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Acese - Calciosmania 6 - 1

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The match played by the acese last Sunday may be remembered as the most beautiful 2007 / 2008 championship of the team of Mr. Gurrisi, not only for the important victory on the team leader group E series B (mathematically promoted in A2 series ). The match was an essential test in the field of skill of the players, who could not access this year A2 series only for the initial penalty, inflittal by the women's football division for a problem of membership that has earned the loss of 11 points and exclusion from the Italian cup. 11 points that would have led the acese to be second classified in the group E. Now you will have to settle for a fifth place obtained by climbing the standings from November 2007, hoping to classify fourth at the end of the season, hope that can be achieved if you defeat Atletic Montaquila in the last game of the season. Even if in the first leg the match was won, although in the Acese home, by the girls of the town of Roccaravindola in the province of Isernia, with the result of 1 at 2, the rediscovered form of the Acesi Women's Soccer bodes well. After all, the Aces team is only two points away from Salernitana, a team that beat 30 March last 2 at 0 at home and with which it drew away from home. Appointment with the last game of the 2007 / 2008 championship of the acese women's soccer in the Roccavindola municipal field next Sunday (20 Aprile 2008). The Chronicle of the game "Aces Women's Football - Calciosmania" The game begins with a prompt offense of the Acese, in the first minute of play: the goalkeeper's parade and rejected by the defense. At the minute 6 Sabrina Ciaffaglione manages to steal the ball in midfield, make an assist to Pesce that in the race arrives on the ball and hits the net. At the eighth minute of the Calciosmania counteroffensive that becomes a dangerous free kick, but the goalkeeper after a first save is knocked down by an attacker and the judge stops the game before the ball goes into the goal. At the 15 'second goal of the women's soccer acese, this time the bomber Caccamo on the passage of Pesce, best player of the game, which at 21' pulls on goal but can not center it for a few centimeters. Another mistake of Calciosmania at 24 ': the ball does not even find the net for the Neapolitan team. At 26 'Fish advances in the penalty area, passes to Pavone, who manages well to defend the ball, despite a fierce defense and goes to Caccamo who finds the net on a side shot. It is still the couple Caccamo, Pavone to build the action of the fourth goal at the 32 'Pavone. Cacciamo tries again at the 36 'but the goalkeeper of the Calciosmania, Macchia, from test of his skill with a wonderful parade. The ball ends up a few meters from the door instead of the 40 ': the acese confirms that he can dominate the game from the first half. In the second half, great expression of the football show that can offer the women's football: Cacciamo takes a cross on the reverse side. The acese stretches for a few minutes, allowing the attack of Calciosmania, fresh three substitutions in the first minute after shooting, but manages to defend the ball well. But at the 19 of the second half Pastorini signed the only network of kicks from a free kick that ends on the net. After 4 minutes the acese is able to avenge the network suffered with one of Fish on the pass of Fortino. Pavone tries again after a few minutes but finds a crossbar. Finally, at the 33 ', the couple Caccamo Pavone is still winning, managing to evade a weak peacock defending the 6 to 1. The game is completed one hour and 22 'of play with a singular replacement: the goalkeeper Leonardi collapses to the ground for an illness, and replaces the bomber Caccamo, who has the task of defending the door facilitated by the excellent work of the defense in the last minutes of play. Victim, among all Sabrina Ciaffaglione who is injured to defend a ball and is forced to leave the field to rearsi the sedate to make the necessary checks, true hard bone of the Acese, who knew how to fight until the end. The game ends with a third time worthy of an impeccable fair play that has highlighted how two teams once rivals could have shaken hands in the sign of a wonderful football. The hymns "greet the leaders", sung by the acese at the end of the match greeted an adversary that next year, certainly not find again, with the hope of being able to face again on the field in a future season in the A2 series, goal of the acese for the next championship, disqualification permitting. Formations Football female acese Goalkeeper: Leonardi Defense: Messina, Tosto, Napoli Midfield: Fortino, Gambino, Pavone, Ciaffaglione Sabrina, Club Attack: Caccamo, Fish Bench: Di Bella, Musumeci, Virgillito, Castorina, Pecorino Meli Mister: Gurrisi Calciosmania Goalkeeper: Macchia 91 Defense: Ciambriello 2, Strarace 3, Cangiano 4, Gesuele 5 Midfield: Ranavolo 6, Esposito 7, Giannoccoli 8, Pastorini 10 Attack: Fiengo 9, Raguano 11 Bench: Di Parma 1, Grenade 14, Papasso 13, Catapano 17, Provenzano 18, Pirone 16 Mister: Nardi Ammonite: Acese Women's Football: 32 'of the First Time: Peacock Calciosmania: No Substitutions: Acese Women's Soccer: 35' of the Second Time: Leopardi comes out, enters Pecorino Meli 43 'of the Second Time: Tosto comes out Come Di Bella 45 'of the Second Time: Ciaffaglione Sabrina comes out, enters Marcella Musumeci Calciosmania 1' of the second half: Ciambriello comes in, enters the 1 'Granata de Second half: Cangiano goes out, Pirone 1 comes in the second half: Ragnano comes in, Catapano comes in. Espulse: None of the two teams Referee: Marini Guardalinee: Calì, Rapisarda The communication operator: Lidia Riolo 349 / 6400593
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