Monday, July 22 2019
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Acese - Salernitana 2 - 0

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The victory of the Acese women's soccer on the ACF is well deserved Salernitana, his direct rival to get the fourth place in the final classification of the 2007 / 2008 championship. A penalty saved, many wasted opportunities and two goals for an acese but not in perfect shape. A 3 days from the end of team mister Gurrisi (disqualified from the field for events that occurred during the match Acese - Domina Neapolis Acerrana of 24-02-2008) has recovered, his place at the top of the standings after the disqualification carried out by the division women's soccer. The race begins with a weak attack by Salernitana. From the thirteenth minute the acese begins to launch a disjointed counterattack that does not create dangerous. The real goal opportunity comes to the 14 'when Caccamo, after having hit the crossbar *, pulls again on goal, but the ball is intercepted by a talented goalkeeper Landi, (best player of the game with over 6 parades). The defense of Salernitana well protects its defense area, taking advantage of an acese who can not build offensive maneuvers, as in 23 ', in which Randello wastes a chance goal failing to get on a ball served by an assist of Fish. The acese tries again at 25 'on a free kick beaten by Fortino, but hits the crossbar again *. Another easy parade at 32 'on a pitched shot from Caccamo and 34' on a free kick by Pavone. Another ball wasted by a peacock who found himself in front of the door at the 39 '. Finally, almost 7 minutes from the end of the first half Orange (Salernitana) lands attacking actress Cacciamo and earns a free kick that ends in the net on direct shot of the captain of Messina acese. The second half gave a little 'space to Salernitana in the first moments of play, but immediately the acese with the bomber Cacciamo launches a fast attack but is well blocked by the goalkeeper Salerno. The Salerno attack remains weak until the minute 64, in which Bisogno manages to serve the Kensbock that after neutralizing the goalkeeper (early exit to anticipate his shot), pulls on goal but the ball is stopped on the line of the door by the prompt defense of Randello, who is however cautioned and kicked the penalty in favor of Salernitana from Orange but Leopardi parries the ball, retaining the advantage of the Aces team. The home team is encouraged, who at the 21 'from the second half scores with a Cacciamo who manages to bring the ball into the goal with an action in speed. The next match of the acese women's football will be held in Marsico Nuovo (Potenza) the 6 April at 14,30 and will play against Real Marsico. NOTE We inform you that some videos of the competitions of the team have been uploaded to the LidiaRiolo account on You Tube ( and short interviews will be available to the players in which their personal profile is highlighted. The communication operator: Lidia Riolo Formations Women's soccer acese Goalkeeper: Leonardi Defense: Naples, Messina, Tosto Midfield: Fortino, Gambino, Pavone, Ciaffaglione Sabrina, Club Attack: Caccamo, Fish Bench: Di Bella, Giulia Castorina 15, Pecorino Meli , Virgillito Mister: Gurrisi Salernitana: Goalkeeper: Landi Defense: Longo, Cammardella, Rizzo, Li Santi Midfield: Attanasio, Kensbock, Esposito, Olivieri Attack: Taddeo, Troisi Bench: Alerted, Marine, Orange, Need, Afflicted, Alessio Mister: Rienzi Ammonite: Acute women's soccer: 10 'of the First Time: Leonardi 16' of the Second Time: Club 35 'of the Second Time: Tosto Salernitana: 12' of the First Time: Attanasio 40 'of the First Time: Cammardella Substitutions: Calcio Aces Female: 42 'of the Second Time: Randello comes in. Enter Pecorino Meli 46' of the Second Time: Fortino comes in. Di Bella Salernitana 28 'of the First Time: Attanasio enters enters Francione 44' of the First Time: exits Taddeo enters Need 1 'of the Second Time: exits Longo enters Notified Espulse: No Referee: Cino Guardalinee: Adam, Sferlazzo Lidia Riolo - communicator of the Women's Football Aces
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