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BARDOLINO vs ATALANTA and MILAN vs ROMA 4 major national football teams reach the semi-finals. Excluding luxury the Florence that loses penalties after having overturned the result of the first leg against Atalanta. Vince and convince Bardolino eats everything. Milan sly, after eliminating Turin, also wins the return with the Mozzecane and passes the round aiming in no uncertain terms to the Tricolore. In Rome, the Bari does not go beyond a draw with a white net and as a result of the result of the outing goes out head high from the Primavera championship. Rome which presents itself as an unknown factor among the great ones. A championship always very exciting and full of surprises. The final semi-finals see the Bardolino against Atalanta and Roma against Milan play two places for the final. As always, the strongest and most sporting SPRING OF BARDOLINO VERONA WELCOMES THE SEMIFINALS FOR THE TRICOLOR TITLE The girls of Bardolino Verona defeating two Reggiana goals in the return match of the Primavera Championship quarter-finals, keep the seasonal unbeaten and arrive at the final-four for the award of the tricolor title. Strong of the three to zero achieved in Reggio Emilia, the Veronese play smoothly and turn off any ambitions of the comeback of the grenade taking advantage to the 15 ° with the perfect conclusion of Vivirito that from the edge wraps the ball to the right of Morgese. The Reggiana responds with Prost that after taking a cross with a nice conclusion from the right corner of the area, comes to the tie just before the rest by placing the ball under the crossbar. The draw does not satisfy the Gialloblù who return the lead at the start of recovery with Gandini able to place the ball from the long distance on the net. On the other side Prost catches the second personal cross and at 31 'you earn a penalty. Mazzurana's number one Gardener exalts himself by repelling the conclusion from the eleven meters of the same Emilian striker. At 33 'comes the last emotion of a hot and muggy afternoon with the cross centered by Perobello. Bardolino Verona arrives at the final-four of the Primavera championship scheduled from June 13 on Lake Como. THE TABLE BARDOLINO VERONA 2 REGGIANA 1 Networks: 15 'pt. Vivirito, 43 'pt. Prost, 9 'st. Gandini Bardolino Verona: Mazzurana, Marai, Baroni, Gandini, Leali, Ledri, Mascanzoni, Vivirito, Perobello, Schiroli, Toselli. Available: Gava, Filippozzi, Lonardi, Lenotti, Troiani. All. Pietro Bonelli. Reggiana: Morgese, Guareschi, Fragni, Orlandini, Venturi, Cerioli, Giubertoni, Maiola, Faragò, Prost, Parini. Available: Sala, Cimurri, Ricchi, Farina, Casali. All. Referee: Mario Valentino from Verona. Notes: Hot and sunny day, land in perfect condition, 5-4 corners for Bardolino Verona. Roma Primavera for the first time in its history qualify for the Championship semi-finals. The double comparison with Bari (2 to 2 on the way out, 0 to 0 the return to Rome) says that the Giallorossi are one of the first 4 Italian teams. The milestone reached by the training coached by Marsili and Trovato is nothing short of fantastic if we consider that the other three finalist teams are called Milan, Bardolino and Atalanta. The many spectators present (lots of guests) witnessed an exciting race and full of scoring opportunities on both sides. Both the Rome, which also hit three stakes, that the Bari went very close to the marking several times. The match ended with scoreless goals, but the result rewards the Giallorossi of Marsili and Trovato for goal difference. Great celebrations at the end of the meeting for the girls of Rome who see approaching the realization of a dream after a year of great commitment. The talented young baresi come out of the scene head-on, without ever losing a game. From the 13 to the 15 June in Como the semi-finals: Roma-Milan and Bardolino-Atalanta. ATALANTA SPRING AT THE NATIONAL SEMIFINALS Florence-Atalanta 2-1 (1-3 dcr) Florence: Leoni, Auletta, Moretti, Benucci, Longinotti, Guagni, Parrini, Orlandi, Barreca, Magni, Rizzo. Coach: Perini. Atalanta: Filippi, Teli (30'st Benedetti), Zanoletti, Brasi, Rota, Ferrandi, Ramera, Scarpellini, Caio, Bonometti, Picchi (15'st Spini). Coach: Casu. Networks: 25'pt Bonometti, 33'pt and 47'st Barreca Firenze - Atalanta at the national semi-finals. The Nerazzurri Spring hits an important milestone overcoming the penalties lottery violations. Florence and Atalanta are thick teams, the double comparison "in photocopy" rewards the atalantine which in the first leg were imposed in comeback (networks of Ramera and Picchi). Last Sunday at the San Marcellino in Florence were the viola to overturn the situation succeeding in questioning access to the national semi-finals category Primavera. A network of Barreca in full recovery in fact had momentarily broken the dreams of un'Atalanta that has maintained the necessary coldness (it was not easy given the psychological conditions) to establish itself in the subsequent lottery of penalties (the regulation did not provide for additional). The Atalanta, which had already shown its full value in the first leg, starts off on offense and becomes dangerous with Cristina Bonometti. Florence responds through the initiatives of Barreca which touches the advantage before head (touching the crossbar) and then with a great shot from distance. The Atalanta is still a respectable team, the eleven of Mr. Andrea Casu repeatedly tries to offend, until Bonometti masterfully served by Andrea Scarpellini strikes Leoni with a perfect diagonal. However, Florence soon reached a draw thanks to the Barreca seal. In the second half the Nerazzurri could close the qualification, unfortunately for them Bonometti and Ramera touch the advantage that would have funneled the game in the tracks of tranquility. The offensive attempts of the home team find in their way a defensive rearguard of great thickness with Michela Teli in giant format. The Atalanta holds the field with confidence, suddenly comes what nobody would have expected: the Tuscan advantage (capocciata winning by Barreca). The large public of violet faith celebrates, however the Nerazzurri remain in the penalty lottery where Andrea Scarpellini, Alessandra Caio, Stefania Zanoletti and Naila Ramera give the team the ticket for the semifinals scheduled in Como: the Bardolino Verona opponent. Atalanta Kono press office
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