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Serie B 2007-2008

Serie B Gir. IS

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After a rest stop, the cadet of the fair sex came back on stage yesterday with the sixteenth general day. In group E, of series B the leaders Calciosmania Napoli wins tennis on the rear light Cavaliere Matera for 11 to 0. The main Atletic Montaquila chaser is not far behind and has seven of them, always on friendly ground, at the Centro Ester Napoli for a 7 final at 0. First class always divided by four segments and for a fight that could still last for some Sunday. Fifth round of return that for the other races has recorded an 0 0 between the fourth and third force of the tournament. Salernitana and Campobasso, too far to get back into the promotion games, have been content with one point each. The same goes for the Argentinian Udv who on the field of Real Marsico tied for 2 to 2. Esaresi aiming for a finish on the final podium and go online the usual Ferraro and Fiorentino.

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On an unusually hot day, for this end of February, Domina Neapolis Acerrana found herself playing a match against one of the most difficult and noble opponents of the cadet series, Cf Acese. The Sicilian team, stuffed with big calabri of national women's football, such as Caccamo and Pesce, is undefeated at home by 2 years. A trip, therefore, full of unknowns for the Domina, a young reality of football in Campania, which has faced a real battleship. All these components made one think of a one-way game, in favor of the people of Catania, but as often happens in real football, the one made of passion and sacrifice, the field shows different things.



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MONZA - The Asi does not convince and must succumb in the presence of a cynical, gritty and tonic Fossano. The girls of Mr. Bastrup, in full fight salvation, play well only in flashes and only when they manage to maneuver in low speed they become dangerous. Virtus is a tough and organized team that immediately puts the landlords in difficulty. At the 5 'Giuliano and Colombo do not understand, Rosito tries to take advantage but the ball breaks on the top of the crossbar. The Asi, however, is not intimidated and the 8 'almost the advantage: Ronsivalle serves deep Piccininno that from the right shoots on the offside, is face to face with Manzardo, tries to dribble on the goalkeeper but is good to close the mirror of the door and to free with the collaboration of Murialdo. Fossano's answer arrives at 14 'with Rosito from the edge kicking to the side. At 26 'the best opportunity for the Asi happens on the feet of Piccininno. The outside is served from the left by captain Zangari pulls first intention but the ball breaks on the outside pole to the left of Manzardo. On the end of the time, at 41 ', the cold shower for the Asi. Punishment from the left for the Fossano, the ball reaches the center area, the defense dell'Asi rejects the ball but arrives at the feet of Luciano who does not pray and pierces the innocent Giuliano. The Asi blames the shot and in the second half Virtus equalized after just 2 '. Curious after a throw-in from the left, Cobelli hits the head and with a joke Giulano mockery. The Asi tries to shake, stretches and gives the side to the opponent's counter-attack. The girls of Mr. Bastrup then seem tired and fail to worry about the host defense. At the 81 'the Fossano could increase the advantage: Luciano launched from midfield tries with a lob of mockery Giuliano, but the defending gray-blue defender in the exit foils.

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The center forward of the national unleashed, wide victory (11-1) against the last in the standings It was feared a decline in concentration of Carpisa against Cavaliere Matera, last in the standings, but it was not so. The team of president Lello Carlino has unleashed, unblocking the result after only 7 minutes with Fiengo and already spreading in the first half, concluded on 6-0. In the second half the team, with the grafts of Esposito, Rapuano and Pastorini, has continued to grind play and goals, thanks to the superb performance of Valeria Pirone, center striker of the team, already called in the senior national despite his young age (he has little accomplished 19 years), which scored four other goals in the second half, closing the race with six personal centers. The deputy coach, Stefano Apollo, who replaced on the bench Barbara Nardi, absent due to a personal problem, comments the race yesterday: "The game was immediately on the right track, we were focused facing it with the necessary care and is everything went well. The girls were keen to dedicate the victory to Barbara who was not on the bench and managed to do her best. Regarding Valeria Pirone, she is one of the girls who is more committed, even in training. Sometimes it sins of precision but, as demonstrated yesterday, if it improves in this respect it can become deadly ". The coach then focuses on the weather on the pitch: "The match was very correct, all the players faced each other with a smile on their faces. Despite the extensive defeat, our opponents were also very correct and at the end of the race they celebrated with us. It would be nice if this were the usual climate on women's soccer fields and not only ". In the final race the Carpisa has also missed a penalty with the returning Pastorini, but obviously this detail has not in any way affected the splendid performance of the team that will prepare for the derby next week against the Ester Center with more peace of mind. Center Ester was beaten yesterday with a clear 7-0 from Atletic Montaquila, which then continues its run-up to the Carpisa, even if the games are less and the points of detachment are still 4. At the same time, the draw between Campobasso and Salernitana has definitively removed the other two pretenders to the promotion, leaving hopes of comeback only to the Molise team.


Real continues his run behind the leaders and wins against Juventus.

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The Real snatches Juventus three important points to not lose sight of the leaders Alexandria and wins away from home. The girls of Mr. Barbi (R) have struggled against a well-determined Juventus and good at defending their own half. Real Canavese Chivas played a good performance by imposing their game. However, the team has shown that it is not yet able to realize the many opportunities it creates, so much so that it has always had to chase the score.

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Stopover for series B

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Stop for series B of the football sex. The pink fall will return next Sunday with the sixteenth general day and the challenges Calciosmania-Cavaliere Matera, Atletic Montaquila-Center Ester Naples, Acese-Domina Neapolis Acerrana and the big-match Campobasso-Salernitana. For the two coasts of Cosenza, the Cascina Cus Cosenza will receive, for a new direct fight to win, Pink Sport Time Bari while the Udv Argentanese will be guest of R. Marsico. Meanwhile, this time space for the regional series C for the fifth round of the day. Calabrian rose tournament that yesterday had the advance Mottafollone - Tonino Rosignoli Castrovillari 5 to 2 by virtue of the doubles of Cilento and Salerno, the network of Aiello, for the hosts, while for the guests markings of Rosignoli and Cacciaguerra. On Thursday night, however, the race was regained P. Reggina 97-Udv A. with the victory of the strait leader for 4 to 2 that now leads the ranking of C calabrese to share 12, 7 Sellia Marina, M. Domini to 6, Mottafollone to 4, to 3 R. Cosenza and T. Rosignoli C. to 0 while the Udv is to 6 but out of the standings as already participating in the B.

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FEMALE B SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP - 15 ^ DAY A BAD ASI IS FALLING UP TO THE YOUTH A bad Asi badly misses the challenge-save with the Galileo Giovolley. The Sada race against the Emilia was in fact very important in terms of ranking because both teams struggle to go back and leave the last positions in the ranking. The girls of Mr. Bastrup take the field nervous and unconvinced, while the guests are immediately noticed for grit and determination. Despite this the first opportunity to write down on the scoreboard is for the landlords who hit the post at 4 'with a shot from the edge of Barelli. The Giovolley, however, is not watching and 14 'passes: on corner Cavani is good at finding the time of the header and put Salsano that fails from close range to hold the ball. The ASI tries to straighten the race immediately, but the attempts of Confalonieri to 23 'and Ronsivalle to 26' with a personal action are well contained by Alfieri and the red and white defense. At 38 'the Asi, however, is the draw: Confalonieri defiladed on the left try the shot, Venturelli deviates with one arm and the referee decrees the penalty that Barelli is not wrong. The Giovolley is not there and pours into attack and just at the end passes again in the lead with a penalty very challenged by the landlord for a foul of Candi Cavani. The gray-blue defender makes a foul on the opponent sent from a pass by Ficarelli, but the knockdown takes place outside the penalty area.

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THE "TARTARUGHINE" ALSO WIN THE DERBY As in the first leg, also yesterday the girls trained by Barbara Nardi have imposed themselves in the derby against the Salerno with a great goal in the final Valeria Pirone Difficult and balanced race that played yesterday by the Carpisa Napoli against the Salernitana to the "Simpatia" of Pianura. The Salerno have focused on the possession of the ball, trying to worry the goalkeeper of Carpisa, but despite having two good opportunities in the first fraction, they have failed to materialize. In the second half, however, the Carpisa resumed the match and managed in the final to solve it in their favor thanks to a great goal by Valeria Pirone. The network was born from an action of Granata and Fiengo, concluded by the striker of the national team with a great shot from distance at the intersection, on the second pole. With the contemporary victory of the Montaquila, the Carpisa remains at the top of the standings (38 points) with 4 points of advantage on the Montaquila and 9 on Campobasso, while the Salernitana slips to 10 points of separation. The "tartarughine" technician, Barbara Nardi, comments on yesterday's race: "We played a lead each time, they acted better in the first, creating two good chances, on our mistakes, canceled by our goalkeeper, Macchia. We were stretched, we hit a crossbar with Pirone, but we did little else. In the interval I made the girls understand that we had to play shorter and managed to do it. We are well physically and we have come out of the distance creating many opportunities. It can be said that it was the goalkeeper's game, but in the end it was decided by Pirone's great goal. It is two years since the Salernitana has not beaten us, now they have ten points of separation, for them it will be difficult to recover. But we must continue on this path ". On Sunday next round of rest for the series B, we return to the field on Sunday 24 February. La Carpisa will host the Cavaliere Matera, last in the standings with 3 points.



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The draw with Juventus is dear to Montale because the Modena players after 15 have seen the leaders of the league stand out. A well-worn match right away from the girls of Oprandi who at 20 'have to do without Calloni's defensive support forced to go out due to a serious knee injury. The balance is lacking also seen the absence in the department of Veronic disqualified, and so at the first counterattack the guests sink to the 25 'with Margiotta. The reaction of Montale slams against the post with Fornasari before entering the locker room. The forcing of the home team is realized at 65 'when, after a great action by Venturelli who kicks on the post, Fornasari is good to be in the right place and back on the net. The game conceded opportunities both on one side and on the other but becomes nervous after a penalty not granted for landing in the area of ​​Fabbri and at the expiration Bisogno is expelled leaving the Piedmontese in 10. The Montale finds itself in this way without the possibility of missteps and will have to start again from the next trip to Bogliasco to run after dell'Alessandria. Wednesday at 14.30 there will be the recovery of the Italian Cup against the Mozzanica where, to complete the major training, some girls of the Under 19 will be protagonists, coming also from Saturday's tie against the West thanks to a goal by Bizzarri.


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