National Phase Spring Championship

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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP AT THE QUARTERS With a double of Mascanzoni the baby Gialloblù impose themselves on the Tavagnacco also in the return race and arrive at the quarterfinals where they will face the Reggiana. The Emilian women despite the heavy defeat suffered in Genoa pass the turn. The Atalanta is confirmed stronger than Torres and is candid without half measures for the victory of the title. Florence, Bari and Rome get rid of the opponents. The Florentine confirm the performance of previous years while they reveal a pleasant surprise Bari, Rome, and Mozzecane. In the Big Match between Milan and Turin, the Milanese inflict a heavy defeat to the holders of the tricolor and landed in the quarterfinals. Spring Championship open to every surprise. The big teams of Serie A show that they organize their nurseries very well. The young players who lead to experience in the first team make the difference in the spring matches. A positive note comes from the A2 and B series companies that organize themselves better and better by focusing on the youth sectors despite the difficulties. Those who do not follow this path can not have a future .. OCTAVI DI FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP SPRING: GENOA - REGGIANA 4-1 (and 0-4) qualif. REGGIANA BARDOLINO VR - TAVAGNACH 2-1 (9-1) qualif. BARDOLINO TORRES - ATALANTA 2-3 (see 1-4) qualif.ATALANTA FIRENZE - RAVENNA 2-0 (see 5-0) qualif.FIRENZE BARI - LUDOS PA 8-0 (see 5-2) qualif.BARI ROME - ARIES 4-0 (and 3-0) qualif. ROME TURIN - MILAN 2-5 (and 2-1) qualif. MILAN MOZZECANE - CHIASIELLIS 2-2 (and 3-1) qualif.MOZZECANE MATCHING FINAL QUARTERS: REGGIANA - BARDOLINO VERONA ATALANTA - FLORENCE BARI - ROME MILAN - FORTITUDO MOZZECANE BARDOLINO VR - TAVAGNACCCO 2-1 (and 9-1) qualif. BARDOLINO Under the deluge the baby yellow blue Bardolino Verona impose themselves on the Tavagnacco also in the second leg of the second round of the Primavera championship and arrive at the quarter finals where they will face the Reggiana. The Veronese took the lead after just three minutes of the race: a free kick beaten by Schiroli that takes the crossbar, resumed the ball Daiana Mascanzoni that reiterates in the network from close range. Although the wide success of Verona in the first leg does not leave hopes to the Friulians, the young girls of Tavagnacco look for the result of prestige and severely commit the Mazzurana number one in a couple of circumstances. At half an hour guests are outnumbered by the expulsion of Di Rienzo and shortly after they risk to capitulate by Schiroli that within three minutes you eat a goal already made and hits a sensational cross. All await the doubling of Bardolino and instead surprisingly Tavagnacco comes to a draw with Zuliani mocking Mazzurana. In the second half, while the increasingly intense rain puts a strain on the twenty-two on the pitch, the clumsy fourteen-year-old Mascanzoni at 21 'signs the goal of the personal double and the 2 final 1. The spring yellowblue path continues, which will be occupied on the Reggiana field in the quarter-final first leg. BARDOLINO VERONA 2 TAVAGNACCO 1 Networks: 3 'pt. Mascanzoni, 37 'pt. Zuliani, 21 'st. Mascanzoni. Bardolino Verona: Mazzurana, Marai, Baroni, Gandini (12 'st. Zivelonghi), Leali, Ledri, Mascanzoni (45 'st. Salaorni), Troiani, Perobello (45 'st. Menapace), Toselli, Schiroli (42 'st. Mondini). Available: Gava, Vivirito. All. Bonelli Tavagnacco: Bonassi, Vinazza, Corubolo (21 'st. Giusti), Ilic (27 'st. Paca), Di Rienzo, Vergale, Zuliani, Simeoni, Pividori, Usenich, Malduca (17 'st. Sutto). Available: Papa, Cossaro. All. Pavoni. Referee: Cesario di Verona. Notes: Land made slippery by torrential rain. 60 spectators. Espulsa Di Rienzo (Tav.) At 29 'pt. for foul play. Ammonite Perobello, Zivelonghi. With the clear victory for 4 at 1 on the girls of Aries the young Giallorossi trained by Marsili and Trovato have landed in the quarterfinals of the championship Spring and Saturday 24 may face Bari in the first leg. The race with the Aries was double-sided: first time boring. Only 1 zero for the Giallorossi who did not push, strong of the result in their way favorable for 3 to 0. In the second half the girls of Marsili and Trovato began to grind the game and increased the pace of the race finding the way to the goal for other times. The goals have been signed by Diletta Rossi, Silvia Montanari, double-header and Francesca Recchia. Despite being the team of Abruzzo composed of valuable girls, the game saw the Giallorossi master of the field that repeatedly touched other markings. Both coaches and girls were delighted at the end of the match for the qualification obtained. And now they are ready to face the Bari, aware of the fact that they have already achieved a good goal, will try to overcome the next round.
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