On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Real wins against Aosta and remains in the running for A2.

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Real wins away from home and leads to a point from the leaders Montale in the standings. Aosta - Real Canavese Chivasso: 1 to 3. Today's was certainly not one of the best matches of Real. What, however, counted for both teams was to score points. Al Real was better because, winning, he separated the Alessandria two points and is in second place in the standings just one distance from Montale, winner today on the field of the Sardinian team of Villacidro. For the first 15 minutes, the chivassesi girls have struggled to keep the pace of the Aosta that on two occasions touched the net. Then, Real was better organized in the field, took the measures of the opponents and controlled the game, taking advantage of the mistakes of the Valle d'Aosta to take the lead. Well the defensive line of Real, under the always excellent performance of the captain Simona Daniele (R) and well the midfield that has shuffled balls for the tips Melillo and Visconti. The first network of Real, signed by Melillo on a penalty kick for landing of Piano, gave confidence to the girls of Mr. Barbi (R), who after the network have been able to manage the game well. Bella the second goal of the network signed by Elena Piano (R) on a free kick by Muriel Crepaldi (R) and beautiful the technical gesture of Sara Visconti (R) with a semi inverted from the edge of the opponent's penalty area displaces the goalkeeper and marks the third network for Real. Aosta, even if it hit a crossbar and has had two goal chances in the first 15 minutes, has never managed to make itself really dangerous. Next Sunday Real will play the promotion, while Aosta and ASI Monza will have to fight to stay in Serie B playing against Montale and Alessandria respectively. "Apart from the first 15 minutes of competition, the girls did what the company expected of them. The three points were very important today, regardless of the game. And these points have been conquered. We have passed the Alexandria and remain attached to the Montale. Next Sunday we will play the season like the other teams, but I can already feel very satisfied with what the girls have done to date. Bravo also the coach Barbi who today managed to manage the game with great tactical intelligence, demonstrating, in his first season of women's football, his excellent technical skills and great flexibility ", says the general manager Tobia Giordano. "The girls played a good performance even if not the best. We came to Aosta to bring home three precious points and stay up to the end in the race for the promotion. It's an exciting championship that only closes in the last game. The favorite is perhaps Montale, but Real will not watch and will play, like every Sunday, to win the game, "says the coach Franco Barbi. FCD Femm. Real Canavese Chivas: Calavita, White, Daniele, Piano, Curcio, Crepaldi, Mazzucchetti (Massarelli 43'st), Cirrincione (Francisca at 40'st), Melillo, Mazzarella, Visconti. Coach: Franco Barbi. On the Bench: Giovannini, Massarelli, Martinoli, Franicisca. Aosta Le Violette: Modola, Naudin, Picot, Poli (Boniface at 4'st), Cenzato, Vietti, Glarey (Roveyace at 11'st), Sirigu, Torno (Negra at 35'st), Aresu, Baccaro. Coach: Ebrico Bancco. On the bench Mognol. Markings: Melillo (R) at 30 'pt, Piano at 1'st and Visconti at 27' st for Real Canavese Chivasso; Roveyace at 47 'st for Aosta. Yellow cards: Plan (R) at 47 'st. Terna arbitration: Lombard.
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