Spring Championship: so the quarter-finals

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Spring Championship: so the quarter-finals In Almenno is Atalanta who smiles winning 2 goals to 1 against a Florence that after the initial advantage gives in to the Nerazzurri rescue. In the other big-match of the day, Bardolino dropped the trio in Reggio Emilia mortgaging, with a dry 0-3, the passage of the turn. Mozzecane coming out defeated by the clash with the Milan strong; 3 to 1 for the Rossoneri who see the semi-final finish line closer. Everything is open between Bari and Rome that with an 2 2 you will play everything for everything in the return race. Now seven days to recover the energy and to think about the important return races that will give us the names of the 4 finalists of the national tournament. Milan and Bardolino maybe sleep a little 'quieter given the partial obtained today; Florence-Atalanta and Roma-Bari challenges remain open to any result given the balance shown in today's matches. Certainly in the match of the 1 June will not miss the show and then who knows ... maybe we will miss some unexpected twist ... The comments sent by the companies are in the details. THE GIRLS OF VERONA BARDOLINO SET FOR 3 TO 0 ON THE FIELD OF THE REGGIANA WITH THE NETWORKS IN THE RECOVERY OF VIVIRITO, PEROBELLO AND LEDRI. FINAL FOUR NEAREST FOR THE GIALLOBLU '. Sunday 25 May 2008 In the first leg of the quarter finals of the Spring Championship the girls of Bardolino Verona impose themselves for three nets at zero on the field of Reggiana placing a serious mortgage on the qualification to the final four for the award of the national title. After a first fraction of game poor emotions, perhaps conditioned by the sudden heat, the gialloblù are unleashed in the second half. With the entry in midfield of Michela Lonardi the team finds the right quadrature and packs valuable choral actions. Veronese advantage to 15 ': Toselli flies to the right, crossed from the bottom for the prompt deviation of Vivirito that leaves no way out to the Emilian number one. Two minutes later Vivirito calibrates a perfect launch that puts Perobello in the condition to pierce Morgese with a fine lob. After an attempt by Rachel Perobello foiled in the corner, the yellow-blue tris comes to the 24 'with Michela Ledri's Eurogol from outside the box. Sunday in the return of Calmasino Vivirito and companions will be able to administer the important advantage achieved in Emilia to arrive at the final four scheduled on Lake Como in mid-June. THE TABLE: REGGIANA 0 BARDOLINO VERONA 3 Networks: St. 15 'Vivirito, 17' Perobello, 24 'Ledri. REGGIANA: Morgese, Guareschi, Fragni, Orlandini (26 'st. Farago), Venturi, Cerioli (15 'st. Cimurri), Giubertoni (30 'st. Abbate), Maiola, Ricchi, Prost, Parini (17 'st. Room). Available: Farlina, Casali. All. Tigray. BARDOLINO VERONA: Mazzurana, Marai, Baroni, Gandini, Filippozzi, Ledri, Mascanzoni, Vivirito (37 'st. Zivelonghi), Perobello (42 'st. Lenotti), Troiani (12 'st. Lonardi), Toselli. Available: Schiroli. All. Bonelli. Referee: Setti of Reggio Emilia. Notes: Land in good condition, muggy climate, 80 spectators. Recovery: 1 and 2, 2-1 corners for Reggiana. Ammonite Giubertoni and Filippozzi. Race back Sunday 1 June at 15,00 Stadium Belvedere di Calmasino. This is the picture of the quarterfinals: REGGIANA - BARDOLINO VERONA 0-3 ATALANTA - FLORENCE 2-1 MILAN - FORTITUDO MOZZECANE 3-1 BARI - ROME 2-2 ASD CF Press Office BARDOLINO VERONA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.cfbardolino.it Roma Primavera 2 at 2 with Bari. The race was rather difficult with the wolves, initially disadvantaged, who have, with character and determination, rightly equalized with a team very well prepared in the field and equipped with valid elements. The Giallorossi were Fabiana Fusco, who gave the draw of 1 1 to the Giallorossi, and Fabiana Fusco, who with his mark up to eighty-eighth gave victory to Rome. Unfortunately the Bari draw came just two minutes from the end, but the red and white team is one of the teams credited to the final victory. Being the away game, for the Giallorossi the result is quite good, but the return race, which will be played Sunday 1 June at Cinecittà Bettini, will be for strong hearts. The coaches Marsili and Trovato are doing a great job and Roma Primavera is rightly considered the revelation of this season! The Giallorossi girls could hit an important milestone. Rome Press Office Mariella Quintarelli Atalanta-Florence 2-1 Atalanta: Filippi, Fenaroli (15'T Benedetti), Zanoletti, Brasi, Marianna Rota, Spini, Caio, Ramera, Ferrandi (30'st Picchi), Scarpellini, Bonometti. Coach: Casu. Florence: Leoni, Balloni, Benucci, Guagni, Longiotti, Perini, Parrini, Manetti, Binazzi, Barreca. Coach: Perini. Networks: 20'pt Manetti, 1'st Ramera, 44'st Peaks Notes: 450 spectators about Almenno San Salvatore (Bergamo) - Beguinning in front of women's football because Atalanta and Florence give a show to the large audience present at the municipal street of Lemen. Nerazzurre and Tuscany deserve to reach both the semi-finals related to the national finals. One will reach the finish line, the other will come out with his head held high. The strong purple of Mr. Perini start with the foot pressed on the accelerator trying to surprise a formation that is still careful to curb the attempted offense. Florence has the merit of taking the lead when I put the blameless Filippi on the offside line. The frost freezes in the supporters of the Nerazzurri faith, the violets rightly celebrate. The Atalanta, however, counts among its ranks a player who has a show: Cristina Bonometti, young talantino known in the football environment as "Giò". The striker of the national under 19 (Bonometti in fact) catches an unlucky pole following a superb choral action, while Stefania Zanoletti on the placed football finds the roar of ... Leoni, with the extreme masterful purple defender in nullifying the attempt. In the second half Nerazzurri caught a draw soon. On the placed of Bonometti the winning deviation of Naila Ramera appears; 1-1 and big party on the stands of the municipal. Atalanta again forward, Cristina Bonometti is so jersey to hit the pole again in the action built on the Scarpellini-Caio axis. Afterwards Andrea Scarpellini on the action from a corner kick sends over the crossbar. The result of equality seems obvious, the new entry Roberta Picchi decides to reason with the "head" surpassing Leoni right in the final: winning header and overtaking of an Atalanta that Sunday visits the San Marcellino in Florence. Atalanta female press office Luciano Bachetti
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