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Serie B 2007-2008

Real beats Multedo and reaches the Montale in second place.

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Game not beautiful, but played with determination by both teams. Real started well in the first half, while in the second they paid the many energies consumed in the first. The Multedo, however, despite not being able to impose his game, he fought for a draw without, however, succeed in realizing in front of the goalkeeper of the Real.

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Domina Neapolis - Campobasso 0 - 0

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At the Comunale di Acerra there is a match between Domina Neapolis and Campabasso Femminile. The Domina comes from defeat with Salernitana while Campobasso in recent days has had the strength to beat even the leaders. The game opens with a domina that shows good desire to do and build offensive plots; is the 15 'when an excellent triangle set by Ponticiello and Maione puts Vitale in the possibility to kick from a good position, but his shot ends up on the side. Domina fights well in the middle of the field where she seems to maintain supremacy; at the 32 'the girls of mister Romano see again forward where still Ponticiello puts in an excellent ball for Maione, however, despite the excellent position, can not take advantage of the ball goal and sends the ball high above the crossbar. After a few minutes, unfortunately, the captain of the grenade formation, on a day in which he seemed very inspired, was injured following a shot; there is no possibility of immediate recovery and then in place of Ponticiello is inserted Napolitano M. The first time closes with the Domina still forward and very close to the goal; is the 42 'and on the developments of a corner Cennamo has the ball of advantage. But his shot was sure to hit the goalkeeper who, thanks to his excellent reflexes, managed to deflect. Thus ended a good fraction for Domina, in which only the paw of overtaking was missing. In the second half the lionesses try to field the same determination of the first 45 '; at 4 'Cennamo deep down Maione but wasted from a good position.

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Serie B Girone E

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No jitters in the fifteenth general day, in group E, of series B Women. The Calciosmania Naples, although of a measure, is right on the volitional Salernitana for 1 to 0. Partenopee always more than four on the second force the Atletic Montaquila which for its part easily exceeds, on the road, the modest taillight Cavaliere Matera for 7 to 1. I play two, then, for the promotion in A-2 as the other pursuers slow down as a whole. In addition to the Salernitana also brakes Campobasso equalized, away from home, against Domina Neapolis Acerrana for 0 to 0. Speaking of the high zone, the Argentanian Udv returns to victory in Fagnano, which in the derby passes for 3 to 2 the Cascina Cus Cosenza, reduced to ten for the expulsion of Captain Postorino. Race from the reversals in front of the most determined Esarese but who are reassembled the result from the ever dome bruzie. First Arena opens the dances, for the hosts, then an authority reestablishes parity in favor of the guests, Ferraro reports the result for the UDC, an increasingly wild Gencarelli equalizes the score and Sicilian ends in final score on the final score 3 to 2.

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Real wins at Franciacorta and gets two points behind the leaders.

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The Real Canavese Chivasso wins three important points in the home of Franciacorta, fearful team opposed reborn after the victory against the leaders Montale last Sunday. The team chivassese, without three owners (Visconti, Mazzarella and Martinoli), took the field with the form 3-5-1 and four players of the Primavera.

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Salernitana - Domina Neapolis

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At the Vestuti stadium in Salerno, one of the most fascinating matches of the third day of the championship is staged; in fact they compete in one of the many Campania derby of the Giorne E the Salernitana and the Domina. The game begins immediately uphill for the grenade coming out of the locker rooms without the right concentration; at 4 'minute is the Kensbock which is dangerous with a nice descent on the right but his shot ends up on the side. This first action is nothing more than a volley of the goal that, just the Kensbock, realizes ten minutes later with an action that sees it fall again behind Carotenuto. After these two episodes Domina wakes up and begins to take control of the game, the draw in fact comes to 27 'when on the cross of Cennamo, thanks to a non-perfect output of Landi, Maione is face to face with the door ready to bag. Despite the draw the girls of mister Romano continue to push on the accelerator; at 31 'Cennamo tries from distance but his shot ends slightly high. At the 40 'is still the Domina that, on a free kick by Pota, sees Novellino soar in the area and send the ball high with a breath. After these grenades grenade the house girls try to respond and become dangerous with a header Olivieri that touches the pole. On this action ends a good first half played well by both teams. In the second half the two teams return to the field with a reinvigorated fighting spirit looking for each other the goal of the advantage.

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Acese - Argentanian 6 - 1

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Deserved the victory of the Acese Women's Football for 6 to 1 on Argentinian and the conquest of 19 points in the standings in the fourteenth day (and third return) of the championship. Rising steadily towards the top of the classification of group E of series B, Acese has beaten all the teams in the second round (Cavaliere Matera, Centro Ester and Argentanese). The team of Cosenza, without some of the best players, showed a defensive defense, which made it difficult to penetrate all the balls, and a weak attack, managed a few times to overcome the midfield. The first goal was scored just a few minutes from the kick-off of the bomber Patty Caccamo (5 goals scored in the last home game against Cavaliere Matera), served by a pass of 11 Assunta Randello, who at the beginning of the match (in the fourth and fifth minutes of the first half) was found several times in front of the door, failing to finalize the shot. It is a Peacock in splendid shape to sign the two successive goals: the first served by a long shot coming from the half aces field kicked by Sabrina Ciaffaglione, and that made the Peacock find itself in front of the goal. The second shot by Angela Pesce, after a stretch on the side band. It is again the Caccamo to score the 4 to 0 with n shooting out of the penalty air, confirming the strength of the midfield and the acute attack. At 42 'the only dangerous shot of the Argentanese is saved with a daring move by the goalkeeper dell'Acese. The team of Mr. Gurrisi, however, goes immediately to the counterattack by scoring the 5 0 thanks to a long shot by Angela Pesce, who played a wonderful game.

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CHAMPIONSHIP B SERIES FEMALE - 14 ^ DAY PICCININNO GIVES A SMILE (AND THREE POINTS) AT ASI GENOVA - Wins but suffers Asi Monza in the trip to Bogliasco. If the game shown in the field by the girls of Mr. Bastrup did not seem so convincing as in the home game against Juventus, the three points won and defended until the last with determination are very important for the morale of the team and in key salvation. The Asi starts well, at the 6'Zangari and Ronsivalle phrased on the left at the edge of the area, the latter is focused, skip the direct opponent and lets go a shot that ends above the crossbar. At the 28 'the goal that will decide the match: Zangari steals the ball to Spinelli, spear from the left Piccininno who shoots on the offside and is alone in front of Piola, the gray-blue exterior is not wrong and puts the goalkeeper outgoing. The race is intense, the Asi tries to exploit the speed of its exteriors and the inclusion of midfielders to hit the home defense that implements a very high offside. The Bogliasco instead plays a lot on the physicality of its players and relies on the shores of its attackers, Coppola in particular, to hurt dell'Asi. The formations go in the locker room with the guests ahead, but the return to the Bogliasco is another team compared to that seen in the first half. Mister Minoliti adjusts the shot and tries to grab the draw, against an Ais no longer lucid and struggling to impose his game. The landlords are thus poured into the host field half, but at the 62 ', after making all the changes, they find themselves outnumbered. Mattarel heads back to Salsano, Coppola tries to take advantage of the disengagement is not perfect, but the goalkeeper is good to close the mirror of the door. In the clash the Italian striker is the worst that is forced to leave the field. At 73 'the Bogliasco comes close to scoring: cross from the right of Giacobone, Modic is alone in front of Salsano trying to close the mirror of the door, but his shot goes to the side. The final becomes so fiery with the Bogliasco desperate for a draw and with the Asi barricaded in defense to protect the advantage gained. The biggest risk comes to the 85: Romeo pulls, Salsano dampens the ball but heads towards the lost door. It is the providential intervention of Colombo on the line to foil the goal with Redaelli who without thinking too much then free the area. But it's not over. At the 89 'on a corner Beaten by Bogliasco Nicoli hits the head, Salsano para but does not hold back, Librandi tries the rebound on the net, but Salsano uproots the ball from his feet with a flash.

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WROTE IN TRANSFER THE MONTAQUILA: CARPISA LAUNCHES THE ESCAPE Yesterday's victory against the Molise team (1-2) takes the girls of Barbara Nardi to 4 points of advantage over rivals It was the most important race of the year and the girls of Carpisa Naples knew it. With the right concentration and thanks to the wonderful work of the technician Barbara Nardi the "tartarughine" have played yesterday, against Atletic Montaquila, away to Roccaravindola, an almost perfect race that led them to win against direct competitors for the promotion ( 1-2 the final result), extending the gap at the top of the ranking (at the moment the Carpisa leads with 35 points against the 31 of the Molise). The match was tense and nervous, as expected, but the Neapolitan girls kept their lucidity and concentration, leading the game to large stretches. The first half was closed for 0-1, thanks to a goal scored by the left side Esposito just three minutes from the rest, on the provisioning pass from Provenzano. In the second half the landlords returned to office and, after a quarter of an hour, they reached a draw with Pastò after a melee in the area. The Carpisa technician, Nardi, has therefore decided to change the structure of the team, inserting Granata instead of Ciambriello, moving Ranavolo on the left in front of Esposito. And Granata, deployed on the right, at the first opportunity earned the corner that then beat the ball putting on the head of Pirone, skilled in scoring with a great detachment from a standstill. In the final the team still had a couple of chances to close the race without success, but managed to bring home the result.


MULTEDO 1930 - MEC DESIGN MOUNT 2000 1 - 1

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Continue to curb the Women's Montale, still maintaining the head of the standings thanks to the draw dell'Alessandore equal points with the Modena. Oprandi's girls in the tricky trip to Genoa, on the synthetic field, immediately emphasize their technical skills in dribbling and possession, immediately taking the game. The chronicle sees the advantage of Fabbri at 20 'that is quick to exploit a mistake of the Ligurian defense and collecting the fruits of an excellent first half of Montale. In the second half with two changes the Multedo creates new life to his game but immediately risks to capitulate when in a counterattack maneuver is not granted a penalty to guests for a handball in the area. Contrary to the 65 'the referee assigns after a few minutes the maximum penalty to the home team for a knockdown in the area, which Rogina G. transforms. Put on the ropes Montale has a reaction but Fantoni misses the match ball by putting a little on the side, not taking advantage of the goalkeeper's exit. It is played next Sunday at the "Mazzucchi" of Montale where Juventina training arrives.

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