On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Calciosmania - Domina Neapolis 3 - 3

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Domina, another proof of maturity. The 20 ° day puts in front of Calciosmania and Domina Neapolis for a derby that promises to be full of emotions and that did not disappoint the expectations. The two teams immediately start strong, but those who press more on the accelerator is the Calciosmania; it is in fact the 5 'when Granata, after a triangle with Fiengo, puts in an excellent ball on which he pounces Pirone that goes to bag the goal of 1-0. The goal immediately but does not discourage the girls of Mr. Romano who continue to make their game with Faraone and Vitale ready to find space between the lines; and for the team of Acerra the opportunities are not lacking. We need a great Di Parma to keep the result stable when first Cary with a shot from close range and then Vitale in the race try to rebalance the score. The joy of the goal for the Domina is however only a reference because in fact at the 32 'Faraone launches, with an illuminating pass, Vitale that thanks to the splendid assist is alone in front of the door. The drunken fakes of the Cobra also send the expert goalkeeper of the Calciosmania into a doll and so, once dribbled, Vitale can bag an empty goal with a goal. The two teams continue to push even if the result does not change until 45 'when Granata goes to beat a corner; its sloping goes to the center of the penalty area where Criscuolo on the fly in half scissor puts inside a masterpiece goal. The 2-1 at the end of the first half seems to cut the legs to Domina, but the captain Ponticiello does not want to surrender and, after recovering the ball on Esposito, flies to the right of the penalty area. In front of her is Provenzano that, however, after being jumped with a great dribble, can not help but land the player of Domina. Penalty! Pharaoh but Cary does not go from the spot; his penalty is powerful and precise and despite Di Parma had an intuition he can not deflect the ball. On the 2-2 the referee decides to send the teams into the locker room and put an end to an absolutely exciting first half. The second half opens with the same players in the field and Domina still motivated to play the game. At the 55 'Pharaoh sows panic between Gesuele and Granata, but his shot ends weakly in the hands of the goalkeeper. The Domina does not give up and at 20 'a great shot from 25 meters of Novellino is printed on the pole; the rebound of the ball is favorable to Cennamo, entry to 51 'for Pierno, who with a great header drops the ball behind the goalkeeper for the advantage of Domina. For the first time Domina is leading and now it is bad for Calciosmania; all the shots of the home team in fact hit a cook on a day of grace that closes the gate in a sensational way first to Criscuolo, shot from the outside, then to Pirone, shot low shot, and finally out low on Fiengo. The minutes flow and at the 48 'the referee grants a penalty for the Calciosmania; the ball is carefully arranged by Pastorini, also she entered the second half, which bag a great goal that grants the draw to the girls of Mr. Nardi. A draw grabbed at the end that does not detract from the performance of Domina who played on a par at home the first in the standings and who held with merit in the race for many strokes. There is obviously a bit 'of regret in being reached at the end but the girls of mister Romano have not lost the opportunity to demonstrate once again their value. Calciosmania - Domina Neapolis Tabellino Calciosmania Di Parma, Catapano, Gesuele, Criscuolo (from 32 'st Starace), Granata, Provenzano, Esposito, Giannoccoli, Fiengo, Ranavolo (from 23 'st Pastorini), Pirone. A disp: Macchia, Cangiano, Capasso, Rapuano, Celiento. All: Nardi Domina Neapolis Cook, Santaniello, Novellino, Jackson, Ponticiello, Pota, Cary, Pierno (from 5 'st Cennamo), Vitale (from 25 'st Maione), Pharaoh, Di Natale (from 22 'st Balletta). A disp: Navarro, Asciuti, Capecelatro. Calciosmania - Domina Neapolis 3 - 3 Scorers: 5 'pt Pirone, 32 'pt Vitale, 45' pt Criscuolo, 46 'pt Cary rig., 20 'st Cennamo, 48 'st Pastoras Ammonite: Come, Criscuolo, Fiengo Esplle: No Spectators: 100 ca. Marco Storti Doctor in Digital Cultures and Responsible Communication Media Relations Domina Neapolis Acerrana RadioF2 Speaker www.cfdominaneapolis.com www.radiof2.unina.it dominaneapolis.blogspot.com notecologiche.blogspot.com 3401226501
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