Saturday, August 24 2019
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Cavaliere Matera - Domina Neapolis

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The Domina Neapolis championship closes in a strange way. The last race should have been played in Matera against the team of Cavaliere Matera, now relegated for some time, but it was presented on the field with only seven players forcing the referee to decree the victory at the table for the team of Acerra. With these three points the Domina exceeds what was done in the first round, where 16 points were collected, compared to the 19 collected after the turning point. A group of returns that, after the initial settling phase, saw the Aeolian team return to play on more than good levels. This first season of series B for the girls of President Pennestri also closes with good numbers; statistics say 9 wins, 5 draws and 7 defeats with 39 goals scored and 28 conceded - fourth defense and fourth league bout - for a goal difference + 11. However, the fact of having suffered only 2 defeats in the second round and having scored more, with a higher goal difference than the first leg, is a clear sign of the path of improvement and development that the company has undertaken and that is also brought to the field. Of course this season there were also the lows ... and some points too much, due to inexperience, left on the fields of teams that proved inferior to the Domina; but this also serves. It is said that learning is wrong and this year, fortunately, the time to make mistakes, and learn, there was. Despite this, however, the players led by Mr. Romano have also been able to take away important satisfactions for a mid-table team and the first experience in B as the Domina; among the many, the most beautiful are certainly the two games against Acese, armored which was defeated by the acerranes both at home and away, and the draw away from home against the first Calciosmania class. Objectives centered therefore for the Domina - quiet salvation, increased experience baggage for its young players, and important answers from the field - and the judgment on this season of Domina can only be largely positive, both for the game expressed in the field, compared to which there have been more than once even the compliments of the opponents, both for the ranking, absolutely satisfactory for a team to the first experience of cadet. There is now a new season to be designed that can achieve even more the objectives of society and perhaps continue the project of growth that the company has proposed to accomplish; managing to achieve even more important goals by eliminating the smudges that, although justifiable, there have been this season. Marco Storti Doctor in Digital Cultures and Responsible Communication Media Relations Domina Neapolis Acerrana RadioF2 Speaker 3401226501
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