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Season 2007 / 2008


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THE BARDOLINO VERONA CONQUERS THE 2008 SUPERCOPT! Bardolino Verona scored in the first half with Gabbiadini, wasted several chances in the second half but in the end he won with his Super Cup 4 number! In the stands at least 1000 people to attend the matchThe 2008 / 2009 season for Bardolino Verona opens with a triumph. In front of the thousand fans of the Belvedere di Calmasino the Gialloblù girls, for the occasion with the sky blue courtesy shirt, conquer their fourth Super Cup defeating the Eurospin Torres for 1-0. The challenge between the Italian champions and the winners of the Italian Cup is played in direct RAI on a very hot afternoon. Boni and friends immediately grind game, the new arrivals seem to always in the team Garda, while Mr. Renato Longega disqualified follows his girls from the stands replaced by Deputy Massimo Albrigo. At the 18 'Melania Gabbiadini, well imbeccata by Paliotti, gives the public the illusion of the goal but its gored by close range caresses only the outside of the network. Libori photo



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BARDOLINO-TORRES: THE CHALLENGE CONTINUES Closes the market, the last preparation and officially opens the 2008-2009 season with the "infinite challenge" between Bardolino and Torres. After the long fight in the league and the intense challenges in the final of the Italian Cup, the two top-teams of last season are found to play for the first seasonal trophy: the Super Cup. Bardolino returns to the field with a potential (on paper) greater than last year and with clear ideas for the year that is about to start: Scudetto, Italian Cup and emulate or even improve the past season in the UEFA Women's Cup. supplies (Magrini, Vicchiarello, Manieri) replaced by excellent purchases (D'Adda, Schiavi, Paliotti, Parisi) to go to create an even stronger team, able to win in Italy and with the aim of making Europe understand that counts, that even the Italians can say their own and that the wonderful adventure of last year was not a coincidence.



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CARPISA NAPOLI AT THE SUMMER MEETING IN ISCHIA The team coached by Barbara Nardi will be on the pitch tomorrow for a triangular match with Serie A players; on this occasion the Orodonna Prestigious participation of Carpisa Napoli will be presented to the Meeting Estate of Ischia. The event organized by the Europa 2000 association of the lawyer Franco Campana, which this year reaches the twenty-seventh edition, will also see a female soccer team in the triangular that will be played tomorrow night, at 21, at the "Mazzella" stadium of the Neapolitan island. The event, which will see a team of characters from the entertainment and sports world, including Roma coach Luciano Spalletti and some players, a selection of politicians from Ischia and the Carpisa Napoli, will award at the end of the races from 30 minutes the "Twelfth Man" trophy. The proceeds will be donated to charity to the Caritas Diocesana of Ischia.


Atalanta tricolor spring

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Campionesse of Italy. The Primavera dell'Atalanta conquers the Italian flag over Milan in extra time, sending to the "devil" the temporary advantage of the rossonere. The fantastic setting of the Sinigaglia stadium in Como decides the double of the fantastic Cristina Bonometti who has literally dragged a team out of the distance to success. The difficulties on the bands, added to the low incisiveness of the offensive department, have in fact facilitated the task of a Milan well prepared in the field and in possession of an offensive department with a high level potential. Bonometti (parade of Di Giulio) and Ramera (cross on punishment, thanks to the deviation of Di Giulio) give the first thrills of the national final; Milan responds through the placed of Ferretti without success. Peaks on one side and Cama on the other heat the large audience present, but for the interminable souspance you must get to the recovery where Ferrandi hisses the second pole, while on the other side the referee (mediocre) decrees an unquestionable penalty for knockdown in area; Ferretti transforms from the disk. Subsequently, Filippi anticipates stupendously the outgoing Cammarata and on the opposite side Cecilia Di Giulio emulates his nerazzurra colleague stopping Bonometti. The Nerazzurri heart is rewarded thanks to Bonometti author of a fine execution on the second post that literally explodes the Sinigaglia (players of Rome and Bardolino Verona included) at the 42'della recovery.

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Milan - Atalanta 1 - 2

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Atalanta Tricolore Primavera The Bergamo squared the check for extra time on a nice Milan. In Como the sky is cloudy, but it does not ruin the women's football party that closes the sport season with the final of the spring championship valid for the championship title. At Sinigaglia are Milan and Atalanta to fight in front of a good audience also composed of two teams eliminated in the semifinals: Bardolino and Rome. The two finalists know each other well, given that they shared the spring championship matched up at the top of group A, with a Milan but managed to win it by winning the first place. But here the story is different: dry game, different formations and a motivation that will certainly weigh on the economy of the match. Many applauses welcome the teams at their entrance, which for the occasion wore the t-shirt in support of "Thirty Hours For Life" known charity association.

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Final of the Spring Championship

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IN COMO, WILL BE A FINAL ALL LOMBARDA After two highly acclaimed semi-finals, Milan and Atalanta will play for the finals scheduled for Sunday 15 June at 16.00. Milan defeating Roma for 4 nets at 2, in a game that was perhaps already written before starting with the known strength of the Rossoneri team. The baby-milaniste, after a championship always at the top of the standings, getting the victory in their group, have managed the national phase in a constant way (Turin, Mozzecane, Rome), taking home a single defeat against a Torino that was however already been scrambled in the first leg. Atalanta coming out victorious on Bardolino for 2 to 1, in a race that until the last minute has reserved a good show. The Nerazzurri then reach the "friends" of AC Milan after coming second in the league and having played a national phase only with the milestones of teams in Serie A (Torres, Florence and Bardolino), falling only with Florence in the return race. The two teams, coming from the same group (A) in which they are fighting for the whole season, will find themselves to reaffirm their supremacy (Milan) or "avenge" the joke suffered in the league (Atalanta). It will therefore be a heart-pounding final, where the show will certainly not be lacking, given the high technical rate available to the two teams.

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TWO STEPS FROM THE LAKE ... TWO STEPS FROM VICTORY Weekends of fire by the lake where the final-four of the spring championship will be staged that has chosen the city of Como as the end of this exciting season. In the important stadium "Giuseppe Sinigaglia", a plant known for being the football field Como and therefore showcased in the past of the most famous men's Serie A, the 4 finalists will compete to give an even greater sense to their season and reach the goal that have been pursuing for many months. Atalanta, Bardolino, Milan and Rome have arrived here after months of games and training, with the hope of raising the much sought-after category cup in the skies of Como. Atalanta, who after coming second in the championship has embarked on a rather difficult journey in the national phase, eliminating first the Torres and then after two games at heart-pounding he beat the fort Florence. Bardolino instead, after having outclassed the Tavagnacco, met a modest Reggiana but also had to bow to the Verona power. Milan ...



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LA TORRES IS SET FOR A ZERO ON THE BARDOLINO VERONA IN THE RACE OF RETURN AND SHOW IN SARDINIA THE COCCARDA TRICOLORE Even the Bardolino Verona girls are human beings! After two years of absolute domination at the national level and a great European season, the Gialloblù give the Italian Cup to Torres. The Sardinian team has imposed itself on its field for a zero net in the return leg of the Cup final and by virtue of the two goals scored away from home in the first leg (won by Bardolino for 3 to 2) the rossoblù report in Sardinia tricolor rosette stitched for two seasons on yellow-blue sweaters. The two teams are faced on the synthetic Codrongianos with important absences: Verona without the disqualified Stefanelli and the injured Barbierato, sardines who must do without the Penal and Conti disqualified but recover the defensive pillar Elisabetta Tona. The Bardolino, strong of the small advantage achieved in the first leg, for the first 20 minutes of play fell asleep with a dense web of passes. The most fit among the 22 in the field as in the first leg appears the red-blue striker Iannella that under the watchful eye of the blue CT Ghedin sends high a nice turn on the fly ...



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BARDOLINO vs TORRES 3 - 2 THE GIALLOBLU 'SET FOR THREE NETWORKS TWO ON THE TORRES IN A RACE CHARACTERIZED BY MANY ERRORS. DOUBLE BED OF VALENTINA BONI ON PUNISHING AND RIGORING FOOTBALL. VICTORELLO'S VICTORY GOL. VERDETTO REMAINED AT THE RACE ON SATURDAY IN SASSARI. In the first leg of the Italian Cup final the girls of Bardolino Verona impose themselves for three goals to two on Torres at the end of a game characterized by the great thirst for revenge of the sardines and a Bardolino appeared a bit tired. Torres took the lead at the first opportunity with a great conclusion to the flight of Perelli that leaves no way out Picarelli. The Gialloblù catch the draw at the 21 'with Valentina Boni who exploits in the best way a free kick from a decentralized position: the ball kicked by the Veronese playmaker lowers at the last instant, slumping under the crossbar. At the beginning of the recovery the sardines have a good opportunity with Fuselli who kicks off Picarelli. Panico and Coluccini - Photo Liborio


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