Final of the Spring Championship

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IN COMO, WILL BE A FINAL ALL LOMBARDA After two highly acclaimed semi-finals, Milan and Atalanta will play for the finals scheduled for Sunday 15 June at 16.00. Milan defeating Roma for 4 nets at 2, in a game that was perhaps already written before starting with the known strength of the Rossoneri team. The baby-milaniste, after a championship always at the top of the standings, getting the victory in their group, have managed the national phase in a constant way (Turin, Mozzecane, Rome), taking home a single defeat against a Torino that was however already been scrambled in the first leg. Atalanta coming out victorious on Bardolino for 2 to 1, in a race that until the last minute has reserved a good show. The Nerazzurri then reach the "friends" of AC Milan after coming second in the league and having played a national phase only with the milestones of teams in Serie A (Torres, Florence and Bardolino), falling only with Florence in the return race. The two teams, coming from the same group (A) in which they are fighting for the whole season, will find themselves to reaffirm their supremacy (Milan) or "avenge" the joke suffered in the league (Atalanta). It will therefore be a heart-pounding final, where the show will certainly not be lacking, given the high technical rate available to the two teams. Como will therefore be the theater of this match-Scudetto where Rossoneri and Nerazzur will fight until the end to conquer the coveted trophy. All that remains is to compliment the eliminated Roma and Bardolino to still be able to play the final-four and make a "good luck" to the two teams still remained in the race. So, Sunday 15 June at 16.00, all at the Sinigaglia stadium in Como to celebrate with the women's football! Good game (for those who will) and ... win the best! Info: Sinigaglia Stadium - via Sinigaglia 3, Como Mario Villa ATALANTA SPRING AT THE NATIONAL FINAL Tomorrow in Como for the title facing Milan Atalanta-Bardolino 2-1 Atalanta: Filippi, Teli (28'st Benedetti), Zanoletti, Brasi, Rota, Spini, Caio (24'st Pedretti), Ramera, Ferrandi (18'st Picchi), Scarpellini, Bonometti (46'st Poeta). Coach: Casu. Bardolino Verona: Mazzurana, Marai (1'st Gandini), Baroni, Lonardi, Filippozzi, Ledri, Mascanzoni, Vivirito (40'st Zivelonghi), Perobello, Girelli, Toselli. Coach: Bonelli. Referee: Di Nardo di Lodi Networks: 9'pt Ferrandi, 46'st Scarpellini, 47'st Girelli. Como - The Women's Atalanta Spring reaches the national final by exceeding Bardolino Verona. Yesterday on the perfect turf of the Sinigaglia stadium in Como (theater of the finals) the nerazzurre of mister Andrea Casu soon address the race in the right tracks, then suffer mainly in the nerve area allowing the Garda to sting mainly on the right outs. Discrete in the first fraction, definitely subdued in the context of a second fraction where the Gialloblù Veneto have exercised a certain supremacy. This is the key to reading in front of a low-gloss Italy. The beginning promises sparks because Andrea Scarpellini from the left invites Alessandra Caio to the winning line; unfortunately, the number seven rises dramatically from the short distance. The advantage is only postponed due to the uncertainty of the Veronese rearguard; Ferrandi quickly inserts himself, flashing Mazzurana in a low shot. Perebello seems the most formidable in the Gialloblù ranks, even though Mascanzoni and Girelli are very close to the draw; the number seven is at the side of a breath, while Girelli (head shot on the second post) calls Filippi to the great intervention. On the other side the Nerazzurri are limited to conclusions from the middle distance (Ramera, Scarpellini and Bonometti) without success. In the second half Giulia Ferrandi hisses the crossbar. At this point the Gardesana maintain possession of the game without however actually affecting the final act. Those present in the Bergamo faith suffer, Atalanta withdraws its center of gravity. Filippi is masterful in releasing early on the launched Toselli, while Girelli's games are lost at the end. The neo-centered Picchi, Benedetti, Pedretti and Poeta help the rearguard to catch hold of the ball, until Andrea Scarpellini with a perfect diagonal grazing sign the doubling. End of the souspance? No. Ball in the center, in peno recovery, and Girelli halves the disadvantage through a fine athletic gesture from the heart of the area. The suffering returns, the triple whistle on the advance of Bardolino Verona puts an end to the games; Atalanta is in the final. Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon, at the 16, at the Sinigaglia stadium in Como, the atalantines contend the national title to Milan because the Rossoneri prevailed (4-2) on Roma in the other semi-final. Press Office Atalanta Kono ASD CF BARDOLINO VERONA SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP, FINAL-FOUR SHORT TERMINAL IN SEMIFINAL THE ADVENTURE OF THE BABY GIALLOBLU 'DEFEATED FROM THE ATALANTA. Bardolino Verona girls are not the big heart and a second time at the highest level to get the better of Atalanta in the semifinal race of the Primavera championship. On the neuter of the glorious Stadio Sinigaglia of Como Vivirito and companions suffer the first and only seasonal defeat (2-1) and abandon the dream of the final spring-championship. In the very first minutes of the race the Veronese appear a bit intimidated in front of the most experienced Bergamo near the signing at 5 'with Caio who kicks incredibly to the stars from two steps. The black-blue advantage comes a minute later: Ferrandi takes advantage of an indecision of the Gialloblù rearguard and bags the ball in front of Mazzurana. The Lombard formation has a slight territorial supremacy in midfield, but the Veneto starts again to risk hurting. At 25 'the number one atalantina Filippi makes a great intervention going to slash the ball at the conclusion of Girelli. You go to the rest with the bare advantage of Bergamo. Mr. Bonelli throws the young Gandini into the fray and the Veronese team gains in solidity. We expect an Attic projected forward to close the game and instead are the Gialloblù who gradually take possession of the field. At the 21 'Filippi chooses to perfection the time of the low exit anticipating a breath Toselli launched to the network, two minutes later Perobello invites solitary towards the area of ​​Lombard penalty but is stopped for a non-existent game. On the other side is shown the new entry Picchi that is on the side while Scarpellini concludes centrally calling Mazzurana to the easy intervention. At 37 'Cristiana Girelli gets a free kick from the edge. The same Gialloblù striker calls to the difficult intervention Filippi who does not hold but the uncertain race director Anna Di Nardo stops everything for a mysterious attack in the attack of Verona. The danger escaped the Atalanta in the Cesarini area to go to double with Scarpellini who collects the assist from the right and bags from close range. Ball in the middle and the girls in the yellow-blue jersey reopen the meeting: Perobello crosses from the back for Girelli, who controls and pierces Filippi with a precise subtle conclusion. There would be a lot to be recovered but in the four minutes granted the Veronese can not find the necessary twist to bring the challenge to the penalties. The race ends with the victory for two to one of the Atalanta that will face Milan on Sunday in the final for the tri-color spring. To the young girls of Bardolino Verona goes the honor of the weapons and a big applause for an extraordinary championship. THE TABLE: BARDOLINO VERONA 1 ATALANTA 2 Networks: 6 'pt. Ferrandi, 46 'st. Scarpellini, 47 'st. Girelli. BARDOLINO VERONA: Mazzurana, Marai (1 'st. Gandini), Baroni, Lonardi, Filippozzi, Ledri, Mascanzoni, Vivirito (40 'st. Zivelonghi), Perobello, Girelli, Toselli. Available: Gava, Leali, Troiani, Gandini, Zivelonghi, Schiroli. Coach: Pietro Bonelli. ATALANTA: Filippi, Teli (27 'st. Benedetti), Zanoletti, Brasi, Rota, Spini, Caio (22 'st. Pedretti), Ramera, Ferrandi (11 'st. Picchi), Scarpellini, Bonometti. Available: Capelli, Barcella, Benedetti, Fenaroli, Pedretti, Poeta, Picchi. Coach: Andrea Casu. Referee: Anna Di Nardo di Lodi. Assistants: Redaelli of Lecco and Morello di Gallarate. Notes: Sunny afternoon, ground in excellent condition, 150 spectators. Admitted Picchi, 0 recovery and 4 minutes. 5-3 corners for the Bardolino. present in the stands the President of the Women's Football Division Prof. Natalina Ceraso Levati, the secretary of the Women's Football Division Arch. Patrizia Recandio, the CT of the National under 17 Corradini.
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