rome wins but in the next round the sardines are qualified. Lively and hard-fought race with two high-level teams in the field. Winning with Torres was only successful at Bardolino, but this Rome is growing day after day and makes fans tasteful, worthy races of the newly conquered series A. Both teams want to win and give life to a good race. Many occasions created both from Sardinian and Roman and the goal comes when now, for the balance shown in the field, no one expects more. Lively and hard-fought race with two high-level teams in the field. Winning with Torres had only succeeded in Bardolino, but this Rome is growing day after day and makes fans tasteful, worthy contests of the newly conquered series A.

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Lecce - Carpisia 2 - 1

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THE WALK OF CARPISA NAPOLI CONTINUES IN CUP ITALIA, THURSDAY TORRES ARRIVES Despite the defeat of measurement in Lecce (2-1) the Neapolitan team arrives in the quarterfinals Thursday in Naples will face Torres, second strength of the A1 series championship. Wednesday friendly match at "Denza" against the American university "BYU" Painless defeat for the Carpisa Napoli in Lecce. The team of president Carlino has faced away the Domoconfort, just relegated in Serie B, losing 2-1, but without ever endangering the qualification, mortgaged the first leg with a homemade 3-1 that had given wide margins of security. A game conditioned by the conditions of the field and the weather: it was played on a field in the ground and with a strong wind that has created many problems for athletes, and especially for goalkeepers. The two goals of Lecce, in fact, were the result of strange trajectories caused by strong gusts, which have deceived the number one of the Neapolitan lineup. The "tartarughine", passed away after a few minutes, have held the ball of the game reaching the same with the Pirone bomber, while suffering, at the end of the first fraction, the new advantage of Puglia. In the second half, however, the usual amount of play ground by the Neapolitan left the goalkeeper, Di Parma, and consequently the qualification was achieved without suffering.

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THE GOING OF THE SALVATION SPARKLING TO REMAIN IN A / 2 SORRIDE AT THE PALERMOANTS FOR ASD LUDOS PALERMO VERY IMPORTANT VICTORY FOR 3-2 ON THE VILLAPUTZU FIELD THE RETURN IS DISPUTED TO THE FINCANTIERI SUNDAY 11 MAY AT THE 15 A great test of ASD character Ludos Palermo allows Sicilians to overturn a heavy 2-0 initial and win for 3-2 the go ahead of the play-off to remain in Serie A / 2 on the field of Sardinian Villaputzu. Finished under two goals as a result of the goals of Enache at 28 'and Mattana at 49, the Palermo coached by Antonella Licciardi shorten distances with Orlando at 59' on penalty and tie at 63 'with Varia. The winning goal scored him to 93 'after failing at least three other clear scoring goals. A match with two faces that played by Asd Ludos Palermo on the field of Quartu S. Elena. The Sicilian team is initially surprised by the game system adopted by sardines who can find the advantage at half an hour thanks to the Romanian Enache jumping Di Fiore and puts behind Tusa. The ball of the game in the first part of the game remains in the hands of home players, but apart from the goal they can no longer make themselves dangerous.


The Punto on the B series Girone E

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With the twenty-second day also the group E of B Women has closed its doors by assigning the latest verdicts. The already deservedly promoted in A-2 Calciosmania Napoli ended the season with the final home runway beating Campobasso by measure while Atletic Montaquila was ranked second thanks to 1 1 home against Acese. The third step of the podium, however, went to the veteran Salernitana who has passed for 1 to 0 away just the Udv Argentanese. For the 1 1, however, the Cascina Cus Cosenza, Conte goal, on the field of the already relegated Real Marsico and celebrates the salvation by placing in fourth position.

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The Torino comes out of the Italian Cup, but head on. With important defections from the holders (Pasqui, Gueli and Pisano), Mr. Padovan deploys the best possible training available, bringing the three spring on the bench. The result of the first leg (0-1) made to hypothesize to a Torino, in that of Monza, all heart and determination ready to overturn the first 90 minutes; ready and after just 4 minutes on the shot of Sodini (powerful, but unintelligible) the goalkeeper let slip the ball on which he attacked the Bonansea that kicked the network 1-0. Boato of the many supporters grenade in the stands and re-opened qualification. The people suffered the blow at the psychological level, but every time they sank were as dangerous as the 11 'when Stracchi underweight kicked a little over the crossbar or as 15' with Greek striking head but sent the ball to the side of the pole. The only timid offense in attack, the grenade, gave it to the 28 'when a shot (without too many claims) of Sodini ended in the arms of the goalkeeper. The FiammaMonza from then on went to the boarding, but the Caravilla was transformed into "WanderWoman" saying no to shots aimed at now to scream at the tie of local fans. 31 ': punishment in the area of ​​Franchini, deflection of head of Paliotti and parade of our number one. 36 'another header this time of the Greek and wonderful deviation in the corner of Caravilla.

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