Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Milan - Atalanta 1 - 2

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Atalanta Tricolore Primavera The Bergamo squared the check for extra time on a nice Milan. In Como the sky is cloudy, but it does not ruin the women's football party that closes the sport season with the final of the spring championship valid for the championship title. At Sinigaglia are Milan and Atalanta to fight in front of a good audience also composed of two teams eliminated in the semifinals: Bardolino and Rome. The two finalists know each other well, given that they shared the spring championship matched up at the top of group A, with a Milan but managed to win it by winning the first place. But here the story is different: dry game, different formations and a motivation that will certainly weigh on the economy of the match. Many applauses welcome the teams at their entrance, which for the occasion wore the t-shirt in support of "Thirty Hours For Life" known charity association. The referee Bernasconi starts the game that immediately begins at a very high pace with an Atalanta that starts immediately attacking forcing the Milanians to play mostly in their own half. At 20 ', after a series of failed actions for both teams, it is Atalanta who benefits from a free kick that Ramera kicks under the crossbar getting ready Di Giulio who deflects on the crossbar; ball that remains in the small area where Bonometti, Scarpellini and they can reiterate in the door. Milan begins to grind the game and the game, after a first dominance of the Nerazzurri, returns on a substantial balance in which both teams try various conclusions to the net but did not get the result so much sought. Thus ended the first 45 'on the 0-0 ... after a first fraction in which the rossonere have been able to manage and contain the game atalantino also creating some ball goal. Atalanta returns to the locker room with some regrets for not capitalizing on the best occasions, aware, however, that he had a more enterprising game thanks to the always generous clumsy of Bonometti and a careful and well-built game. Restart the second half with a different Milan, more convinced and gritty that leaves no room for initiatives in Bergamo. At 52 ', Laddaga receives a throw-in, jumps a first opponent but is abruptly landed by Zanoletti; the referee has no doubts and grants the penalty. Ferretti shows up at 11 meters and is not wrong. It's 1 at 0 for Milan. The Rossoneri do not give up and fight on each ball succeeding in having a brighter game than the girls of Mr. Casu who decides to tidy up his team; outside Picchi and Ferrandi for Spini and Pedretti. Atalanta seems to believe it and with the ubiquitous Bonometti tries to worry the Rossonera rearguard, but it is always ready. At 72 'the ball that can close the match ends on the crossbar; cross from the left for Balducci who leans his head for Morelli who shoots on the tall wood keeping Atalanta in play. The Nerazzurts seem to take confidence and with the passing of the minutes become increasingly threatening with the usual Bonometti that is often face to face with Di Giulio who does not let himself hypnotized by the strong blue, neutralizing the advance of the n ° 11 Bergamo. At the 87 'the turning point; still Bonometi receives the ball from the back and after a long run towards the Rossoneri area, soprolende the innocent Di Giulio with a beautiful lob putting the result in a tie when the game seemed to be over. 4 recovery minutes pass but the result does not change; 1 a1, it goes to extra time. The balance between the two teams shows the true value of these players, highlighting all the Milan player Cama and the nerazzurra Bonometti. Matters of these early 90 'the two girls delight the public, the first with beautiful plays and the second with a goal that reignites the smile on the face of supporters atalantini present. So we go to extra-time, where this time it is Atalanta that starts strong, indeed very strong. Bonometti after a beautiful one-two with Ramera unloaded in the door without big success, but will soon be rebuilt. 119 ', Spini from a Bonometti, who after a delicious check in the area, turns and shoots a diagonal ending at the end of the pole; is 1 to 2, between the Milan disbelief and the Bergamo euphoria. Milan seems to accuse the coup allow some space too much for an Atalanta on the wings of enthusiasm continues its "triumphal march". The first half of the Nerazzurri brand ends, but there are still 15 'minutes of suffering for the fans present. Second extra time that starts again under the sign Bonometti, which on developments in a corner, sends a little to the side with a nice header. The rossonere there are not to lose and try the final assault but finding a wall atalantino that prevents Cama and companions to approach the door of the Philippi. Final whistle and it is the Atalanta the winner (1 to 2) in a good race where the two teams have fought throughout the game offering a show worthy for a national final. Atalanta that overall has deserved, showing a continuity of performance that allowed the girls of Mr. Casu to graduate "champions". Milan that despite everything, has proven to be a good team even if certainly has to recriminate the many opportunities created. So Rome and Bardolino third parity, Milan that comes second and Atalanta who can party, "avenging" so the second place in the league just behind the Rossoneri. So applause the winners, but also the other 3 teams that have made this unique "three days" Como. Now a little 'deserved holiday for everyone, waiting for the European Under 19 championship, which will take part of some of the players present in this final-four, in about a month, wishing that our baby-blue can bring up the name of Italy and Italian women's football. Mario Villa MILAN: Di Giulio, Di Giulo (97 'Barosi), Morelli, Balducci (101' Piccinin), Vitale, Pagano, Cama, Ferretti, Russo, Laddaga, Cammarata. Coach: Mr. Giovanni Zambetta Available: Barosi, Piccinin, Florio. ATALANTA: Filippi, Benedetti, Zanoletti, Brasi, Rota, Picchi (59 'Spini), Caio (46' Teli), Ramera, Ferrandi (66 'Perdetti), Scalpellini, Bonometti. Coach: Mr. Casu A Disposition: Hair, Barcella, Teli, Fenaroli, Pedretti, Poeta, Spini. Referee: Mr. Bernasconi (Section of Como). Markers: 53 'Ferretti (M); 87 'and 119' Bonometti (A). Ammonites: Ramera, Teli, Rota (A); Ferretti, Cammarata, Barosi, Morelli (M).
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