Saturday, 25 January 2020
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The Res Rome gets off at 9! 2-1!

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Res Rome bids to Colonna ... in 9! 2-1! COLUMN: Delfi, Bertini, Signoriello, Savini, Casti, Maggi, Grossi, Tucci, Strabioli, Cappellini, Calabrò A disp .: Vacca, Tranquilli. Coach: Mr. Gabriele Scardini. RES ROME: Illustration, Gerghi, Silvestri M., De Santis, Quarticelli, Mostarda, Inchingolo, Amato, Manca (cap.), Mancini, Nagni. To avail: Cantisano Coach: Sig. Fabio Melillo Terna Arbitration: Mr Rossi di FR, assisted by Mr Scacco and Laurino of RM2 Scorers: 25 'and 92' Manca (R), 30 'Strabioli (C) On the fourth last day of the Serie B Championship, in Pool D, RES ROME and COLONNA faced each other for a stake not very important but still prestigious (the conquest of the 3 or 4 place), especially for the Roman of Mr. Melillo that have appeared on the national stage of women's football only this season. Well ... what to say, the RES ROM has succeeded in 9 against 10 to break the difficult (for the not pleasant local environment ...) Campo del Colonna! 2-1 the final result for the Roman! Yes, maybe Mr.'s girls Melillo were also a tad lucky to achieve victory at the 92 '(however 1e races last 90' and more 'minutes ...), and after Illustration had saved his own door when the result was still on the 1-1! However, the Colonna did very little to deserve a draw, with a game based simply on stepping over the midfield with insistent throws on their n. 9, good and lucky especially in the favorable rebound that led to partial parity. Even the Roman women did not express the game as they usually do, thanks to a small and not suitable for raids but instead suitable for pressing the opponent. As already mentioned, the local public stood out, as usual ..., with a cheer ?? to be benevolent, "very heated !!" The referee triad has also allowed itself to be influenced by this public, so much so that the Mostarda (en route to ... collision with the stands) has been expelled to ... demanded !! The race was not very rich in occasions that were not missed. The game of the time was very fragmented, on both sides. The Roman striker Nagni struck, always in the first half, a sensational crossbar. The advantage of Res Roma comes after an occasional by Gioia Mancini who sees his shot denied by n. 1 opponent. On the ball the Roman captain pounces and robs. 1-0! A few minutes pass and the Colonna grabs the same. On a launch from the companions, the n. 9 is confronted by Silvestri, but the ball rears up and overtakes the defender himself, so the attacker is in front of the only Illustration that in diving touches the ball but cannot avoid the goal. 1-1. In the second time a bit of ... happens! Mostarda reacts verbally to a largely unsportsmanlike local audience, and is admonished for the 2 vault (the former was imposed in the first half) and then expelled! The Roman women find themselves a few minutes from the start of the second time playing in 10 against 11. In the Roman ranks Cantisano (a tip…. Mr. Melillo wants victory even in 10!) Notes Gerghi. Second cross of the Romans, by Mancini, and a punishment by Nagni, are the major scoring opportunities in the second half. At the 35 'the Nagni sends out little! Always the Roman tip, in an attack action clashes with the goalkeeper who reacts blatantly hitting Nagni who naturally tries to defend himself by pushing n. 1. Mr. Rossi, referee of Frosinone expels the goalkeeper and on the recommendation of a collaborator ... also Nagni (guilty of defending himself in order not to ... be used!). Illustration is produced in a great parade, very good! The race is now ... overtaken, the audience is ... angry (without reason) but at the 92 'it is silenced by an easy punishment by Federica Manca (double for her) by the 20 meters that goes under the crossbar. The deputy n. 1 del Colonna nothing can and the local formation succumbs so to 2-1, in 10 against 9, with the enormous possibility of permanently losing the fourth position in the standings! The ascent of Res Roma is now at the 4 place, its championship, albeit among many injuries and several disqualifications, has been very, very satisfying so far! While Colonna, with 2 B's seasons behind him, lost for the third time (also the Cup 1) with the Roman Giuseppe Amato
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