Defeat Pink under 19 debut in Group I

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The first day of the Spring national championship sees the defeat of the Pink Sport Time, the pink-blue under 19 must surrender on the municipal “Giovanni Paolo II” of Francavilla Fontana to the Vis that wins for 6-2. The people of Bari take the field with a new lineup with 8 / 11 well at the seasonal debut from the first minute. The technician Cardone chooses Leo and Milan and the most experienced Grimaldi and Rogazione as “out of quota”, Vis presents its star, the attacker Maria Caramia, as “big”, which highlights the high technical gap with the rest of the athletes on the playing field and in just ten minutes it perfectly exploits every gap before serving the advantage ball and then signing the 2-0. The Pink is not going to suffer passively and shows up on the sides of the opposing goal with captain Rogazione that hits a crossbar on a standing kick from over 30 meters. In the moment of greater pressure from the guests, Caramia still punishes Pink by signing two goals that fix the score on the partial 4-0 that closes the first portion of the game. In the second half, Pink was immediately on the net with Rogazione who, served on the offside by a splendid Antonacci lob, beat Mascia on the way out. The defensive errors punish the people of Bari who suffer two other goals bringing the partial on the 6-1. Pink does not give up and finds the second goal with Macina who reiterates on the net, after a good shot by Antonacci who hit the post. In the final, still the dangerous guests with Grimaldi turning a perfect cross from Antonacci from the back, calling Mascia to the miraculous intervention under the crossing of the poles. There is time for another crossbar still hit by Rogazione still on the kick with a long-distance fireball. 6-2 ends for the Vis that with Caramia in the field makes the practice too easy. For the baby baresi a test of appeal already next Saturday 10 November at home against the same age of the Real Marsico. Press Officer ASD Pink Sport Time Gianni Ferrara
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