Monday, August 19 2019
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Series B Recoveries of the 31 01 08

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The last two recoveries, in group E, of Serie B Donne, postponed due to snow last December 16, and played yesterday produce substantial innovations in the standings. Fairy period for the Cascina Cus Cosenza that dragged by a super Gencarelli also wins the recovery, home, against the Real Marsico 3 2 and splashes out of the hot area. After having made the other direct match of Matera against the Cavaliere, last Sunday, the team of Mr. Colasuonno also imposes himself at home against the Lucane thanks to a double of the evergreen Gencarelli (seven scoring in two games) and a network of the young and promising Count. With six points in five days, the bruzie, at 14, now have a two-segment advantage on the third last square occupied by Pink Sport Time Bari. And next Sunday another match with another pretender to stay among the cadets: the Cascina Cus Cosenza will receive the Centro Ester Napoli that in case of victory of the cussine could be even exceeded. The safety of Postorino and companions passes, therefore, from a series of competitions aimed against equal opponents even if some punticino against the other teams must do so not to incur some final joke Meanwhile for the high ranking goes to the other recovery Campobasso that overcomes the leader Calciosmania Napoli at home. Molisans who take to 25 units in a condominium with Salernitana and less than seven from the summit. Next Sunday, for the 15 ^ day overall, group E of B women, expected big-match for the leaderschip between the second Atletic Montaquila and leader Calciosmania Napoli, while Salernitana will be engaged in the home derby against Domina Neapolis Acerrana and the Campobasso will receive the Pink Sport Time Bari while Real Marsico will host the Cavaliere Matera for a challenge where both will have little chance for salvation. The other so-called Udv Argentanese, instead, at the foot of Etna will have to contend against the tenacious Acese where the exarese will have to return to win and hope for a slowdown in block of who precedes it to still aim to jump category. The C series of the Calabrian sex will next Sunday for an internship called by the Russian breeder who has called 35 footballer, of the five teams from Calabria, and which will be held at the "Ginepri" sports field in Lamezia and intended as preparation for the "Tournament of the Regions" . Third regional division that will resume, with the fourth round one, Sunday 10 February. Cristian Fiorentino
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