Monday, August 19 2019
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Serie B Girone E

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Fourteenth general day, of group E, of the fairer sex between goals, confirmations and extensions. Albeit of measure goes to the leaders Calciosmania Napoli the direct clash promotion that is imposed for 2 to 1 on the field of the Athletic Montaquila. Neapolitan club that by winning stretches right on the Molise to more four. The other pursuers win instead: the Salernitana at home exceeds the Domina Neapolis Acerrana for 4 at 1 while the Campobasso, always on friendly soil, imposes 2 on 0 on the Pink Sport Time Bari. the Calciosmania will have to manage well to the end and where less than large amnesias it should close in its favor. With the heavy defeat of yesterday, however, the Argentinean UdV is definitely moving away, losing, away, at the hands of the Acese for 6 at 1. Esaresi, yesterday the Mirafiore flag's goal, who will have to meet again after a period of not so happy to face the remaining part of the second round. Gongola, on the other hand, is the Cascina Cus Cosenza, which beats, again among the friendly belts, also the Centro Ester Napoli for 5 at 2, winning nine points in just a week. Three direct confrontations for salvation, including the recovery of last Thursday, and the tears return in vogue thanks also to contemporary accommodating results that now allow the Cussine to have an advantage of five units on the third last square. Yesterday's markings signed by Arturi, Riggitano, count and the usual still impeccable Gencarelli who has scored nine goals in seven days for three games. Cascina Cus Cosenza which will now have to administer, manage and for what it is possible to flesh out the advantage to close the practical stay prematurely. Go to the Real Marsico, instead, the other salvation race that in the Lucan field and in the Basilicata derby, beats for the 3 at 0 the Cavaliere Matera and with the Marsicans who will have to seriously believe it if they want to start the comeback. Next and fourth turn, head tail with C. Matera-A. Montaquila, PST Bari-Acese, D.Neapolis A.-Campobasso, CE Naples-R. Marsico-, the big-match Calciosmania-Salernitana, which could reopen the games on the summit, and the all-Italian derby between Udv Argentanese and Cascina Cus Cosenza where both will want to win given the particular and felt event. Next Sunday the Calabrese pink C series will also resume, yesterday stopping for the stage held in Lamezia in view of the "Tournament of the Regions", with the races of the fourth day of the first leg, Mater Domini-Real Cosenza, in the morning, P. Reggina 97 -Udv A., Sellia Marina-Mottafollone, in the afternoon, and T. Rosignoli Castrovillari stops for the cyclical stop. The Reggina 97 at 9, Sellia Marina and M. Domini at 6 and R. Cosenza and T. Rosignoli C. at 0 while the UdV at 6 but is not in the standings because of the B . Cristian Fiorentino
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