On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Real Canavese Chivasso stopped by a stronger Montale.

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Montale - Real Canavese Chivasso: 3 to 1. Real was beaten by a Montale who, at home, claimed his physical superiority and was able to impose his game with greater determination and determination. Real, however, took the field a little 'contract, the usual lack of grit and the chivassesi girls have failed to impose their game. With the equalizer dell'Alessandria against Bogliasco, Real passes to the second place only one point by the leaders. Championship, therefore, still open despite the half-missteps of today I'm going to the Montale. The Real starts well in the first half with a shot over the crossbar of Mazzarella (R) at 10 '; after just 5 minutes, Calavita rejects a header from close range of Fornasari (M) well. The biggest opportunity of the first half was Real, who, at the 20 ', with Cirrincione well launched by Melillo on the edge of the offside, only davani to the opposing goalkeeper, puts out to the side of the pole. At the 30 'Visconti (R) starts in the half field of Real and alone leads ball up to three quarters, passes to Melillo ch loses the right time and, stretching too much the ball, can not pull. At the 37 'Melillo (R) rolls over the crossbar, while at the 41' Cirrincione (R) it is not possible to hook a slow ball that crosses the small area of ​​the Montale. The Montale does not create particularly dangerous occasions, but the Modena girls are more aggressive and determined. Faster in anticipating the opponents and more orderly in the field, the girls of Montale at 45 'realize the advantage with Fornasari. In the second half Montale enters the field with more concentration than Real, looking for the second goal. Real manages to defend themselves from the attacks of the adversaries, but suffers their greater determination, speed and physical strength. Real tries to react and believes in a draw that reaches the 18 'st thanks to Visconti. Barbi (R) had just replaced Mazzarella, today a little subdued, with Crepaldi. After a few minutes from his entry, Crepaldi beats a free kick in the middle of the opposing area on which he throws Visconti who steals the time to the opponents and scores the draw network. The girls of Real lose concentration and after just 30 seconds, the Montale marks the 2 network at 1. From the edge of the penalty area, a naive error from Piano (R), which until then had played an excellent game, was decisive. Nothing to do for Calavita (R). Real tries to draw, but the Montale goes up in the chair and still creates several goal chances. At 23 'Crepaldi (R) takes a free-kick from outside the box. Then it's just more confusion on the part of Real and much more game on the part of Montale. At the 36 'st, the home team scored the third and decisive goal taking advantage of an off-time exit of Calavita (R). In the second half Real, unlike the Montale, denoted a certain slowness in playing ball and an obvious physical decline. The defense played well in the first half, then in the second he made some mistakes too. The midfield, however, failed to build game and actions for the tips that have managed to worry the Montale solotanto on the counterattack Brava comuqnela defense of Montale that knew how to manage the tips of the Real. "Montale played better and I consider him a complete and strong team. He deserved the victory because today our opponents were superior. Real has lacked the usual determination and grit, but honestly this defeat can be there. There are still two matches left and the Championship is still open. I'm sure the girls will be able to redeem this defeat ", comments the general director Tobia Giordano. "Today we did too much wrong and against a team like Montale we can not miss clear goals. This is how football is. We played a good game in the first half, while in the second the Montale was superior. After the draw, we lost our focus and we immediately got 2's 1 network. And then the team has also dropped from the physical point of view and have suffered the adversaries. Unforgettable mistakes against teams like the Montale ", declares the coach Franco Barbi. FCD Femm. Real Canavese Chivas: Calavita, Bianco (Massarelli at 28 'st), Daniele, Casella, Piano, Curcio, Mazzucchetti (Martinoli at 7' st), Cirrincione, Melillo, Mazzarella (Crepaldi at 5 'st), Visconti. Coach: Franco Barbi. On the Bench: Russo Federica, Russo Ludovica, Francisca, Feraudo. Montale: Maccari, Teggi, Veronico, Vallante, Castelli, Piersanti (Fabbri at 15 'st), Venturelli (Catellani at 1'st), Fornasari, Fantoni (Dell'Anna 1'st), Finelli, DeGregorio. Coach: Oprandi. On the bench Gaetti, Dallari, Licalzi, Raino. Markings: Fornasari (M) to 45 'pt and to 18' st, Catellani (M) to 36 'st; Visconti (R) at 17 'st. Yellow cards: Teggi (M) at 15 'pt, Finelli (M) at 16' st and Dell'Anna (M) at 32 'st. Arbitration: Pizzica di Bologna, Bortolani and Malaguti di Ferrara.
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