Monday, September 16 2019
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The Montale returns strongly to the victory and reconquers the summit by beating and overcoming the Real Canavese in the standings. The advantage arrives at the 39 'with Fornasari that bags, with skill and coldness, the delightful assist of Fantoni that spurts of head. The home team while dominating suffered a draw in the first minutes of the resumption, when Visconti was quick to anticipate the exit of Maccari after a free kick. There is not even time to celebrate for the visiting team because Montale does not lose his head, and thanks to a De Gregorio that making even the most difficult play easy is the absolute mistress of the midfield, he takes the lead with Dell'Anna , which finalizes in the best way a perfect launch of Finelli. The girls of Oprandi close the games with Catellani thrown to the net by Fabbri who with a lob scoffs the good Calavita extreme of the Canavese. The situation in the standings now sees Montale and Alessandria in the lead with 40 points and Canavese at 39 so the last two games will be decisive for the A2 title and series promotion. MONTALE: Maccari, Teggi, Castelli, Veronico, Vallante, Piersanti (70 'Fabbri), Venturelli (50' Dell'Anna), Fornasari, De Gregorio, Fantoni (50 'Catellani), Finelli. To Disp. Gaetti, Dallari, Li Calzi, Rainò. All: OAVandi CANAVESE: Calavita, Bianco, Casella, Curcio, Daniele, Piano, Visconti, Mozzarella (Crepaldi), Cirrincione, Melillo, Mazzucchetti (Martinoli). To disp: Russo, Massarelli, Francisca, Feraudo, Russo. All: Barbi. Referee: Malaguti from Ferrara Goals: 39 'Fornasari, 70'Visconti, 74' Dell'Anna, 86 'Catellani Booked: Teggi, Veronico, Finelli, Dell'Anna Notes: 100 Spectators
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