Monday, July 22 2019
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In the summit challenge, Real lost at home against Alessandria: 2 at 3.

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competition and rhythm from both teams, the difference in the result was an own goal by Real Canavese Chivas. For almost half an hour the teams have tried to impose their game on the opponents by creating several dangerous chances. Melillo (R) opens the 14'pt with a shot that, however, does not worry the goalkeeper dell'Alessandria and Visconti (R) who can not do better. In a basically balanced game, played with Poi is the turn dell'Alessandria that with Di Stefano (A) worries Calavita (R) first at 13 'pt with a central shot and then at 18' pt with a nice action at the edge of the outside of the game. At 22 'Real is revised with Visconti (R) anticipated in the penalty area by the goalkeeper and 24' with a curly free kick on the edge of the penalty area. At the 28 'pt the Alessandria took advantage of an error in defense and Scarabello (A), although surrounded by three players of Real, managed to kick from the edge of the area a nice diagonal goal. Calavita throws herself, but is also misled by a bad rebound of the ball, can not parry. Alexandria ahead. Real returns to attack looking for the goal before the break. At 30 'is Melillo (R) to worry the opponent defense well launched to the net by a pass by Visconti (R). The most glaring occasion, however, for Real is signed by Martinoli (R), who at 42 'pt, taking advantage of a mess and a rebound in the opposing area, empty and at close range fails to score. In the second half the result does not change with a substantial equilibrium situation. Al 16 'st Visconti (R) takes the free-kick but it misses the target. At the 25 'st Alexandria goes ahead thanks to an own goal of Bianco (R) who returns a head injury on a free kick. Real tries to recover the disadvantage and the coach Barbi goes to a three-way defense to give more weight to the points. At the 30 'Melillo excellently launched by Massarelli as soon as he entered, he passed the goalkeeper dell'Alessandria with a nice lob. The game seems to be so reopened with Real who believes in a draw. After just two minutes, however, Di Stefano (A), left unmarked on the wing, is landed by Daniele at the edge of the area. For the referee it is a penalty and Scarabello (A) takes Alessandria on 3 to 1. The Real reacts and touches the goal with Curcio (R) first at 34 'st with a nice free kick deflected over the crossbar from the goalkeeper and 39' with a nice diagonal. At 40 'st Melillo (R) is landed in the area and for the referee is a penalty. The same player goes to beat the penalty and is not wrong. The Real, thus, pours into the half-court dell'Alessandria, but can no longer find the mirror of the door. The game ends on 3 2 for Alessandria which, thus, reaches the Montale at the top of the standings. Bad weekend also for the spring that yesterday afternoon lost out against the Bogliasco. "The girls played by giving their best, commented the general director Tobia Giordano. Both teams took to the field looking for a victory. Perhaps a result of a tie would have reflected more in the progress of the match, but in football this is so. They were better than us to find the mirror of the door and to score. I'm still happy with the girls' performance because they believed in the result until the last minute of the game ". "I have nothing to complain about girls. We played a good game against a formidable adversary. Compared to us, Alessandria has been able to optimize its offensive actions more ", says Mr. Barbi. FCD Femm. Real Canavese Chivas: Calavita, White (Rubino at 34'st), Daniele, Casella, Piano (Mazzarella at 15'st), Trivè, Curcio, Cirrincione, Melillo, Visconti, Martinoli (Massarelli at 27'st). Coach: Franco Barbi. On the Bench: Giovannini, Guzzone, Francisca, Mavilia. Alessandria: Sfamurri, Lardo, Scarabello (Delodi at 41'st), D'Este, Rigolino, Zella, Parodi, Paschetta, Mensi (Penna at 36'st), Marafioti, Distefano. Coach: Spring. On the bench: Lupi, Lumi. Markings: for Alessandria: Scarabello at 28'pt and at 31 'st and Bianco (R) at 25'pt; for Real Canavese Chivas: Melillo at 30'pt and at 40 'st. Admonitions: Trivè (R) at 31'st and Curcio (R) at 36'st. Expulsions: Paschetta (A) to 39'st. Arbitration: Annaloro di Collegno (To), Albanese, Ferro.
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