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Season 2007 / 2008

Final round of the Italian Cup 2007 - 2008

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BARDOLINO vs TORRES The Italian Cup final round between Bardolino Verona and Torres on Wednesday 4 June will be broadcast live on the web site starting from 15,00. Live links also on Radio RCS on the 101,5 frequencies for Verona and the province, 98,6 for the Bassa Veronese, internet On TV a broad summary will be broadcast on-line at 20,25 on Euroitaly- Venetosat 893 Sky channel in clear and Friday at 20,40 on Televeneto.

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BARDOLINO vs ATALANTA and MILAN vs ROMA 4 major national football teams reach the semi-finals. Excluding luxury the Florence that loses penalties after having overturned the result of the first leg against Atalanta. Vince and convince Bardolino eats everything. Milan sly, after eliminating Turin, also wins the return with the Mozzecane and passes the round aiming in no uncertain terms to the Tricolore. In Rome, the Bari does not go beyond a draw with a white net and as a result of the result of the outing goes out head high from the Primavera championship. Rome which presents itself as an unknown factor among the great ones. A championship always very exciting and full of surprises. The final semi-finals see the Bardolino against Atalanta and Roma against Milan play two places for the final.



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THE BARDOLINO OFFS THE FLAME FINAL BETWEEN VERONA AND TORRES BARDOLINO, WEDNESDAY WALK IN CALMASINO, RETURN SATURDAY NEXT IN SARDINIA. The girls of Bardolino Verona impose themselves for three goals to one also on the field of Monza and arrive for the third consecutive season at the final of the Italian Cup where they will meet Torres in the double comparison. In Brianza the gialloblù start with the comfort of the one to zero achieved in the first leg and put in the safe the qualifying speech in just 17 minutes. At the 4 'game Vicchiarello retrieves a ball in midfield and serves Panico. Millimeter opening of the captain of the national team for the accident Gabbiadini who anticipates Marchitelli out and pierces her with a delicious lob. The Veronese doubling comes on a penalty kick brought by Valentina Boni who is sunk by Schiavi at the height of the penalty spot. The same Gialloblù fantasist takes charge of the joke by placing the ball in the upper left corner of Marchitelli. The Monza has a reaction of pride and shortens the distance at the end of the first fraction with Ricco melee exploits a rebound and pierces the innocent Picarelli. Valentina Boni - Photo LIBORIO VERONA



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SPRING: THE "RETURN" OF THE QUARTI After a week in which the teams were able to "rest" in view of the return turn and analyze the mistakes made in the first leg, on Sunday 1 June, we will see again the protagonists of these quarter finals. After an electrifying round off 2-1 for Atalanta, the Bergamo area will visit Florence, where the two strong teams will certainly fight until the end. The Pugliesi of Bari, after the 2 to 2 of the first leg, will go to Rome trying to snatch the access to the semi-finals to the giallorossi. A strong host to Milan Mozzecane, who after a positive 3 1 in the first leg, will certainly try to repeat the result obtained in the championship (1 ^ classified in group A) trying to enter the top four in Italy and maybe return from the final-four with the category trophy. In Bardolino, however, will be the Reggiana to play everything for everything after the 0-3 immediately between the walls of friends. The Veronese certainly start from a result that is more than positive but it should not be a reason for relaxation because in football everything is possible.



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SEMI FINALS of COPPA ITALIA: ALL IN 90 ' Still 90 'minutes for the four semi-finalists of this Italian Cup to be able to gain access to the double final scheduled for the 4 and 7 / 8 June, modified dates to allow the participation of our national team in the "Korea Peace Cup 2008". At the Sada of Monza will be staged the party between Fiammamonza and Bardolino, who after the victory in size (1-0 for the Veronese in Calmasino), will fight to the last, in a challenge that even in previous league has always seen comparisons very balanced between the two teams. In that of Sassari, the vice-champions of Italy of Torres will take the field and the surprise of this cup: La Riozzese. In the first leg, 2 ended up at 1 for the sardines that won in comeback. Torres that benefits from the two goals scored away, but Riozzese who has nothing to lose and will try in every way to hit the historic enterprise to reach the final. So it will be a very exciting turn, which will face the first three classified in the last season and the "newly promoted" Riozzese who played a respectable championship, saving himself and laying the groundwork for another season in the top flight. Everything is still to be decided and Saturday 31 may, we will see if in the final will be a Lombard derby, another "battle" on the Verona-Sassari axis or a "surprise end" ... we can only wait for the field to speak.


Press release AC Riozzese

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Armored calendar dates, Riozzese does not play! The company AC Riozzese communicates through the undersigned Mileto Faraguna, as President and in agreement with the technician Franco Lanzani, the impossibility to participate in the return match of the Italian Cup semi-final 2007-2008 against Torres scheduled Saturday 31 May at 15.00 in Codrongianos (SS). The motivation is given by the objective impossibility to make flight bookings with any company, given the concurrent holiday deck of the 1 June. The various booking attempts date back to before the trip to Sezze (LT) of the 10 May (quarterfinal match), a regular match disputed and honored by the writing company. A unique alternative to be able to meet the armored calendar dates, would have been the booking by sea from Genoa (previous trip Riozzo - Genoa) on Friday 30 May at 22.00 with arrival in Porto Torres the next day and scheduled departure on 1 June at 20.00 from Porto Torres and arrival scheduled in Riozzo on 2 June.

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Spring Championship: so the quarter-finals

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Spring Championship: so the quarter-finals In Almenno is Atalanta who smiles winning 2 goals to 1 against a Florence that after the initial advantage gives in to the Nerazzurri rescue. In the other big-match of the day, Bardolino dropped the trio in Reggio Emilia mortgaging, with a dry 0-3, the passage of the turn. Mozzecane coming out defeated by the clash with the Milan strong; 3 to 1 for the Rossoneri who see the semi-final finish line closer. Everything is open between Bari and Rome that with an 2 2 you will play everything for everything in the return race. Now seven days to recover the energy and to think about the important return races that will give us the names of the 4 finalists of the national tournament. Milan and Bardolino maybe sleep a little 'quieter given the partial obtained today; Florence-Atalanta and Roma-Bari challenges remain open to any result given the balance shown in today's matches. Certainly in the match of the 1 June will not miss the show and then who knows ... maybe we will miss some unexpected twist ... The comments sent by the companies are in the details.

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Closes the sports season of Terme Cervia Calcio Femminile

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Closes the sports season of Terme Cervia Women's Soccer Saturday 24 May Party at the PIneta Club and Sunday 25 participation at the Isabella Rosetti Memorial With the party at the PIneta Club of Milano Marittima, Saturday 24 May, closes the official season of Terme Cervia Calcio Femminile. The link between Cervia Calcio female and the Chicco Cangini Pineta is now consolidated. At its debut in the national championship series B - 5 years ago - the Cervese team linked its name to the Milano Marittima club. With the name of Pineta Cervia the team played for 2 season then there was the change with the Cervia Spa - now called Terme Cervia - but the Pinewood has remained one of the closest partners of the Cervese society. The evening will start at the Pacific Dinner and then continue with the party at the PIneta Club. The party will be the end of the 2007-08 season - which will officially end on Sunday 25 May in Castiglione di Cervia with the participation in the memorial Isabella Rosetti - a quadrangular with Imola (A2), Castelvecchio (B) and Venice (A2 neopromosso in A1). This closes the season for the return of the Cervese team to A2. A definitely positive balance, with a fourth place just 3 points from the second classified. Now we work for the next season with the aim of improving the result obtained this year.

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Spring Championship: the "quarters" arrive!

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Spring Championship: the "quarters" arrive! The national championships of the spring championship reach the quarter-finals after seeing intense challenges and excellent eliminations during the last round. Tavagnacco, Torres, Torino and Chiasiellis greeted ahead of time the train that will lead to the "three days" (20 / 21 / 22 June) that will decide the baby-championship queen team. Access the quarter-finals known as Bardolino, Reggiana, Milan, Atalanta and Florence along with the more than good Rome, Bari and Mozzecane which will give life to exciting games on Sundays of May 25 and 1 June. Certainly the show will not miss and the opportunity to see or review players who took part, along with their respective first teams, the championships just ended; it will also be an important showcase and test-bed for young Italian football promisers who will play all their cards to gain a place in their first team for next season but also to bring their training forward as much as possible. Just a few days at the disposal of the various teams to be ready for Sunday, the day of the first leg, in which the teams involved will take the field with the following pairings:

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Riozzese - Torres 1-2

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The dream of the Riozzese lasts a long time Bonetti deceives the rosanero reached and surpassed by Iannella and Pintus A company only touched that of the Riozzese that, in front of the battleship Torres and in formation largely remodeled, surrendered for a while. After a great first half closed thanks to Bonetti's network, the Rosanero team paid duty in the second part when Torres's greatest experience and habit in this type of match got the better of him. Lanzani, who has to give up Francesca Sironi, Piva, De Vincenzo, Carpino and Pignedoli, recovers her daughter Monica at the last, even if not yet with ninety minutes in her legs and makes her debut from the first minute Claudia Mauri, 15 years and excellent prospects ( but forced to leave the field due to injury after about half an hour) for the future.

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