Friday, 15 May 2015
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Serie B 2007-2008

Domina Neapolis vs. Argentinian UDV

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You can not ask for more to the sky above the municipal stadium of Acerra. The loyal fans have gathered here to watch the first day of return that compares Domina Neapolis and the Argentinean UDV orphans of their president committed, for the good of the team, in the United States. Only 6 'has passed when Ferraro, thanks to its speed, overcomes the imperfect line of the Domina and signs the lead for the visiting team. It will be a tough week for the girls of mister Antonio Romano who will have to review the tactics of offside! In this start of the race the home team seems a bit 'too distracted: it is the 18' and the Argentanian still makes it dangerous on the counterattack but Cuoco saves the possible 0-2 with a 'timely release. After 25 'arrives the first noteworthy action of Domina: the protagonist is Maria Ponticello who flies on the band of her competence and after a series of dribbling is face to face with the opponent's extreme defender, but wastes everything with a tight shot that dies in the arms of the goalkeeper. The hard law of the missed goal, goal immediately, punishes the Domina who collects the 0-2 with a non-learnable shot of Lorena Lorenzo in a clear offside position. The situation is not the best: after the first half hour of play the result is 0-2 and the lionesses will have to face an uphill game. But it is at the moment of greatest difficulty that our girls find the right spirit to get up and after two minutes, on a free kick beaten by Pota, Melissa Cary shortens the distance with a volley in the penalty area.

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Coming to Alexandria, in a thick fog, the first defeat in the league of Montale, despite the girls of Oprandi dominated the whole game pass at the expense of 25 'due to Parodi, being in suspected irregular position, finalizes a launch from midfield placing the ball to the right of Maccari in exit. The momentary draw is reached in the first minutes of the resumption by Fabbri that perfectly lacks a deep launch of Finelli and full neck crosses displacing the goalkeeper. At the end of the joke of doubling alexandrino again with Parodi that at 91 'is quick to pierce the leaders after a beat and rebels in the right area of ​​the edge of the area. Also noteworthy was the 58 'a great parade of Maccari that removes from the intersection an insidious free kick and a pole of Fantoni on header at the 72'. The Modena remain at the top despite the defeat but the Alexandria opened the championship by returning under 3 points. Next engagement between the walls of the house where the Montale hosts Franciacorta.

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After more than a month the series B championship of women's football returns and the Carpisa Napoli resumes its path as it had interrupted it, with a victory. On the first day of the second round the "tartarughine" faced the trip against Cosenza, which created more difficulties than the first leg: "The Cosenza has strengthened compared to September - said the Neapolitan technician, Barbara Nardi - is a very organized team from midfield forward and has a pivot in front of the defense, Postorini, which makes the team run very well ". The challenge was decided between the end of the first half and the start of the second half thanks to Criscuolo's half-hour and Esposito's goals (who took over from Starace in the first half) just two minutes after the start of the second half. The Carpisa suffered some dangerous attacks of the Calabrian during the first half hour, still managing to limit the damage, but in the long run has imposed its own game, creating as usual many occasions from the net, while often wasting in front of the opponent. The trainer of the "tartarughine" emphasizes once again this aspect: "We played well but unfortunately it is Giannoccoli on one occasion that Valeria Pirone, in three other cases, they were in the best position to finish and they failed to score . The lack of clarity under the door remains our fault, but the team plays well and, given also some physical problems, I'm so happy ".


Enterprise all the heart of the grisonsere and the Montale goes KO

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What a match! A great Alexandria can do a real business by imposing the first defeat in the league at Montale. In the midst of a thick fog, the girls of Pino Primavera fight from the first to the last second and tear 3 points to the leaders who thus sees the advantage reduced to just 3 points. The afternoon's mistress is Francesca Parodi who makes a wonderful double with a goal in time and great proof of all, especially the defense that easily holds the impact of an atomic attack like that of Emilia.

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Salernitana- Udv Argentanese Gir- E

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Negative recovery for the Argetanese Udv who lost 3 to 1 against Salernitana. In the usual quagmire of the "Vestuti" of Salerno, for the recovery of the eleventh day not disputed last 16 December due to snow, the exareses are overcome with the only mark of the guest brand fruited by an author of the Grenadines on assists Scerra. So many heavy absences among the Argentine files including Vaccaro, Greco, Carpelli and Boccino that have conditioned the test. Luckily there is no time to think about the defeat because on Sunday the Udv is expected by the new trip to Naples against Domina Neapolis Acerrana. Meanwhile, for the second round of the series C round the match between the Udv, out of the standings, and Real Cosenza will be played on Thursday evening at 20: 30 in Fagnano. And always on Thursday for the B, instead, Campobasso-Real Marsico is recovered while the recovery of the Cascina Cus Cosenza, also of the last 16 December, against R. Marsico is set for Sunday 17 February.

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THE NEW YEAR OF CARPISA NAPOLI DERBY STARTS WITH THE ACERRANE IN THE ITALIAN CUP The season of the team of president Carlino resumes with the fourth commitment in the Italian Cup against Domina Acerrana and with the best wishes of Juventus midfielder Antonio Nocerino Restart the path of Carpisa Napoli, which has so far managed to maintain the seasonal unbeaten, obtaining numerous record in the 2007 calendar year; and the year begins with the special greeting of Juventus midfielder Antonio Nocerino, born in Santa Lucia and Neapolitan doc: "These girls are playing a great season and because I always hope that at least one Neapolitan team can win a championship, I I hope that this fortune can happen this year also to the Carpisa Napoli, so as to have two Neapolitan teams in Serie A in football ". The season of the baby turtles resumes with the fourth challenge of the group O Cup Italy, which has seen so far in the three races played, driving with 9 points the ranking of the group (15 goals scored and only 1 immediately), and that, in case of victory in the next race, will give the team the math qualification in the second round.


Serie B group E

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, in recovery version. After the last round, 16 December, not nearly full, due to snow and bad weather, yesterday was the race between Campobasso and Real Marsico, last November 18, not once again due to snow cause. And precisely because of this already scheduled match the four Sunday 16 December disputes have been staggered over several dates. For the recovery of the eleventh round of the day, in fact, yesterday only Domina Neapolis Acerrana- Cavaliere Matera was disputed, and 1 ended up at 0 for the owners. For the two Calabrian representatives, however, other dates and the Cus Cosenza will have to play their own match against R. Marsico, the 17 of February 2008. The same goes for Campobasso-Calciosmania but also for Salernitana-Udv Argentanian for which the dates of recovery are still unknown.

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Domina Neapolis - Knight Matera 1-0

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After the postponement of last week, Domina recovers the race with Cavaliere Matera, and thus closes the first round of her first championship in cadet. It is the first race to be played after the vicissitudes that took place on the bench of the grenade team, where the athletic trainer Giannotti sits pro-tempore. Despite these, the girls do not leave frightened, but immediately start tenacious ready to play the game. The forward Maione-Balletta pair is very well placed, and is also well looked after by a solid midfield that sees both quality in the interior and in the outside; and indeed it is Maione at the 19 'with a great shot from the distance to give the illusion of the goal. At the 21 'is still an exchange Balletta Maione to put the striker 21 number of Domina in front of the goalkeeper; Valenti's shot, however, ends up on the side. La Domina also produces play on the wings, and at the 26 'is Pierno who becomes the protagonist of a beautiful descent on the left that ends with a shot that the goalkeeper blocks in two stages. After so much suffering finally arrives at the 31 'goal, with Balletta who turns at the edge of the area and leaves an angled shot that dies behind the goalkeeper of Matera. The advantage does not appease the girls led by Giannotti who once again have their finalizer in Maione, but unfortunately the player does not find the mirror. On these actions the first half ended with Domina who played well maintaining a good rhythm and practically risking nothing. The second half opens and the team of Acerra continues the pressure in search of the goal of security. In the second fraction the girls in the grenade jersey try the distance shot with greater continuity; the solution is good but first Cary, then Novellino, and finally Cennamo only manage to turn the opponent's goalkeeper off without, however, hit the big target. The bench of the Knight is very short and, unfortunately for the Lucane, there is no possibility to change the cards on the table; the game then remains in the hands of Domina who continues to seek the second goal but both Balletta and Ponticiello I can not fix the result. The final whistle however frees the joy of the home girls who return to success after two days, deserving the three points after dominating for 90 'by not giving spaces to the Lucan team. At the end of the match it is worth mentioning the interesting initiative of Domina which also introduces the "third time" in women's football; as happened to the Franchi of Florence a few weeks ago, even the girls acerrane stop before entering the locker room to greet the adversaries denoting great sense of sport.

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