Saturday, August 24 2019
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The Punto on the B series Girone E

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With the twenty-second day also the group E of B Women has closed its doors by assigning the latest verdicts. The already deservedly promoted in A-2 Calciosmania Napoli ended the season with the final home runway beating Campobasso by measure while Atletic Montaquila was ranked second thanks to 1 1 home against Acese. The third step of the podium, however, went to the veteran Salernitana who has passed for 1 to 0 away just the Udv Argentanese. For the 1 1, however, the Cascina Cus Cosenza, Conte goal, on the field of the already relegated Real Marsico and celebrates the salvation by placing in fourth position. In fact, the cussine, hand in hand, were already saved even in the case of a standoff prevented by virtue of the success of the Center East Naples that on the friendly ground in the direct match, version playoff, has beaten 1 0 Pink Sport Time Bari that it is the third relegated in C like the regressed R. Marsico and Cavaliere Matera. And the race between C. Matera - Domina Neapolis Acerrana ended after a few minutes of play due to the non-regulatory presence of the landlords remained in the field below the threshold allowed and with the three points that should be assigned to the parties. Meanwhile, wanting to draw a final balance should be added that the ranking has reflected the trend and that the other pretenders to the promotion were not present in the topical moments including that super favored Acese that after the penalty of nine points had to face a gap too difficult to fill. On the other hand, the "Cosentine" of the "cadet" must start from what they have produced to look with confidence at the next tournament. Both have the awareness of being able to count on junior footballers from the promising future with many experienced players who will have to bring quality and continuity that this year in many cases have been missed. Moreover, in the next tournament will return to be three representatives from Calabria in B in pink with the newly promoted that will be known in a few Sunday. Cristian Fiorentino
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