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Season 2007 / 2008


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CUP ITALIA, SEMIFINAL FORWARD: THE GIALLOBLU 'SET FOR 1 TO 0 THANKS TO THE PATRIZIA PANICO ENGRAVING. MARCHITELLI, BETTER IN THE FIELD SAVE MONZA FROM A LITTLE HEAVY PASSIVE. In the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final the girls of Bardolino Verona impose themselves for a zero network on the Fiammamonza that keeps the speech open in key qualification thanks to the parades of Marchitelli, the best of the twenty-two players on the field. In the rain are the Gialloblù to play the game while the Brianza rely on sporadic counterattack. The Veronese are a bit too nasty under the door and you have to wait for the 21 'minute to watch the first real opportunity to score with Patrizia Panico who is the ball that is deflected in the corner by a defender probably with the help of an arm. The bomber of Bardolino and the National team tries again at the end of the first fraction and this time his precise header on the assist of Giorgia Motta leaves no way out to Marchitelli. Strong of the advantage obtained the gialloblù are presented in the field for the recovery with greater determination. Gabbiadini goes off to the right and brushes a ball in the area, Panico is veiled by the accident Vicchiarello who shoots a high breath. After an attempt by Valentina Boni on the set and yet another header of the Panico, the ball of the possible doubling happens between the feet of the Vicchiarello but the Marches a few steps from the door is made to touch the ball in corner of the number one Brianza. Guest goalkeeper who crosses over the angled Gabbiadini ground level. Liborio Photos


National Phase Spring Championship

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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP AT THE QUARTERS With a double of Mascanzoni the baby Gialloblù impose themselves on the Tavagnacco also in the return race and arrive at the quarterfinals where they will face the Reggiana. The Emilian women despite the heavy defeat suffered in Genoa pass the turn. The Atalanta is confirmed stronger than Torres and is candid without half measures for the victory of the title. Florence, Bari and Rome get rid of the opponents. The Florentine confirm the performance of previous years while they reveal a pleasant surprise Bari, Rome, and Mozzecane. In the Big Match between Milan and Turin, the Milanese inflict a heavy defeat to the holders of the tricolor and landed in the quarterfinals. Spring Championship open to every surprise. The big teams of Serie A show that they organize their nurseries very well. The young players who lead to experience in the first team make the difference in the spring matches. A positive note comes from the A2 and B series companies that organize themselves better and better by focusing on the youth sectors despite the difficulties. Those who do not follow this path can not have a future ..

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CHIASIELLIS in A, RETROCEDE the TRENTO Triplet by Piera Maglio. Katia Serra in great condition is not enough at Trento. Chiasiellis immediately ahead of the penalty contested by the opponents. Doubling off the Trentino hopes. Katia Serra accuses twice the distance but the firulane hold the match and close the match on 4 - 2.

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A2 play-off: Ludos Palermo - Villaputzu

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AFTER THE KO IN THE HOUSE ON THE GOING THE VILLAPUTZU IS NOT PRESENTED ON THE FIELD OF PALERMO ASD LUDOS PALERMO GOES TO THE VICTORY TO TAVOLINO. OFFICIAL IN THE WEEK After winning the first leg for 3-2 the Asd Ludos Palermo goes to the victory at the table in the return match against Villaputzu. The Sardinian team did not appear on the field of Fincantieri all'Acquasanta and in the week should suffer a table defeat that in fact will confirm the salvation for ASD Ludos Palermo. The team coached by Antonella Licciardi tomorrow evening will be the guest of the transmission Tifosi, conducted by Carlo Cangemi and Federico Orlando, in the television studios of the Palermo broadcaster Telesud.

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ITALIAN CUP, LARGE 4 IN SEMIFINAL TORRES, BARDOLINO, RIOZZESE AND FIAMMAMZA. The gap with the Torres and Carpisia Calciosmania saves the trip to Sassari. Bardolino overwhelming against Tavagnacco. After the 6 - 2 of the first leg, the Gardesans win in Tavagnacco for 1 - 3. Riozzese defeat at Sezze for 2 - 0 but passes the turn by virtue of winning the first leg for 4 - 1. PALIOTTI SHOWFiammamonza passes the turn. There Reggiana the advantage with Eccher is reached and defeated. In the semi-finals: BARDOLINO vs FIAMMAMONZA and TORRES vs RIOZZESE In the details the comments and game tables.

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EXCELLENT SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP The first leg matches of the Primavera round of 16 have been played today. In Big Match, Atalanta makes Torres collapse for 4 to 1. Turin wins Milan for 1 - 2 and Bardolino proves to be the black beast for Tavagnacco 1 - 9. Florence plays at Modena a quarter. Wins the Reggiana for 4 to 0 against Club Genoa while the Fortitudo Mozzecane wins for 1 - 3 at Chiasiellis. The Apesei Bari from Puglia go on to win away the Ludos Palermo for 2 - 5 and mortgage the transition to the next round as well as the Roma that trims 3 networks Aries. In detail the results with the tables



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CHIASIELLIS vs TRENTO 4 - 2 THE GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT DOES THE GREETINGS IN PREVIEW TO THE TRENTO The best-selling Italian sports newspaper in an article, released today, dedicated to the sport of the Trentine companies, a mistake that is backward with two days in advance of the Trento female team in A2. The clash instead of salvation will be played Sunday 11 May at 15.00 at the Municipal Stadium of Longarone. The least we can ask the prestigious newspaper "Gazzetta dello Sport" is to send an envoy to watch the playoff match ... Playoff also in A2 between Ludos Palermo and Villaputzu The first leg saw the Palermo team win 3 for 2. Sunday 15.00 hours at the Fincantieri sports field in Palermo the return.


Atalanta - Torres

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Spring, national finals begin. On Sunday at 15 at Almenno San Salvatore the Primavera dell'Atalanta receives Torres. This is the first leg valid as eighths of the finals of the national event. The return match is then held in Sassari. The coach Andrea Casu has a staff of undoubted importance also because they are aggregated players who live on a permanent basis in the first team. We refer mainly to Cristina Bonometti, Stefania Zanoletti, Naila Ramera, Alessandra Caio, Giulia Spini, Marianna Rota, Filippi and Andrea Scarpellini, without forgetting Marta Brasi and Michela Teli. These meetings: LUDOS-ACMEI BARI, ARIETE-ROME, REGGIANA-ATHLETIC CLUB GENOVA, GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO-BARDOLINO VERONA, MILAN-TURIN, CHIASIELLIS-FORTITUDO MOZZECANE, CHC DINAMO RAVENNA-FLORENCE.

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The first ninety minutes of the Reggiana Munarini-Fiammamonza challenge ended in a draw In the first leg of the Coppa Italia quarter-finals, the team scored a white goal. The verdict for those who pass the turn is therefore postponed in ten days, Saturday 10 May, when the return match will be staged at the Sada di Monza stadium. In today's race prevails warmth and tactics that make the meeting not too fast but still nice enough. At the beginning the two teams try to play, each with the goal of bringing home all the stakes at stake but with the passing of the minutes it comes to prevail the primary fear of not taking them to play then everything in the next race. And 'so' is born an encounter played mainly in midfield with few real shares from the network and in principle with continuous changes in the face. In flashing tries to make the game Monza but in other moments of the race and 'Reggiana Munarini who takes the midfield and manages the ball. Good girls grenade for a 0-0 against a team that until today was the black beast of Emilia. He did not win but also not to concede a goal is a good start to go and play the passage of the round at Monza. Still all open to access the semi-finals ... then the best win

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Calciosmania - Torres 0 - 7

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TOO STRONG, TORRES GOES TO NAPLES The prohibitive first leg of the Italian Cup quarter-finals leaves no way out to Carpisa, against the second force of Italian women's football. That was a difficult race we knew. And Torres, who came to Naples to play the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup, did not make discounts to Carpisa, overcoming it with a peremptory 0-6, which has definitively extinguished the Neapolitan hopes to continue the journey in the second national competition, after winning the Serie B championship. It will, in fact, be almost impossible to recover in Sardinia, in ten days, the result to go to the next round, but certainly not this negative result to ruin a season that has given so much satisfaction and many records to the Neapolitan team, which at this point can already start planning the next season in the top flight. The "tartarughine" technician, Barbara Nardi, at the end of the race commented: "We expected not to be able to play on equal terms, also because for them this is a primary objective and they came to Naples with the team to complete. We held up well for the first 20 minutes, then there was no more game, also because they showed a really good athletic preparation

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