Saturday, August 24 2019
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Real Canavese Chivass

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Promotion in A2 nuanced for Real who loses at home against the Galileo 2 Giovolley at 3. With the last game of the championship, Real Canavese Chivasso has played the promotion in A2 series. Against Giovolley, the girls coached by Mr. Barbi, entered the field too contracted and unable to manage the advantage twice in a row. The girls from Emilia, however, played with great determination and determination well aware of the importance of this match for them. And that is, certain salvation. At the Giovolley three points were needed to avoid taking the risk of going backwards, while at Real they only needed three to win the Championship, thus crowning the dream of climbing into the major category. I dream that maybe in September nobody really believed. The chivasso team, in fact, comes from the C series and this season's undertaking is undoubtedly an excellent result. The regret is more than justified, given the great opportunity for Real to go up in class. The inexperience of the girls and perhaps a bit of competitive immaturity was felt at a time when it needed more determination and determination. Coming to the game, the first half opened with Real at 1 '. Visconti, well launched by Melillo, who loses the time and can not kick on goal. After just 2 minutes, the 3 'Curcio (R) scores the net of the advantage with a lob shot that mocks the goalkeeper. The Emilian girls react with determination and look for a draw that they find at 9 'with a shot from outside the area that bypasses the goalkeeper of Real, guilty of being too far from the poles. Real appears to be a little organized in all sectors and even the defense does not seem to be solid like in many other games. At the 11 'Cirrincione (R) has the opportunity to score the 2 1 network, but, alone in front of the goalkeeper, kicks at the last defender. At the 20 'is still the Real to have an opportunity to take the lead with Mazzucchetti that served by Melillo on the right wing, high above the crossbar. Real suffers the greater aggression of the Emilia and can only hit on the break. At 27 ', Melillo (R) scored the goal from close range in the penalty area after Visconti had engaged the goalkeeper of Giovolley with a nice diagonal. The Giovolley, despite having gone several times close to the goal, becomes really incisive after having suffered the net. In fact, after just three minutes, at the 30 'the team dared to go in the net with a shot outside the area that Calavita (R) fails to parry, despite not being particularly angled. Real tries to regroup, but he can no longer find the mirror of the door. At the 28 'is still Giovolley who hits a crossbar while at the 45' Curcio (R) kicks out a free-kick from the edge. In the second half the teams enter the field aware that the Montale draws with Aosta. For Real it means obligation to win to conquer the top of the standings and, therefore, the A2 series. Instead, after just 5 minutes of rhythm, the Chivasso girls can no longer express their game and become hostage of the Emilians who with great determination seek the net of the advantage. And so, despite some opportunities for Real misused, it is the Giovolley to be dangerous and to dictate their own pace of play. At 35 ', in fact, find the 3 2 network with a shot straight, certainly not unattainable, but unexpected. The climate heats up and the captain Simona Daniele (R), for the sum of a warning, is expelled (perhaps with too much rigor) to the 38 '. In the final minutes, Real regains a bit of grit, but now it's too late and the game ends with the worst of the defeats for Real. "Sin. The girls never entered the field. They were tense and contracted and they were wrong even in departments where they generally did not make mistakes. The experience of many girls has been lacking. Despite the regret for the missed opportunity, I do not feel like accusing the girls for this bad game. At the beginning of the season it was thought to make a transition year in series B. Nobody imagined that we would get so close to the promotion in A2. We will treasure this defeat for next season, which we will start with the precise goal of getting into A2. Finally, I would like to congratulate Galileo Giovolley for the determination with which he played and for having interpreted the match well ", declares General Manager Tobia Giordano. "The experience was lacking and some girls showed a bit of competitive immaturity. There are no other words to express the regret for having lost an opportunity that does not happen often in football. Of course, getting into the A2 series with a team that last year in Serie C would have been a wonderful dream. We will pack this defeat for next year ", says the coach Franco Barbi. FCD Femm. Real Canavese Chivas: Calavita, Bianco, Daniele, Piano, Casella, Curcio, Mazzucchetti (Crepaldi at 20 'st), Cirrincione (Francisca at 33'st), Melillo, Mazzarella (Rubino at 33'st), Visconti. Coach: Franco Barbi. On the Bench: Giovannini. Galileo Giovolley: Alfieri, Brindani, Perdersoli, Poddesu, Squarcia, Saccò, Nicoli, Ficarelli, Cavigni, Arrigoni, Marchetti (Mint at 33'st). Coach: Nicoli. On the bench: Marini, Aiello Venturelli, Sarefini, Cristaldi. Markings: Curdio (R) 4 'pt, Cavagni (G) at 9'pt, Melillo (R) at 27' pt, Ficarelli (G) at 30 'pt and at 35' st. Admonitions: Daniele (R) at 19'pt, Brindani, (G) at 17'pt, Piano (R) at 13 'st, Nicoli (G) at 30'st Daniele (R) at 38' st. Expulsions: Daniele (R) at 38 'st (for sum of warnings). Arbitration: Greco di Collego and Castrovilli and La Rotonda.
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