On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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ASI SPRECONA, CAPITAN ZANGARI NOT ENOUGH MONZA - Asi misses the far-fetched and, despite the goal of captain Zangari at the start of the game, is punished by an undeserved draw. The girls of Mr. Bastrup have in fact shown the good progress already highlighted last week in Genoa, but weigh the gray and blue network opportunities created and not capitalized. The people immediately take the reins of the game and the 8 'Piccininno is a free kick from central position to have a good opportunity, but his shot is central and ends in the arms of Pagliassotto. At 11 'comes the advantage: Ronsivalle exchanges with Zangari, the captain of the landlord is free and well from the edge of the area left to leave an unmissable right for the goalkeeper Juventus. The Asi, found the advantage, continues to grind the game and create scoring opportunities. At the 25 'Piccininno is dangerous with a shot from the edge but ends high above the crossbar, while at the 33' is on the axis Zangari-Barelli that the Asi builds a clear goal ball. Zangari deep serves the companion who, after a wonderful movement, finds himself alone in front of Pagliassotto but incredibly high kick. At the 44 'is still from the feet of captain Zangari (goal aside, excellent performance his) that on corner Piccininno tries to surprise the opposing defense, but his gored ends just wide. When the first part of the game seemed to be over, the guests found a draw. Cerizza and Margiotto collide at the edge of the area, the referee decrees the punishment (somewhat dubious) for the Bianconeri that with Lo Sardo are not wrong and tie. The equal goal arrived just in the minutes of recovery of the first half is a cold shower for the girls dell'Asi in the second half can not immediately start strong again, but initially suffer the pressure from the opponent. The Asi but then immediately resumes the reins of the game and becomes dangerous again with Zangari who, dribbled Franzero, lets start a shot but is deflected with a suspicious touch of hand by Bretto. At 65 'is Barelli to touch the goal from close range on the cross of Confalonieri. Juventus tries to get dangerous on the counterattack, but the attacks of the bianconere are unrealistic and well foiled by the defense dell'Asi. It ended with a draw and a great regret for the landlords for the many missed opportunities. ASI MONZA: Salsano, Cerizza, Colombo, Fortunato (58 'Baraggia), Candi (72' Cazzaniga), Redaelli, Zangari, Ronsivalle, Meroni (60 'Confalonieri), Barelli, Piccininno. All.Bastrup. (Giuliano, Guarino, Re, Gagliardi). JUVENTUS TURIN: Pagliassotto, Franzero, Bisogno (41 'Marano), Oggero, Saniato, Bretto, Ino (60' Gallo), Squiccinarra, Lo Sardo, Margiotto, Barone (60 'Tevarise). All. Fandella. NETWORKS: 11 'Zangari (A), 45' Lo Sardo (J) REFEREE: De Antonis of Milan (Garganigo and Gatti) AMMONITE: Lo Sardo (J) EXPULSE: none NOTES: land in good condition, spectators 70 about, kicking '3 corner to 3, 2 recovery' + 4 'Chiara Cerizza Asd Fiammamonza Press Office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 338.3336376 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Asd Fiammamonza, Via Guarenti 1 headquarters, c / o GA Sada Stadium, 20052 Monza. 039.2022692 phone, 039.836328 fax
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