Monday, September 16 2019
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Serie B Gir. IS

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The general day number twenty, in group E, of Serie B Donne crowns the Calciosmania Napoli which is mathematically promoted in A-2. The leader in virtue of 3 3 home and the point conquered in yet another derby Neapolis against Domina Neapolis Aceranna is able to get the deserved jump in the category. The second force Atletic Montaquila is beaten at home for 2 1 from Campobasso with the Molise who return to fight for second place. Bagarre podium brawl that sees the Acese approach after the victory on the field of Real Marsico for 2 to 1. It is no less the Salernitana that surpasses on friendly soil a Cascina Cus Cosenza now at risk in key salvation. If some results have been accommodating others endanger the permanence of the bruzie. The victory for 4 at 0 of Pink Sport Time Bari, on the away, on the Cavaliere Matera is reduced from five to three units of advantage on the third position of the cussine. The only network signed by the Cosenza from Gencarelli that in the last two days remaining will necessarily have to return to score points to avoid final slips. Back to the success, however, the Argentanese Udv that is imposed on the Center Ester Naples, away from home, thanks to the markings of the exarchs scored by Mirafiore and Arena. Next and penultimate round that will see the newly promoted Calciosmania scene on the field dell'Acese, the C. C. Cosenza to receive PST Bari, the Domina N. A. engaged in the Neapolitan home derby against the other unsafe Center E. N., Campobasso host the Cinderella C. Matera and Salernitana face R. Marsico. Series of competitions crossed in the sprint to save where the cussins will have to inanellare heavy points and with the exareses that stopping the Bari could give a good contribution to the cousins ​​bruzie. In the women's C series, instead, the tenth overall day with the Udv A was disputed. firmly in the pits, the Mater Domini that beat 3 to 0 the Mottafollone, the Sellia Marina has passed 6 to 0 the T. Rosignoli Castrovillari and the waiting challenge between Pro Reggina 97 and Real Cosenza ended 1 at 1. Sunday 13 April is recovered Tonino Rosignoli Castrovillari - Mater Domini while the fourth return, scheduled for Sunday 20 April, will see the challenges Udv A. P. Reggina 97, Saturday 19, R. Cosenza - Mater Domini, on Sunday morning, and in the afternoon Mottafollone - Sellia Marina with the T. Rosignoli C. stop for the stop. In the standings the Pro Reggina 97 leads 22, Real Cosenza to 13, 12 Mater Domini, 10 Sellia Marina, Mottafollone to 4 and 0 Tonino Rosignoli Castrovillari. And for the round of the football final at 5, played last Saturday, the Pro Reggina 97 has imposed on Real Cosenza for 19 0 but among the controversy. In fact, the company bruzia had requested the postponement of the tender for the death of the father of the player Orlando not granted, according to the Cosentine, from the club of the strait. Real who had to play with five players and without reserve and for a race end where the same bruzie would have complained even some aggression. Return scheduled for Saturday 12 April at 16: 00. Classification Serie B Women Group And CALCIOSMANIA 51 ATLETIC MONTAQUILA 42 CAMPOBASSO 39 SALERNITANA 36 ACESE 34 * UDV ARGENTANESE 29 DOMINA NEAPOLIS ACERRANE 29 ESTER CENTER 21 CUS COSENCE 20 PINK SPORT TIME 17 REAL MARSHIC 15 KNIGHT MATERA 6 * 9 Penalty Points Cristian Fiorentino
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